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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has an official release date! December 7th is when every one and their cousin will be on the servers trying to play. And the servers will probably be horrifically laggy. :)

In other news, I've decided I'm going to finish selling my books by new years. Or make a real attempt at it. My paid account status is up in the air in January and I'm not sure if I want to renew it. So that image gallery I've been using to help sell items that comes with paid users will not be there if I don't renew. So yeah. And I want that space back where the books are being stored. It's grown a lot recently cause I've been clearing out most of a bookcase.

And in last news, I have purchased a white pumpkin from Central Market. It is awesome but I'm still deciding on whether to carve it, or just decorate it for Halloween. :D
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I've cleared a whole shelf of books off. And the re-arrange and clearing is still in progress. As such, there will be more books being added to the sale pages and to the free books page. Hopefully I can clear them out in a timely matter. I'd like the area in front of my TV back where I keep all my for sale books. Too many books are hanging on instead of being sold.
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I get on these reading sprees every so often. However it is not fiction novels I'm reading. It tends to be more manga, or this time, published webcomics. Something that is easy to get into, and can be a fast read. My last reading spree was half the series of D.Gray-man. Considering I've been disinterested in reading anything that wasn't on a computer screen lately, finding myself reaching for a book is a relief.

This current spree is the Penny Arcade books. I picked up volume six just recently, and it sat on my pile of unread books, just calling me to read it. I needed something silly to read, and as such, picked it up and started reading it. I did find out after finishing it that I wanted to keep reading on. So, after finding out I'm missing volume five, I read volume four and then decided to start from the beginning and read volume one.

Yes, I know I'm reading webcomics that are available online. But there is also commentary by Tycho and the sheer fact that I don't have to wait a few minutes to download each strip is a huge plus. It's nice to be able to read several pages in a row instead of waiting for them to load.

Book list

May. 5th, 2010 04:55 pm
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April was a month of re-reads. I've been buying the Warcraft legend series, along with a recent trade to get four volumes of Black Sun, Silver Moon, kept me in plenty of material I wanted to re-read. Though I did get one new book read:

shortest book list ever! )

I thought I had another one but I had to update the list for April just now, cause I forgot to do so when I read the book.


Apr. 7th, 2010 02:54 pm
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Here's my books that I read for March.

Wall of text crits for 1000! )


Mar. 18th, 2010 12:34 pm
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Annnnd I just realized I didn't post my on-going reading list for this year yet. Go me. So two months under the cuts. :)

book book book )
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December! The month of holidays and cold. Lots of cold. Do you know our highs here are supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow? 40s! I should finally get a winter coat this year.

I wonder what kind of sweet I should give away with my christmas cards this year. Two people on my list can't eat wheat. Hmm, maybe rice crispie treats again...

And book list while I'm posting.

Book-y list! But still short. )
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My paltry book list for October.

Two whole books. Still cutting them tho :P )

I have started a short story compilation called The Ladies of Grace Adieu. I've only read the first story so far but I rather enjoyed it. Considering once I got the audio book of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell I really enjoyed that book too. So since Ladies... is from the same author and are short stories based in the same setting, I should enjoy it. :D I just got to get myself to read it.

And I noticed that since we've hit November 1st, Christmas advertising and items have taken off. Which is okay for the Starbucks cups. I liked their paper cups last year and I like them again this year. Which may or may not be the same design since I don't keep track.

I don't know why I'm just noticing this. Maybe because part of me wonders is it really that close to Christmas already? Dad's already asking for a Christmas list. I should make sure my Amazon wish list is up to date.

Maybe I should just go work for a cupcake shop. :>
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Hmm, okies. Three months worth of books in this post because I never got around to posting the previous month's lists in a timely matter. But the amount of books I've read has certainly taken a decline in the last two months. I should remedy that.

Books, books, books. :P )


Jul. 23rd, 2009 01:10 pm
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June book list!

Completely forgot to post it until now. It's rather short for this month.

Books within! )
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So book list for May. Woah did I plow through a bunch of novels that month.

List of books! )

And why didn't I know that Watership Down is about rabbits?! I should read that sometime soon.
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April's book list!

I think I'm starting a trend of more regular books mixed in with graphic novels. Hmm...

