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So, my Malibu is a little bit cleaner. I realized that I've been stuck inside the house two days straight (counting today) and wanted a little sun. And I went to clean my car up a little bit. So now the caramelized sugar is off all the plastic parts I could find. And I tried a little bit to clean the upholstery on the ceiling and back window. Not too successful but I think the car looks cleaner now.

I still smell like cleaner. Bleah.

Also, new Revoltech series: Fraulein Revoltech 001 Rei (of course). Looks neat.
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Didn't feel comfortable adding this stuff in the other entry I just made, so here's a new one.

Conversation that just happened between my parents in the other room:

Mom: [My Uncle] hasn't seen them since before Jennifer was born. She's what now?
Me: [incrediously] 29!
Dad: She's 29.
Me: I'm 29 dammit!
Mom: [goes on with conversation]



In other news, my paper...goes nowhere. I have the paper that's due Tuesday over MD5 just about finished. It only needs another paragraph or some elaboration on a point, but I can't seem to get going on the massive paper of doom. Erg. Wasted today reading a blog. *sigh* Procrastinating for the lose! Though I think I have all my sources now. I even found two new articles today that was just released. And two nice guides for APA style since my guide from my I/O Psych class is MIA.

I have a few hours left of today to get moving on a few pages. And all of tomorrow to write. Lets see what happens. (I better be finished tomorrow evening. I'll be very miffed with myself otherwise.)

I did just get my delivery of the last two Lamento figures, Rai and Bardo. I was trying out a new company KidNemo that I saw recommended on the list on AnimeonDVD.com's Figure thread on the forums. The US postal delivery person just chunked the box in the back of my dad's pickup. I have no clue when it actually arrived. I didn't even know it shipped since I didn't get that e-mail. But, they were decently packed, no stuffing though, and I did get them at a discount. I'm pleased with them so far. I'll give them another try. They have the 4th CLAMP in 3D Land set available to order.

I, uh, have no place however to put said new figures. I need to find a place now. I really need to get a move on selling some books/figures/whatever. Hmm, maybe the swap meet at Yaoi-con will be successful in selling stuff.
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Just saw this today while checking out info on Crisis Core: Pictures of Square-Enix's booth at Comic-con. (Got the info from Crisis-Core.net.) Turns out Squeenix is opening a store for the US: Square-Enix Online Shop. Even if it's mail-order only, to get some of the keychains and whatnot at cheaper prices will be awesome. One picture before the one I linked above, shows keychains for three series with reasonable prices. Yeah, the look to bring their silver jewelry as well, but hopefully it will knock out some of the bootlegs I've seen for keychains and whatnot. The booth at Comic-con is selling some of them there now. I'm envious.

Also, go check out those pictures! If you were ever interested in seeing the oh-so-expensive Cloud and Sephiroth Masterpiece Arts figures, they've got them on display at Comic-con.

IGN Square-Enix Booth Pictures
Figures.com Playarts Pictures

(Which, by the way, the Crisis Core website just updated today with soundtrack info!!)

Also, Square-Enix's Japan Online store has a blog for what's being developed about about the retail location they have. Point of interest? The pictures being posted about the new Play Arts figures. (Which some are already on display as Coming Soon items at the booth at Comic-con.) They're coming out with the original Final Fantasy VII designs, including Cloud with the Hardy Daytona. I'm...sad to say that I would probably buy that version of Cloud as well, depending on how much I like the sculpt. And its looking like I will.
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Yesterday I came to work to see many packages piled up on my chair. It was awesome!

Stuff!!! )

Now onto class. Hopefully today's will be just as good as Monday's.


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