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Okies, my more music-searching savvy friends!

I'm looking for MP3s of the drama tracks to the Fafner soundtracks. These soundtracks were released to the US by Geneon but they did not have the 2nd disc where the drama tracks were on. The CD names are Fafner in the Azure OST 01 'No Where' and Fafner in the Azure OST 02 'Now Here'.

I'm trying to determine if I want the dramas enough to purchase the Japanese editions. But I want to listen to them first before I make the decision. (Though the follow up to this decision will happen when my credit card is over halfway paid off...which will be a little while.)

So if anybody can find them for me, I would really, really appreciate it. And I will be posting more music when either my newest CD purchase arrives or when I get my CDJapan order in late March/early April.
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So, although Geneon has not licensed and released the Fafner -Right of Left- OVA, I downloaded it. Today was the day I managed to finally watch it. And ooh, boy, does it try to rip your heart out.

OVA Premise and Description. Spoilers for the OVA and TV series within. )

Yes, I cried at this ending too. What of it? :P  )

Hopefully, Geneon will decide to release this for a decent price. It's only an hour after all. But I can't think of any OVAs that has been released after the main series has been done by them. (You know, besides Hellsing.)
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*wails* Fafner Ending ramblings )

Overall, this is a very good series. And I totally understand why Fafner has to be marathoned, or watched very closed together. I have to thank AoD forum user Dagger for getting me into this series. It was her promoting it that got me interested in it. Not that she will see this here, but I have to thank her anyways. Which I will do so on the forums later today if I get a chance with all the books coming in.

And it was truly touching, the friendship or more *cough*, between Kazuki and Soshi. And all of the character development and the friendships that developed over the series.

So, I finished it. After much saying that I should, I've finished it. *sniff*

(Also, hehe, a quick search on JPQueen, where I've gotten doujinshi from before and will again, reveals that the prevalent doujinshi for Fafner is Kazuki and Soshi pairings. Heee)

So, should I watch Gankutsuou next?


Feb. 7th, 2007 01:11 am
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Dammit! It did cliffhang!

Disc six... *sniff* )

Have to finish this now. I can't leave this volume when there's only three episodes left to go. *sniff*
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Hee, watched disc five already of Fafner. I'm about to start on disc six. I'm vaguely hoping that it won't cliffhang between six and seven. Because if it does, I have to watch it all tonight.

Rambling about Fafner v. 5 )

I need some more icons dammit. Particularly some Fafner or Ergo Proxy ones. ^_^

Now off to watch disc six!
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So, I crammed in watching Ergo Proxy v. 2 and Fafner v. 4 and while I'm quite glad I did...


Daedalus is a GUY?!?! How the hell did I miss that one? I'm usually pretty good about catching these things!


Well, Ergo Proxy is interesting. Volume 2 took it the series in a strange direction, but the whole world is strange right now and I'm just going along for the ride. Still waiting to see how it goes before I start buying the DVDs.

And I am so damn glad I decided to re-watch Fafner v. 4 before moving on with the series. There was soooooo much information thrown about in this volume. (Though Soshi wearing the hot outfit was in disc 3... *sigh*) Really though...these two main characters are a little too close. (In a good way. ^___^ Though I could just be seeing it like that and not as the series intends.)

It was a bit strange watching the brightly colored Fafner then watching the dark-toned and dreary Ergo Proxy.

Now I need to catch some sleep. Didn't realize it would take this long to watch both of them. Though Ergo Proxy had to be returned today...
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After fifteen minutes of using tape to get the cat hair off of my chair, up to skip=40 on my friendslist, and 30 e-mails sitting in my inbox, I'm proud to say that I'm here at home again.

This is going to be more of a rambling report of Otakon, and not all that exciting either. I mean, other than what was observed behind a table all weekened, I only got to see the artist alley and some good cosplay groups on Saturday.

Wednesday & Thursday )

Friday through Sunday )

Cosplaying )

End Comments )

Misc Con stuff and purchases )

Otakon is grueling to work and I am damn glad its over with. Also, live action Cromartie movie came out. So watching it this Friday. ^_^

New month

Jul. 1st, 2006 02:30 pm
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Yay, a new month is here. Still sick of course. I'm on the second (third?) day of "why am I at work...oh yeah, no one else here." Luckily, Sunday is covered, so I plan to sleep and veg and play City of Heroes and read. Which hopefully I can get some sleep soon. I've been visited by the interrupted sleep fairy four nights in a row. I plan to catnap some more before my coworker leaves today at five.

Fafner vol. 7 is coming in Thursday. Woo! Now I get to see the end of the series. I waited after watching vol. 04 to finish the series. So I plan to watch vol. 4 again because so much happened on that volume and then marathon the rest. This hopefully will happen next Sunday.

And speaking of City of Heroes... )

Now to go change my work Di Gi Charat calendar. (What...? It was free. And its cute. :P)

ETA: Now with picture! Sirian )


Jan. 11th, 2006 12:44 am
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You know the Fafner DVD I mentioned in the last post? That I was going to start watching volume two last night?

I watched it. It cliffhanged horribly. I couldn't leave it there so I put volume three in and watched it. Finished the two at 4am in the morning and decided that I needed the sleep. So I pushed watching volume 04 until the night. And wow...

That was a hell of a volume.

Fafner spoilers...still awesomely in shock )


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