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So yeah, first off, here be spoilers for Innocent Venus. Lots of them. And I kinda recap the series...okay mostly re-cap the series. So yeah.

Some mild spoilers, and series start )

Mecha-like suits? Better check under the hood. )
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So, thoughts on the Samurai 7 ending. Spoilers abound, obviously.

Bring on the dance of the spoiler! )

So, really good series. Though the animation style drifted a bit in a few episodes, though that may have been intentional but with Gonzo...maybe not. But still, really good series. Go out and watch it.
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Hmm, looks like NYCC was pretty good in terms of manga. :> And just the chance of Viz completing Hikaru no Go in DVD boxsets was mentioned, so I'm happy about that.

Looking forward to:

CMX: (Might be interested in these. But I would have to order because Borders doesn't carry CMX much)
-Lapis Lazuli Crown
-Broken Blade

Del Rey:
-Night Head Genesis (Yaaaaay!)

-Natsumi's Book of Friends (Natsumi Yuujinchou)

-Gundam 00 manga properties
-Gundam 00 DVDs (supposedly being released in July-ish)

For those interested in Hayate the Combat Butler anime, apparently the decision was made to release it sub-only. Guess they are: hurting right now, or because of the economy, Best Buy not carrying much anime right now, or no way would a dub on a 52 ep series like this would make any money. Pick what you want.

Yen Press:
-Yotsuba&! (...maybe)
-Also maybe on Spice and Wolf (It's been hyped up enough I may give it a try.)

Maybe some more, but right now that's enough. ^_^

ETA: ehehe, I apparently missed this one: (from here. Good place to read up on panel reports and he goes to conventions and reports live.)

15:22:17 <bay|NYCC|Funi> d grayman
15:22:20 <bay|NYCC|Funi> season one, part 1
15:22:28 <bay|NYCC|Funi> available march 31st, ep 1-13, $60 MSRP

And this one:

15:29:30 <bay|NYCC|Funi> full metal alchemist ova collection... available late summer 2009
15:29:40 <bay|NYCC|Funi> dvd... it will be priced right..
15:29:50 <bay|NYCC|Funi> it will have all the stuff the JP dvd had

Anime woes

Jan. 20th, 2009 12:18 pm
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This post is ging to be me rambling on the current state of anime. :P

Man, reading the Region 1 forum on AnimeonDVD (well Mania.com's AnimeonDVD forum) is getting really depressing. There are two threads about Best Buy cutting back on anime purchasing. Best Buy also recently, according to two of the forum posters who work there, have been sending back a lot of Media Blasters and Bandai Entertainment discs and a few older ADV and Funimation discs.

Which normally isn't too bad, with the except most Best Buys are no longer carrying the newest of Bandai's catalog. Media Blasters isn't doing all too well lately but they're opening a retail store. So it will be interesting too see how that goes. But at least Best Buy will still carry anime. And that should keep the R1 market going for a while longer. Apparently most anime is still being sold at brick and mortar stores. Huh.

But look at, for example, Bandai's releasing pattern. Sure, it's great for the collectors that you can get either: a) a limited edition box with all the extras and two DVDs every two-pack release, b) a 2-pack of DVDs that are cheaper than buying two singles, or c) the singles by themselves. But that makes for a lot of shelf space being used. And Best Buy bought lots of them. Now a good chunk of them are going back.

Sure, there's going to be market correction. I doubt there's very few markets that aren't going through correction right now. But it makes me worry about the health of some anime companies.

I'm worried about titles I would like to purchase later. Will they still be there later? I mean, the finishing up of Geneon releases by Funimation, Media Blaster's titles like Go Lion, and so on. Though so far I'm not too worried about Funimation's own half-set releases because they're relatively easy to find so far. And I suspect with Funimation holding half the market share, at least, their boxsets will hang around for a while. At least with online stores, I can find most of them, and for a really good price.

I guess it's a waiting game right now. And maybe not reading some of the depressing news threads. But I like trying to keep up with anime and manga news.
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Nabari no Ou licensed by Funimation! It's part of their New Show A-Go-Go! announcements.

So looking forward to purchasing this one. [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf and I have been watching it. I've rather liked it. Hopefully the ending doesn't suck, but its been rather good so far.

Now let's see if they'll announce Slayers Revolution or Evangelion 1.0 Movie. ^_^
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Ha. Ha. Ha.

Okay, first up: Issue 13 is Live on the City of Heroes servers. Yay for that one. Also, can't wait to mess with the new costumes.

