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Dear brain,

Really, I don't appreciate the fact that you can't seem to stop thinking when I'm attempting to go to sleep. I also really don't appreciate having disturbing dreams on the one night I managed to actually get to sleep in a decent amount of time. Which involved me waking up a couple of times due to said disturbing dreams. So really, STOP IT. I know you like thinking and all, and I know I'm not feeding you enough reading material or something, but yeah.

No love,

So, said disturbing dreams? Seemed rather normal from what I remember before it went disturbing. I think Futurama was involved in a weird way. Because of the heads in the jars? I was watching three eps last night, and this dream...

It involved a big machine with rotary grinders and how they were "burying" their dead. And everyone around me in this apocalyptic society was triumphant because they could finally bury this important woman. All that was left was the woman's head. And they couldn't bury her before because she had some contagious disease that could leach into the ground and water supplies. So they put her head into a jar until the government decided that her disease was no longer spreadable. So everyone was cheering as I watched them upended her jar into that machine. I woke up right after that. Didn't want to go back to sleep right away because the image of the head in the machine was still there and I didn't want the dream to continue. (No blood but blech.)

And the next dream which of course I also woke from, was about tornados. I was at this research facility, and then the warning for tornados was announced. There was turmoil in the facility because one group had a plan going to launch something. But the tornado interrupted them. So I tried to find a hiding space, but I was dragged outside by someone. So I couldn't. Think I woke up around then. Because I was later thinking in the dream, hey I've seen this before, I know what to do. So I was dragged outside the building again, but I was running for cover. And I managed to get out of the path of the tornado. But then I was in the woods, and damn if the area wasn't safe. And not because of the tornado. So I was trying to sneak out of the woods to find the group I was with. And my alarm woke me up then.

All that, and my cat woke me up wanting outside about an hour and a half after I went to sleep. So, no wonder I'm tired.
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