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Merry Christmas everyone!

Well wishes and hopes to everyone. :D


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:56 am
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Happy fourth of July!

And it's not raining today much so we can actually have fireworks. (Though I'm betting my neighborhood would find a way anyway.)

My backyard and parts of my front yard is still mostly flooded but the water level is going down. Yay! However the cacophony of frogs at night is annoying. There are apparently a LOT of frogs out there now.
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It's St. Patrick's Day! Make sure you drink responsibly.

I'll just be over here having some green tea. :)

And if you noticed, I made this nice post about spring and it tries to get colder. Heh. However from the weather forecast this weekend, we shouldn't stray too far below the 60s so it's the usual late winter/spring weather for us still.
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Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Lunar New Year!

Two holidays going on today. It's a busy day. :)
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Happy Holidays every one!

Christmas tradition here is to have blueberry muffins for breakfast. :)


Oct. 20th, 2009 12:13 pm
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Dear body,

Please stop trying to get sick.


Not much going on. I started feeling lousy and warm yesterday. And my throat's bothering me a little bit. Today continues the trend. Meh.

I have found my small pumpkin for this year. :D It's a tiger pumpkin with cream colored skin and green stripes with orange sneaking in at the bottom. Really pretty. Right now it's undecorated.
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Merry Xmas people! Xmas!



Hope everything is awesome today. Weirdly enough, it's just feels like another normal day for me. Other than all the stores being closed. ^_^
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Yup, the Christmas event is going on in City of Heroes right now. (And in any MMO that wants to run it I'm sure. :> )

And of course I had to dress one of my characters up in Christmas colors. She also has red bracelets on, but you can't see it in the picture very well because of the Ice Sword.

Christmas Coloring

Interestingly enough, there's been two Mystery Gifts given to her while I'm standing at the consignment house. They must like her costume. ^_^
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Happy Food Day!

And because I wasn't up to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, I missed this!. Epic rick-rolling. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's commenter [livejournal.com profile] lyrangalia for the link.)

And before you go, aw man that internet meme is OLD, let me explain why it still amuses me so.

Yaaaaaaay )

So that's why. I wonder if I can get that video to download.

Anyways, click if you want, if not, I described it for you past the link. ^_^
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So, on the City of Heroes' Test server yesterday, they tested for an hour and a half the upcoming Halloween event. There's a new invasion event that needed testing.

Cut for not spoilering the event? For those who don't mind, click away! )

The prevailing theory on the Test forum is that they're testing the Halloween event so early, because Test server might be testing an issue when they would normally test the Halloween event coding. We shall see.
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Happy Valentine's Day! Go out and spread the love! Or go watch movies with explosions in them. ^_^ Whatever works.

I have such a horrible headache right now. Should take a break from the computer or something.
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2008 is sweeping the globe! Whatever shall we do?


Not a great year, lots of meh and suck. But there were definitely high points. So overall, 2007 averaged out to be okay. Lets hope for a good new year!

I plan on playing City of Heroes during the turning of the year. Because I'm nerdy that way. :P

ETA: Well, I would have been, if my computer wasn't giving me a few problems running it. Grr. Time to clean some programs out I think.

Happy New Year everyone!


Dec. 25th, 2007 11:57 am
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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Happy Valentine's Day, flist!

Here's my valentine to my friends:

Valentine's Day can also be about the friends you love! Feel free to share the love! (and the icon! There's more at the post below!)

Icon From: [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda, the Valentine Fairy.

Year End

Dec. 31st, 2006 07:18 pm
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Happy New Year!

(I'm posting this now, since I have a feeling I will forget later. ^_^ Even though there's fireworks going off in my area already.)

I'll file 2006 under "okay". Not bad, but not all good. I was really wondering about my classes at one point, but I did manage to pull off some decent and even some good grades. (Apparently I write papers well at the last minute.) Got lots of books. Slowed down on game purchases some. Have awesome friends. And got to visit my favorite stores often. ^_^ I can't remember some of the bad parts of this year.

Work's doing well and I was shocked by my boss's remark that he doesn't like how the customers are treating us. I thought that was normal for our customers and for retail around this time of year. Huh. I do know we hate several customers. (Now there's a new one on the dislike/hate list that I call Mr. Idiot. Remember the post I had about knowing so much about anime? Well, said customer came by yesterday and returned three discs and tried to exchange two others. Which that would have worked if they were shrinkwrapped. So we got to tell him no on those. But highly annoying after all that. I hate it when customers don't let me know that they no longer want the item they ordered AFTER I have ordered it for them. Especially on items that do not sell well at the store.) So yeah. It's improving a bit. We'll see how it goes in the new year.

So stay home, drink whatever, and enjoy the upcoming new year. Or go out and drink with a designated driver.

(Woo! It's calendar changing time!)
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Ahahah. Today I had one of those library of knowledge moments at work.

A customer came in and asked about ordering about five to six different series. I not only was able to tell him the license status of the series (as I knew at that time), but if it was released who had released it, how many DVDs it had and if it was possibly out of print. All without looking anything up. I also got to tell him the status of one series that 4Kids had that we won't see the DVDs of, which took me a minute because when he asked for Tokyo Mew Mew I was thinking of Taruto. (Magical animal girls vs little cat girls....same difference. ^_^) I did have to look for some of the series he was looking for on our shelves to make sure they hadn't sold during the rush of sales this week. But wow...

Why can't my brain work this way for school?!


I'm beginning to think that anime has ruined me for 'normal' work. ^_^ Though I was pleasantly surprised that he did buy a lot after asking about so much. Good day again at the store today.

Though I'm wondering why when its raining and cold outside that every bit of dry skin on me is screaming for lotion. *itch itch*


Nov. 23rd, 2006 11:16 am
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Happy Eating Day!

And also, those stores that are opening at 5a.m. on Friday, do they even think of the employees that have to get up even earlier to be there on time? Yeesh. Poor people.

Thankfully, our store shall open at its regular time. And if my boss isn't there on Friday, then I'm going to have to make the decision on what sale we're running.
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Before I go wrestling with my bookcase shelves AGAIN, here's my Halloween story of the evening.

I had a spider in my right boot. Sorta normal? Yeah. Feeling something in my boot move on top of my foot while standing outside my car? Not so much. I think I broke speed records trying to carefully and quickly dump the stuff I was holding and loosening the laces enough to slip to boot off without crushing anything before tossing it to the ground. I stared at it a second then picked up the boot carefully before throwing it back to the ground because I saw a big black spider crawling out.

I definitely felt around inside the boot before I put it back on. Of course, that was the story I got to share most of the day with my coworkers and the bank employees while dropping today's deposit off. And I'm sure you could have heard my squeak of fear next door when I saw that spider.

So, enjoy Halloween. What's left of it. I'm going to figure out how to keep these two shelves from falling down again. And hopefully squeeze in some City of Heroes playing in before the Halloween fun ends.

(Do you know how many times I wrote book instead of boot? A lot.)

ETA: Book shelves are now using screws instead of pegs for their props. Totally learned that from work there. If those fail, new bookcase time. (I have plans for that anyway, just hopefully in the future and not right now.)


Jul. 4th, 2006 01:07 am
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Well, happy 4th peoples!

(Bleah. Brushing your teeth, rinsing with Listerine, then taking cough medicine is not the best way of starting it. Ugh. It's like a trifecta of horribleness. :> )


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