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Hmm, looks like NYCC was pretty good in terms of manga. :> And just the chance of Viz completing Hikaru no Go in DVD boxsets was mentioned, so I'm happy about that.

Looking forward to:

CMX: (Might be interested in these. But I would have to order because Borders doesn't carry CMX much)
-Lapis Lazuli Crown
-Broken Blade

Del Rey:
-Night Head Genesis (Yaaaaay!)

-Natsumi's Book of Friends (Natsumi Yuujinchou)

-Gundam 00 manga properties
-Gundam 00 DVDs (supposedly being released in July-ish)

For those interested in Hayate the Combat Butler anime, apparently the decision was made to release it sub-only. Guess they are: hurting right now, or because of the economy, Best Buy not carrying much anime right now, or no way would a dub on a 52 ep series like this would make any money. Pick what you want.

Yen Press:
-Yotsuba&! (...maybe)
-Also maybe on Spice and Wolf (It's been hyped up enough I may give it a try.)

Maybe some more, but right now that's enough. ^_^

ETA: ehehe, I apparently missed this one: (from here. Good place to read up on panel reports and he goes to conventions and reports live.)

15:22:17 <bay|NYCC|Funi> d grayman
15:22:20 <bay|NYCC|Funi> season one, part 1
15:22:28 <bay|NYCC|Funi> available march 31st, ep 1-13, $60 MSRP

And this one:

15:29:30 <bay|NYCC|Funi> full metal alchemist ova collection... available late summer 2009
15:29:40 <bay|NYCC|Funi> dvd... it will be priced right..
15:29:50 <bay|NYCC|Funi> it will have all the stuff the JP dvd had
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Dammit! Evil cliffhanger. Oooog.

Aw man. First, why do I even try to read D.Gray-Man manga even near my bedtime, and second, WHEN IS THE NEXT VOLUME OUT?!?!?!?!

I'm going to sleep.

*grumbles about evil cliffhangers and awesome characters that are involved in them*
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August?!?!? Ahhhhhhhh! Well, I guess, if I can't wait, I could go visit that site. Maybe.

"Then of course Kanda will show up, looking cross..." And on the next page, Kanda appears...looking a bit cross. Ahahaha. I get that line so much more now, [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf. Seriously. *snicker*

D.Gray-Man is seriously good.
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Dear Viz,

Regarding D.Gray-Man character Lenalee: If you cannot decide how to spell Linali/Lenalee's name between volumes, make up your bloody mind. It is rather telling when in volume three page 154 has the spelling Lenalee, then on page 155, which by the way is a facing page to 154, the spelling is back to Linali.

No love,

Yeesh. I hope that was fixed in subsequent print runs. I can adjust from Linali in volume one to Lenalee in volume two, as I suspect managaka input or they realize they have it wrong, but it shouldn't revert from one spelling to another in four panels in the third book. Though that seems to be the only time in the book it did so.

Uh, also, when did Allen get his jacket back? He didn't have it in one chapter and the next, he had it again. But they're still fighting Road. Though I was highly amused when he declared that he was a clock and the girls' reaction to that. And I'm really liking Lenalee (or Linali. Actually I like that spelling better).
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I am caught up with the English releases of Tsubasa and xxxHolic. I read Aventura v. 2 yesterday so I'm caught up with that one. I was behind five books for Tsubasa and I think 3 or so with xxxHolic, though I did re-read two of them to get me back into the series. Now I need to get Tsubasa v. 17 and read that, then I will be completely caught up until vol. 18's release in July. Woah, there's a lot going on Tsubasa. Vol. 16 was definitely a huge plot twist. And there's xxxHolic's plot...that seems to be slowly drawing to a close of sorts, and entangling more with Tsubasa's.

Tonight I attended my sister's graduation from the local community college. She's now a graduate nurse and will be taking her certification exams in June to become a registered nurse. The whole ceremony took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Not bad. And! There were fireworks afterwards! I got a few pictures that sorta came out okay on my phone.

Maybe my economic stimulus is in my bank account. I would like to pick up some shoes before Walmart switches them out for another style. They're comfortable and I can use them for [livejournal.com profile] viperwoman's wedding.

Oh! Does anyone know when AltaVista's Babelfish was eaten by Yahoo? I just went to there today and it redirected to a Yahoo Babelfish.

(Psst. [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf! I just found out that xxxHolic vol. 13 is being released in Japan on June 23rd. It'll be a while before we get it.)
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Some interesting articles concerning manga. Yeah, its going to quite a few. I'm catching up on news, and I thought I should pass a few of the interesting ones along.

Interview: Keiko Takemiya Creator of To Terra, Andromeda Stories, and Song of Wind and Trees (Kaze to Ki no Uta - not US released). This was quite an interesting interview.

Japan Comes Together to Fight Shoplifting, which should also be in that article title. IC Tagging books. Should be interesting to see if it helps reduce shoplifting. Radio frequency tags do have limitations though, from what I learned in a class presentation this last semester.

Iris Print Tells Its Story and Asks for Help! Small publisher of yaoi/gay material needing help. I personally haven't gotten anything from them (haven't really sat down and read the demo disc I have from them), but I understand how it is with small businesses. So, if you're interested, take a look!

The Cost of Building a Gundam. A Real Gundam. Woo! And it only costs $724,310,000! But it won't be as awesome as ones in anime.

Genshiken Mangaka Interviewed! For all those on my flist who are interested. Also related to this is the announcement of Del Rey Licenses Kujibiki Unbalance.

How to Read Manga Without Going Broke Some useful tips there. Haven't tried most of the stores on the listings for no. 7. But Anime Castle does sell bootleg CDs (I think that's what we found at one time), so if you don't want to give to a store like that, there you are.

Source: Manga Jouhou, About.com
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Tsubasa v. 18 spoilers )

I am totally getting this artbook. Hopefully Sasuga Books will have it at A-kon. If not, time to order it.
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Augh, sinuses! Quit continuing to mutiny!

And, like every phone here has died of battery today. WTF?!?!

So, Anime Expo news is very encouraging. Bandai announced .hack//Roots which the anime prequel to .hack//GU (from my understanding). Tokyopop has announced that they have some ADV manga titles, like Tactics and are bring out the first part of Peacemaker and Aqua (which is the prequel to Aria). They also announced Gakuen Heaven (though I suspect this is the King manga one and not the newly released Nakajima one), Viz announced that the Hikaru no Go anime is going to be released bi-monthly instead of the current quarterly schedule. First volume of Bleach is being released in November. Geneon announced the first volume of Hellsing Ultimate for release on December 5th.

Source: AnimeonDVD.com

ETA: Ack, forgot the source.


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