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We now have a tropical storm named Gaston.

:> And why yes that song immediately became stuck in my head when they announced that. Back when the anime store was still operating, we managed to have a day or two in which we watched that video several times cause the song just got stuck in our head. :D

(I might regret this later, but at least it amuses me now.)
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For Hurricane Ike:

Check out this site: Storm Pulse. Dad sent the link to Mom and it looks rather neat. :>

For the Large Hadron Collider day:

From [livejournal.com profile] lantyssa: Bunny comic.

And two sites you can check if the world has ended yet: (While I told some people, this is getting all the other ones I haven't talked to yet. ^_^)



Check out the source code. ^_^

Both are from [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda commenters.
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Hmm, looks like Ike is swinging more south. Yay for us.

Though it brings up a question. If you put solar panelling on your roof, what happens when a hurricane pushes through? I mean you can't exactly take them off and store them until the hurricane passes, right?

ETA: Also, those commercials where they're tricking people to use Windows Vista by calling it Windows Mojave? I keep hearing them call it Windows Mahogany. I mean why not? Why can't we have Windows named after wood colors? ^___^
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Heeey, stop showing the five day tracks of Hurricane Ike to hit us. That definitely changed from Saturday's (Friday's?) track where it was going to turn north after swiping Florida.
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City of Heroes Issue 13: Architect preliminary issue features announced. Woah, there's a lot of good stuff there. All the dev talk about good things happening in I13 looks to be true. And Positron being a tease about this issue with a haiku...

Positron's Letter to the Players about Issue 13.

And the discussion thread about the new announcement, which will grow in leaps and bounds as the day progresses.

In character news, I did make a new Dominator that's been pretty fun to play. Ran her up to level 6 yesterday, still not out of Mercy Island. Almost! I've been having neat ideas for characters lately I've been trying out, while also trying to get my main character up to level 50. I was going to play that one yesterday but the Dominator ended up being too much fun.

In other, not CoH news, Hurricane Gustav is predicted to move into the gulf by this weekend. This is not good. As always, long range tracks are harder to predict, but it worries me a bit.
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Oh look! A tropical storm is heading our way. It should be raking across us tomorrow I think. Maybe going inland then. Though they're predicting across Houston and Galveston.

Well, as long as it stays a tropical storm, we'll be good. Just got to weigh down the garbage cans so they don't blow away. Dad's thinking of moving the new lawnmower to the truckbed because where it usually is can flood a bit. He's got to go in early tomorrow too because he's apart of the support teams. (They're the last ones to leave when hurricanes landfall before the emergency crew.)

Be careful of the flooding, everyone. We know how tropical storms like to dump a ton of rain in Houston.


Oct. 19th, 2005 11:32 am
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Now there's a Category Five hurricane in the Carribbean? With the lowest pressure evar recorded in the Alantic Basin?



Sep. 20th, 2005 10:48 pm
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Aw man! Now the Weather Channel is talking about Houston! Crap!

And tomorrow, if classes aren't canceled by the college or by my teacher, I have a test and I get to spend the rest of the day pulling product up above three feet off the floor at the store. We know we're going to flood so we're trying to limit the damage. And my boss will probably be on call in Atlanta on Thursday. yay.

If Rita becomes a Category Four, then we're leaving. So we're eyeing the weather forecasts closely. I'll be backing up the computer tonight and getting some stuff together to take if that happens. Oh, this just sucks.

Dammit! They just called Houston the second most vulnerable city! Stop that!
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So, Tropical Depression 18 turned into Tropical Storm Rita and is about to sideswipe the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, I believe they will be the lucky ones and get this storm while it is a low category hurricane. The future tracks for this storm does not look good, especially since it has a very good chance of striking here.

And since it will be in the Gulf starting around Tuesday, it's just going to be a matter of time before it gains strength to be a category three before striking land again somewhere. The Gulf waters are like 90 degrees right now. Galveston's water temperature was 83 degrees yesterday.

(You know if you stare at gulf long enough, it looks like it is spelled wrong. Bah.)

So today I'm worrying to bits right now about if it does make landfall here, what would I do. My home can't withstand another hurricane higher than category two. We're not even sure it can withstand that. *sigh* And we'd have to leave my cats here since they can't be taken with us. (They're not good with trips.) And that's if we even have the money to leave. My dad was telling me that they didn't leave for Hurricane Alicia in 1983 due to the fact he didn't have any money to leave with. (Four kids on a contractor job doesn't leave a lot of money.) He had just built the house then so it wasn't so bad there.

*sigh* Sorry, I have to worry somewhere and here's the place to do it right now since I'm at school. We'll just have to wait and see if the track changes any due to other weather phenomena. It's still really early and we'll certainly know closer to Friday.

ETA: You know what? After all that, I feel a bit better. I think I might be able to concentrate on school today rather than what I must bring with me if we leave. Although, I do think it's time to back up the computer again. ^_^


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