Buuuut, it was crashing quite a few people and so they shutdown the servers for 45mins to push an emergency hotfix. So now everybody and their cousin is trying to connect to the patching server and the servers themselves and yeah, not that many are going to get through.

Annoying thing about it, and yeah I'm one of those trying to get the hotfix patch downloaded so I can go play, I spent five to six hours today downloading the 52MB patch I needed before logging on. I'm hearing it's an 8MB patch. So about a hour more. IF I can connect and actually get it tonight. So I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to play. Bugger. I at least got 20 minutes of I13 played. And filed two bug reports while playing. Heh.

In a positive point, I finished watching E's Otherwise. My open ending, let me show it to you. It's rather neat. Though I'm not sure if I would buy the DVDs. Maybe if it's a fantastic sale or something. But I did like it. Now if Yen Press or someone can finish up the E's manga now that Broccoli's US side is shutting down. And I can see how the manga went versus the anime. Because the manga just ended.

Also, to annoy me muchly before my birthday, I'm sick with a cold. Go me. Thanks, body. The sinus part is really, really annoying.
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I have 74 episodes of D.Gray-Man. I didn't think I would go through all of those so fast.


Yeah. I'm watching episode 68 right now. Hmm, I think I started watching these on Sunday too.

Though the latest set of episodes from 52 onwards has had an omake segment. Which they covered the spelling of all the characters (Shinsen started using the right spellings an episode or two after that), had Kanda's bad week (two times), fanservice, and things like that. And there was two episode omakes that were incredibly sad when spoiler ).

They're in the story arc around manga vol. 05+ when they hit episode 52. And they're drawing it out a bit. But that's okay. I'm still debating watching ahead of the U.S. manga release, but I think I'm going to with the way the anime is.

ETA: Heh. Episode 72 is exactly where vol. 09 ends. Exactly, with Kanda appearing. "And then, though a little late, Kanda will show up with that look of his." Hehehe.

Oh! I've been snapping pics of some of the episodes, which I'll put up on the gallery soon. Some of the ending pictures are pretty neat. Looks like they belong on a calendar.

ETA 2: Man, I have the worse luck with cliffhangers. THE WORST. Though I would have the worse luck in any part of this series at this point. It's just a full out battle, so any stopping point will be a horrible cliffhanger. So, episode 74. Awesome. Its a bit of an extended sequence of the Edo part spoiler ), but it has some awesome fighting sequences with Tyki Mikk and Kanda. Episode 73 is pretty good too. The look Tyki had on his face after Kanda told him "As if I would care about that beansprout" is hilarious.

Ah! Oh yeah, episode 74's omake was about Allen suggesting that Kanda cut his hair. And Lenalee saying that its not fair that Kanda is the only one with long hair. (That was in the manga somewhere, right?)

Heee. So, I just need to get episode 75 and on.

Ta da! The D.Gray-Man pictures I was talking about.
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So, I've been watching a lot of the D.Gray-Man anime for the last couple of days. I've watched up to episode 51 and boy do I have some comments.

Comments about the anime. Cut for anime spoilers and definite book spoilers up to vol. 6 )

All in all, a fun series. I definitely will own the boxsets whenever FUNimation releases them. Singles for this long of a series is just annoying. And expensive.
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Since some of my friendslist might be reading Animeondvd.com, thought I would pass this along.

A while ago Chris Beveridge, the owner of Animeondvd.com, sold the site to Mania.com. (Chris' post anout it here.)

We, the forum users, all knew it was going to be merged into Mania.com's site, just we didn't know when. Well, apparently it happened last night. Going to Animeondvd.com will redirect you to an anime and manga page on Mania.com. Yeah, the design sucks. But, Chris is working on it. I hope he has enough control to maybe change the layout as well.

I must say, when I first visited the page I thought it had been hacked, or that the DNS entry for it was screwed up. But nope, after typing in the URL the forums link that Mania.com had on its page, in yellow, I found the forums. Phew.

The forums are alive and well and still are the same as ever. Even their design is the same since it was changed over to VBulletin. So, that's a big relief. Change is a bit of a shock to the system, especially since I've been visiting Animeondvd.com for years.

Its also a bit sluggish but that maybe just my connection.

So there it is. Chris just got an anime news feed working again here for those who would like to keep up but want to avoid the Mania.com AoD site until it settles down.
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This is mainly news of interest to me and maybe others. I'll include links to articles for those who want to browse more and see what other nice stuff was picked up this convention. (Which by the way, was a LOT.)

