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I had the amusing idea of showing up to my friends house driving a Fiat and saying it was my new car.

Though if I lived in the city, and didn't drive friends around much, I would consider it. It's a cute little car.
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Dear lawn,

I'm determined to tame you this year. I'm tired of people having nice cut yards they can see all the way on their property. I look at mine and go "yeah I'm not going back there."

No love,

I wonder if Dad would agree to give someone $200 or so for a bush hog to go back there and wipe out the back yard. I could start from zero. Though I'm getting some lawn fertilizer or something. The drought killed what's left of the front yard. I'm surprised the pine trees are even growing there.

Meanwhile I'm posting this while waiting for my dad to get back to help me figure out how much I've screwed over the riding lawn mower. >_> Stupid hidden wire fence in the backyard. I thought we took you out when we were clearing back there last.
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You may have seen the protests on the internet. Wikipedia going dark, Reddit, Google...

Google has censored their logo and created a landing page to inform about the bill.

Ars Technica has gone dark in a way, while spending the entire day's articles on SOPA protest, information, how to act, and alternatives to fix this.

Here is a list of our Senators. Here is how to find your House representative.

Call them. Write them. Let them know that SOPA/PIPA, even with the DNS blackout provisions removed, is still a bill that can cause damage and can take decades to revoke. If that's even possible.

PROTECT IP Act for the Senate which goes to vote on the 24th. SOPA is still in committee but is not dead. Rep. Lamar Smith has said it will go into markups in February.

These bills are over reaching and need to be stopped. Corporations should not have the power to shut down finances of websites that have user created content that is not piracy, even if the MPAA/RIAA think it is.
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Happy New Year everyone!

Hmm, resolutions... Most of them get broken. But lemme make some I'm sure I'll get done:

-Read a non-World of Warcraft novel (gasp!)

-Play more of my game backlog (If my PS2 cooperates.)

-Clear out more of my books (by sales, recycling, giving away, something!)

Here's something I'd like to do:

-Get a new phone (smart or regular)

However the above will probably happen when my current one breaks. >_>


-Find one thing once a month that I want to go do. (Aka the "don't stay home every weekend" plan)
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Thanks to our veterans and our active serving for having courage to step up and make the sacrifice for us all.



Oct. 11th, 2011 03:09 pm
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Dear Windows Live,

I'm trying (key word trying) to start Bioshock 2. While the first game didn't require some Window Live/X-box profile crap, the second one does. And it's keeping me from even starting the game. I made a profile. I try to get the game to recognize the profile. Oh look there's a Live update, and there's a game update. Can the game update? No. Even though my air card is active and browsing the web, it suddenly can't find the internet connection to do so. Or it tries, gets most of the patch down, then errors, wasting the limited data I have on this card. Then it can't download my new profile so I can save the game.

This is getting beyond annoying for playing a PC game. No wonder people play on consoles more. Too bad I don't have an X-box but then I couldn't have bought the game so cheap I think.


PS. Why is Bioshock 2 maxing my CPU usage when the first one didn't? I was even able to run WoW in the background while finishing Bioshock.


Apr. 17th, 2011 05:33 pm
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My car is clean!

Well mostly clean. There's a few places I'm having issues getting a vacuum cleaner to. And while some of the carpet is clean, it's still stained by coca-cola. >_<

And it's nice and shiny. Considering it's nice, dry, and windy, the car went to the car wash after my attempts to clean the carpet from the great sprite explosion.

It'll stay nice and shiny until my trees try to pollinate it again.
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Long time no write! :)

Yeah, I'm bad about updating this lately. Happy Chinese New Year!

My area has a chance of snow tonight/tomorrow morning. Second or third winter in a row which is odd. Let's see if it happens. I don't plan to go out cause well it's Texas and no one knows how to drive on ice/snow in this area. I did my errands today already. And I have some Subway for later. :)

Stay warm everyone, and hopefully the damage in Australia from Yasi wasn't too much.
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Happy New Year everyone! I hope the eve was safe for everyone.

I haven't figured out my resolutions for this year yet. I'm sure I will soon.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

Well wishes and hopes to everyone. :D
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Please leave all feedback for my LJ sales here. Thank you!!!!

Wish list

Dec. 1st, 2010 03:10 pm
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Since I'm getting more people asking for trades, I've started this list. These are books I'm after.

Wish list within )

I'm more interested in selling my books than trading but here's what I'm looking for at least.
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Whew. Ok, I think I've added everything I've cleared out of my bookcases recently to my sale pages. There's a lot of stuff sitting in front of my TV right now, so I hope these find new homes soon.
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It's 10/10/10 today!

Neat. :)

This will happen again next year on 11/11/11. :>
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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has an official release date! December 7th is when every one and their cousin will be on the servers trying to play. And the servers will probably be horrifically laggy. :)

In other news, I've decided I'm going to finish selling my books by new years. Or make a real attempt at it. My paid account status is up in the air in January and I'm not sure if I want to renew it. So that image gallery I've been using to help sell items that comes with paid users will not be there if I don't renew. So yeah. And I want that space back where the books are being stored. It's grown a lot recently cause I've been clearing out most of a bookcase.

And in last news, I have purchased a white pumpkin from Central Market. It is awesome but I'm still deciding on whether to carve it, or just decorate it for Halloween. :D
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I've cleared a whole shelf of books off. And the re-arrange and clearing is still in progress. As such, there will be more books being added to the sale pages and to the free books page. Hopefully I can clear them out in a timely matter. I'd like the area in front of my TV back where I keep all my for sale books. Too many books are hanging on instead of being sold.
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We now have a tropical storm named Gaston.

:> And why yes that song immediately became stuck in my head when they announced that. Back when the anime store was still operating, we managed to have a day or two in which we watched that video several times cause the song just got stuck in our head. :D

(I might regret this later, but at least it amuses me now.)

Heck ya!

Aug. 16th, 2010 04:56 pm
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I took my final today for the Access 2007 online class I was taking. I managed an 85! My mind blanked annoyingly on a few things so yeah. But considering I didn't managed to get all that much study time, and that it was the highest test score for the entire semester, I'm pleased with that.

Now to wait and see what I got for the entire semester. I was at a B before the last three chapters and the final.

And awesomely, some rain decided to make its appearance. The day went from 102 degrees to 86. Awesome :D
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Have you ever had the sensation that you're forgetting something, and then realize that it's a section of homework that was required to do? And you already turned in the chapter work just minutes before?

Cause I had that today. I'm working on the section now, but man am I kicking myself for not double checking like I tend to.


ETA: Double gah!! This is a database class and we're using this city called Berls. I've been reading it as Beris all semester! It's in my database as Beris. I just realized today it's Berls. WTH. Brain, what is wrong with you?
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I get on these reading sprees every so often. However it is not fiction novels I'm reading. It tends to be more manga, or this time, published webcomics. Something that is easy to get into, and can be a fast read. My last reading spree was half the series of D.Gray-man. Considering I've been disinterested in reading anything that wasn't on a computer screen lately, finding myself reaching for a book is a relief.

This current spree is the Penny Arcade books. I picked up volume six just recently, and it sat on my pile of unread books, just calling me to read it. I needed something silly to read, and as such, picked it up and started reading it. I did find out after finishing it that I wanted to keep reading on. So, after finding out I'm missing volume five, I read volume four and then decided to start from the beginning and read volume one.

Yes, I know I'm reading webcomics that are available online. But there is also commentary by Tycho and the sheer fact that I don't have to wait a few minutes to download each strip is a huge plus. It's nice to be able to read several pages in a row instead of waiting for them to load.


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