Books, books, books... )

And there was no pie! :< But I did clear out pretty much a shelf from my bookcases. So that was good. :D
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The urge to do something other than read forums posts mean that I've started trimming out Japanese manga from my bookcase across from the computer. This is very dusty work.

If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, send pie!
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My books came in! They're in good condition. They packed the box well. I approve. :D Also gives me packing paper for LJ/eBay sales. I only had one mixup, a duplicate of a book I ordered instead of another one I ordered. But I've e-mailed them. Even if they never return my e-mail, it's only a $1. I will follow up before the 5 days are over with though.

Now I have to find a place for them all. *looks around* Yeah...

I thought my postal carrier would be disgrunted with a box of books, but she said 'nope, keep them coming.' Okies.

And bees, please stay out of my house. It's not healthy for you here. I'm getting better in my aim with a fly swatter.
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Book list!

February's and March's because my memory sucks.

Read more... )

Book sale!

Mar. 23rd, 2009 01:45 pm
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Oh boy did I just add to my backlog.

Okies, Bookcloseouts.com is running a 99 cent manga sale. So if there are volumes you're looking for or just want to try a new series for cheap? Check them out. Pretty much all older Tokyopop books. Though there were a few newer ones, like the Dark Crystal and the newer Tactics volumes.

Sale ends on the 26th. Oh word of warning, if their stock is low, the items will disappear from your cart if they run out. So shop soon if you're interested.
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Ehehehe. I, er, forgot to post my reading lists for the last couple of months. The last one I can find is back in October. *sheepish*

So, behold! What I've read the last couple of months. And I'll throw in January's list as well, because I don't think I'll be able to squeeze in another book. If I do, I'll update the list.

Eh, cutting for length? Nah. Cutting for those who don't really want to see 3 months of books. :P )

Oh neat!

Jan. 26th, 2009 07:04 pm
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The Graveyard Book won the Newbery Award! from Neil's blog.
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Yeesh, if there was anything I could second-guess myself on, or be late to, yeah, that was today. I did however end up with two more shirts today. I'm weak sometimes.


However, there was a delicious (late!) Japanese lunch and an oatmeal raisin cupcake involved today. More days should have cupcakes involved.

One application was turned in today. I will be applying online to Costco and Microcenter very soon. The next part is on Friday when I visit the explosion of commerce to look. Not tomorrow because I only have a little over a quarter of a tank of fuel and I'm saving it for Friday.

Also! Oh yay GameStop wasn't teasing me. Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I highly, highly doubt we will see KHII Final Mix but at least this was different enough that they brought it over.

And now: Booklists! Because I don't believe I posted Septembers (I'll check later) and here's October's. Which I think there are more there in October that I'm not listing, because I read a bunch in a rush and now I don't remember if I put them on the list.

September Books:

Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 02-03
Kingdom Hearts Vol. 03-04
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol. 01-02
Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 01-02 (yay, now I'm all caught up!)
Loveless Vol. 08 (Seimei, you manipulative bastard. And that was a horrible tease for the next volume, that we'll probably not see until late late next year.)

October Books:

Blank Slate Vol. 01
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 04-05 (Aww, what a rather neat story. I may have to purchase this myself.)
Elemental Gelade Vol. 02
DNAngel Vol. 02
Black Sun, Silver Moon Vol. 01
Blood+ Vol. 02
Soul Rescue Vol. 01-02
Mugen Spiral Vol. 01-02

Hmm, looks like Issue 13 of CoH has hit open beta. This should be interesting. *goes to read forums*
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Today's mosquito forecast: OMG

I went jogging today for the first time in a week and I think I did rather well. Not a full mile again but 3/4 of one. I'll get back to where I was before the storm. It's just, OMG swarms of mosquitos. Today was just a very mosquito biting day. I've had a total of seven bites so far. Thank you Cortizone 10.

And, since I forgot to post this, August's book list:

Fafner: Dead Aggressor Novel
Elemental Gelade Vol. 01
DNAngel Vol. 01
Zombie Loan Vol. 03
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 01

Meh. September's is not much better right now, but there's a week left. ^_^

Also, sad but it has to be done. I'm going to have to cancel the hotel reservation I made back in January for Yaoi-con. Unless I luck into about $700, there's no way I can go. Ah well. Sad yes, but it will be there next year. It's just the first year that I've had to skip since Yaoi-con started. Pretty amazing really.


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