Great Sources: AnimeonDVD.com | Anime News Network
Live Bloggers: Giapet (AX08 tag) | Bayoab's IRC transcripts of panels

Digital Manga Publishing:

Digital Manga Publishing Adds More Titles

Awesome news: Princess Princess + has been picked up. We'll probably see it in 2009 knowing my luck. I'm happy to see it has been picked up. I adore Princess Princess. I'll probably be also looking at Tale of a White Night by Tooko Miyagi and Millennium Prime Minister by Eiki Eiki.

Fafner novel is out July 8th. Good, that means I can start stalking bookstores this weekend for the novel.

Viz news: Hunter X Hunter sets, Gestalt and other titles picked up... )

FUNimation news: Wins convention in titles, Ouran release date... )

Dark Horse news: Clover omnibus, Shinju Ikari Raising project... )

ADV news: well, we're still alive... )

Kadokawa Pictures USA: 6 titles announce for US partnerships including Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Spice and Wolf, and Junjo Romantica )

Nozomi Entertainment, Broccoli, Go!Comi, Tokyopop, 801/June )

Whew. Lots of information and I didn't even cover it all.
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Best news all morning!

FUNimation Entertainment and Geneon Entertainment Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement for North America

I knew Hellsing Ultimate would get picked up eventually, but they got all of the unfinished titles and a few finished ones. My particular ones I have uncompleted is Kyo Kara Maoh 2, Shonen Onmyoji, and Hellsing Ultimate. Hellsing is going to be the first released this summer.

Oh man. And Anime Expo just started. Funimation already announced Heroic Age, which is another series that I've been wanting to watch. Details on this press release should be talked about this weekend. Hopefully.

Now we just need a release date for Ouran.

ETA: And while there's excitement for this, it looks like frustration for ADV. Apparently they just put most of their new titles on indefinite hiatus according to one reputable online distributor. Their re-release thinpacks seems to be going on fine right now, but discs like the last volume of Kanon, Red Garden's final few volumes, Tokyo Majin, Welcome to the NHK and a couple other of the last new licenses they own have been stopped. Looks like it might be possibly licensing issues.
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Consolidation of Large Video / DVD Co. 10501 Kipp Way Dr., Suite 300, Houston, TX

That's ADV. That's the Beltway 8 office that I went out to so often to pick up product. It's a massive warehouse and office area, though they might not have all of it anymore. They're liquidating office furnature and so on. I must say that too bad I didn't see this earlier. Not that I have the cash (unless a desk was pretty damn cheap), but I'm sure someone I know could have benefitted from this. An employee e-mailed AnimeonDVD.com that if you swung out by 6 o' clock that you could get a deal.

It definitely looked like ADV was having problems, but this definitely does not look good at all. They've supposedly still have a booth and panel at Anime Expo next week, but who knows if they'll still appear.

I wonder if this was the bad news that Chris from AoD was hinting about.
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Yesterday I got to find out why people like using Vent or Teamspeak with MMOs so much. It's a lot faster to relay information. If you're getting hit hard, commands to pull back are happening as it occurs. It's pretty neat.

I played City of Heroes for several hours yesterday with a friend on the phone while we played. It made it much easier for me to let my teammate know that my connection needed time to settle and for them to go ahead and do stuff. We also coordinated our attacks on the Elite Bosses we took on. Though holding the phone like that while playing got a bit uncomfortable after a while. I should get a headset if this occurs more often. ^_^ Though talking with friends is probably a lot more fun than random strangers.

Man, the Mistress of Madness was really tough. We ended up digging through our temp powers in hopes of finding something to help us. Thankfully, we both had a Build Snowbeast pet from the Christmas gifts. Without those, I don't think we could have taken her down last night. Unless we went to get Shivans...

So it was a lot of fun. And I'm further along the path of level 44. ^_^

Oh! I forgot. Today for Random:

-My throat's been bothering me today. This worries me, because my throat bothering me is one of the symptoms I have before I get sick. It started a little bit late last night, but its worse today. I'm drinking peppermint tea to help a bit. The funniest thing that helped was some sweet tea from Sonic.

-I wonder what that flower tea from Yum Yum Cha is called. That was good to drink with honey when I was sick at work.

-Speaking of sweet tea, my university's Sonic has a nice deal on. A 36oz drink of sweet tea with ice for a dollar.

-Death Note volumes take a while to read. Words, words, words... I think I'm reading it mainly to see what Light does next and how will L capture him. I'm almost finished with volume two. Though I don't think I can marathon read this series. One book at a time is enough. ETA: Woah, social engineering. Works rather well really. So, L's getting closer, someone figured out most of it, but she's now dead. Sad thing about this series is that you start getting to know characters, then Light offs them. Huh.

