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Figured I wouldn't be posting another day yet, but eh, that's how it happens. Things pop up and I want to share.

This post is going to cover many things. So many things. Okay, not really, but there's a few topics. :>

First up, City of Heroes. Guess what? According to Position, the lead dev, re: the Mission Architect in a post today:

Excerpt from Positron's letter )

So the news for today? The Mission Architect is moving to Issue 14: Architect, releasing 1st Quarter 2009, and now Issue 13 will be called: Power and Responsibility, releasing Fall 2008. Current tally for Issue 13:

Issue 13's listings )

I'm sadly looking forward to the boards' reaction to this. Should be awesome.

Second up, I just found out today that Lynn Flewelling, one of my favorite authors, will be signing at Yaoi-con this weekend. *arrrrrrrgh* Yeah, lets drive the whole "haha you can't go to your favorite convention this year" thing a little further yeah? *headdesk* (Sadly if I had the plane tickets already, I may have been able to go, because Dad offered to pay some of it while I was in the midst of cancelling the hotel rooms. *sigh*)

*checks calendar* Oh hey, Rikti attack tomorrow till the end of September on CoH. That's fun.

Third up, power went out for a little while this afternoon. While not bad, and it did come back up after an hour thankfully, it was a flashback to those days without just recently and I was definitely not pleased. On the other hand, it's getting me a bit further in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I just defeated Maleficent (after three tries) and now I'm at Vexen. Man, I need to get my card deck and HP better or Axel is going to kick my ass.

Fourth, progress is slow but starting on my Renfest outfit. I have hopes of a new one finished this year because I don't want to wear the dress again...unless I have to. I picked up a fall garland thing that might work well as a hair ornament. Or even an outfit ornament.

Fifth, I did get Steam downloaded finally. Did the overnight download method and it was ready to go the next morning. *kicks internet connection* I have Half-Life 2 and Portal installed now. Didn't much feel like it yesterday. Maybe Sunday I'll try out Portal and see how much this machine chugs on it. :>
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I've posted a rec for this fic before, but I'm re-reading it right now and I think its very appropiately themed for this month.

So, here's part of previous post reccing it:

All the Roads We Have to Walk by Ginger Ninja
From FF.net: When events beyond control leave Sora stranded in a place so familiar and yet so different, what will he be forced to endure to find the road back to his friends?

For my re-read, I probably shouldn't have watched parts of the Silent Hill movie (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm stupid that way). I had the craving to read this fic again, I just completely forgot how completely scary (for me) the way the Heartless are portrayed in this fic. And how great my imagination works on scaring me. Because the Heartless in this story is not the same Heartless you're familiar with from the games. Oh no. Traverse Town is just the beginning...and I keep reading this at night too... erg.

Ginger really does a great job on portraying worlds that are similar, yet so different. Great character interaction, the conversations between the characters flow well. She also does a really damn good job on creating such scary situations as well. I'll just point to the Halloween Town chapters, which I'm going to read in the daylight this time! I swear!

It is a bit gory, a bit brutal with the path to the ending. It's also very long with sixty-two chapters with a sequel being written. So depending on how much time you want to spend reading it, it can take a while.

So a really good, and moderately scary (depending), fic. I'll see if there are any other Halloween themed fics I can reccommend for this month. :>
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Apparently I'm a bit behind on this but only by a day or so.

At the Tokyo Game Show going on right now, Square-Enix announced three new Kingdom Hearts games, all of them on portable platforms.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (Nintendo DS)
Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Mobile)

KH2.co.uk has more information about the three, including a translation of the press release. KH: Birth By Sleep and the 358/2 Days games look very interesting.
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Because, I totally have to share, (and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] maiki for linking them), here are some very amusing posts with the very recently released in the US Kingdom Hearts Play Arts figures. (emo!Squall and other figures also appear.)

Ze Beginning!

They amused me so much. And Squall with two Keyblades. Also awesome. ^_^
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Okay, so I have to rec this fic that's been eating my free time since Sunday afternoon. (And no, its not yaoi. :P)

All the Roads We Have to Walk by Ginger Ninja
From FF.net: When events beyond control leave Sora stranded in a place so familiar and yet so different, what will he be forced to endure to find the road back to his friends?

I was pleasantly surprised to find this fic so engrossing. I'm reading, and I keep reading, and its just taking up all my free time so I can finish this fic. Because I have to know what's next! So this fic is set after the first Kingdom Hearts game. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are searching for Mickey and Riku. They make a stopover in a small world/town, but while they're there events conspire against them and somehow Sora ends up in Traverse Town. But its a Traverse Town that's deserted, and there's good reason.

There has been some very creepy, very disturbing chapters, and the Heartless are different from the game. Very creepily done if you think about it for too long. Ginger's way of describing familiar yet changed places and her character interactions are very well done. Yuna's so cute in this story and there are a lot of Final Fantasy characters that make their appearance that wasn't in the KH games. (And the Halloween Town chapters are freaking scary!!! I was reading those at night too! *cries*) Word of warning, its very long. Sixty-two chapters in total. I'm only fifty chapters in after two and a half nights/mornings so far.

There's apparently a sequel too.

ETA: Oh, forgot to add, but its a bit gory too. So yeah, if that's not your cup of tea...


Feb. 9th, 2006 11:32 am
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Mwahaha! I'm now the proud owner of a new pearl blue GameBoy Advance SP. Woo! I can now get my butt kicked at KH: Chain of Memories! (And other RPGs!)

Take that, ginger ale!

ETA: Eheh, forgot to mention I have new Kingdom Hearts icons! Yays!
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I downloaded the openings to Kingdom Hearts 2 on Saturday. Thankfully, I waited until today to watch them.

Kingdom Hearts 2 spoilers...not that much anyways, just the openings )

Oooooh, I can't wait! I plan on trying to finish Chain of Memories before KH2 is released. And I will be able to start on it again now that I have received my birthday money! (I planned on using it to help get a new GameBoy Advance SP since my other one is pretty dead.)

I also want the artbook to the series, but I'm not certain if one is going to be released. DigiCube, who was handling SquareSoft's artbooks, is out of business and their Kingdom Hearts artbook is awesome. So I'm going to keep an eye out for an artbook release from Square-Enix.


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