-Pumpkin Scissors is interesting. We see bits and pieces of the corporal's history. The blue steel lantern tale...

-An anime series that has been rather odd but rather interesting at the same time is Library Wars. No, really. Two organizations going to war of sorts with guns and battles, over books. Give a try.
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Well, fuck.

Borders hoists for sale sign

I seem to be involved in several industries that aren't doing so well. Figures, huh?

I mean, the anime industry isn't doing all that well right now. Most noticible was when Geneon fell. Bandai Visual (not Bandai Entertainment) just announced they were putting three titles on hiatus to reorganize how they released in the US market. (Okay, well Bandai Visual's take on releases weren't the best, I will admit. At least not for the US market. It would have been fantastic...for the Japanese market. :P )

And the print industry is not in the best of health either.

Though now I think of it, this isn't the only industry hurting right now. Any one else notice that a lot of industries are starting to have problems? (Except for maybe fuel...)

Though in other fun news, Bandai Entertainment just announced the rights for Code Geass season 2. Well, at least I don't have to worry about that for now.
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For some reason, I really like this image.

Fullmetal Alchemist Season 2 Part 2 Boxset
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Hey, I think hell just froze over....again.

From AnimeonDVD.com:
Cowboy Bebop Remix Complete Collection - 650 minutes - $49.98 - 02/05/2008

Cowboy Bebop has seen just one collection before...the now incredibly hard to find limited run set released back in 2001. After it became hard to find, the singles at SRP $30 was the only way to collect it. This was one series that never really saw a price drop. And this was released by Bandai Entertainment...whose boxset collections are around $50-$80 about a year or so after the series finished.

Now, two months shy of eight years from the first volume released, you can get the whole thing at $50 in 2008. Huh.
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In the "oh damn that freaking sucks" category:

From AnimeonDVD.com:

"Geneon Entertainment Exits (10:46 AM EDT): Though the finality of things is still up in the air, Geneon Entertainment has sent out information to retailers regarding their 4th quarter plans. According to the information, Geneon will be shipping all releases they have in the queue for street dates through 11/05/2007. All orders placed after this coming Friday is non-returnable. As of 12/31/2007, they will be shutting down, apparently completely as AnimeNation is listing everything past 11/11/2007 as canceled. Plans for beyond 12/31/2007 are still up in the air but what little is being said indicates that they're intending to focus on their own properties in a similar way to Kadokawa Pictures USA is doing things. "

Rightstuf.com also has a message on their front page about it, in concerns of customers' orders.

This means I need to scramble to get the rest of Gankutsuou. I only have volume one, but from the looks of it, unless I try e-Bay, I should just go ahead and order the boxset as it will be cheaper than trying to buy five volumes.

I'll probably drop by BestBuy or Fry's this weekend to pick up Shonen Onmyoji vol. 02 as well. Erg. But there is also Kyo Kara Maoh... Oh man. I'm up to vol. 04 and it's at Season 2 vol. 05... Wonder if someone is going to have a liquidation sale for older releases. Now to think if there is anything else I wanted from that company that I can't really wait now on... And dammit I haven't finished watching Zipang. I was waiting for a collection.

Geneon had such gorgeous DVDs. Beautiful covers, and a quality of video to match. I heard from "iffy" sources that Geneon wasn't doing well, but I didn't trust that source.

Farewell, Geneon. Too bad you couldn't make it in this market.

(Which, btw, is very worrisome.)

ETA: Forgot Kyo Kara Maoh and Zipang.
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For those who saw Paprika in theaters and wanted the DVD release of it:

From Animeondvd.com's Front Page:
Sony New Title Solicitations (12:59 PM EDT): Adding a pair of releases for the end of November, Sony Pictures Entertainment has sent out a slim look at what's in store for the latest Satoshi Kon movie:

Paprika - N/A minutes - $38.96 - 11/27/2007 Blu-Ray
Paprika - N/A minutes - $26.96 - 11/27/2007 DVD
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Funimation has OURAN!!!

TONIGHT! We have book!
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Oh man, I'm watching Prince of Tennis right now. I saw part of an episode while it was in fansubs but never the beginning. And I couldn't stop making comments on it. Nor did I think I would ever really watch the series.

And now I'm watching the US release of it. It's just so over the top that its awesome. (Still making comments of course, but that's normal. ^_^)


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