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So I decided randomly to start playing Final Fantasy XII yesterday. Time to start working on my PS2 backlog I think. So that's the first game I chose. And I'm having fun with it so far.

Balthier just showed up and he falls under the awesome category. I do so like the voices for the game. They all have accents too. Interesting. Ivalice being the base of this game makes me happy as that's where Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story's background is at. Being from the Vagrant Story art design and several of their crew, I'm not surprised I'm happy about it at all.

Btw, my first hunt? A rogue tomato? No, I'm not kidding. A tomato that went rogue and is destroying the couriers. O_o

Expect some more comments about it. Cause that's what I do.
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Just saw this today while checking out info on Crisis Core: Pictures of Square-Enix's booth at Comic-con. (Got the info from Crisis-Core.net.) Turns out Squeenix is opening a store for the US: Square-Enix Online Shop. Even if it's mail-order only, to get some of the keychains and whatnot at cheaper prices will be awesome. One picture before the one I linked above, shows keychains for three series with reasonable prices. Yeah, the look to bring their silver jewelry as well, but hopefully it will knock out some of the bootlegs I've seen for keychains and whatnot. The booth at Comic-con is selling some of them there now. I'm envious.

Also, go check out those pictures! If you were ever interested in seeing the oh-so-expensive Cloud and Sephiroth Masterpiece Arts figures, they've got them on display at Comic-con.

IGN Square-Enix Booth Pictures
Figures.com Playarts Pictures

(Which, by the way, the Crisis Core website just updated today with soundtrack info!!)

Also, Square-Enix's Japan Online store has a blog for what's being developed about about the retail location they have. Point of interest? The pictures being posted about the new Play Arts figures. (Which some are already on display as Coming Soon items at the booth at Comic-con.) They're coming out with the original Final Fantasy VII designs, including Cloud with the Hardy Daytona. I'm...sad to say that I would probably buy that version of Cloud as well, depending on how much I like the sculpt. And its looking like I will.
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So, double XP weekend was this weekend on City of Heroes. I had plans on Sunday to take advantage of that. Would have been the first time in over two weeks playing the game again. And I did play a little bit on Saturday.

But, heavy thunderstorms rolled in this afternoon and I shut my machine down. I start eyeing the many PS2 games I haven't played. And, I actually start playing one today. And it was shockenly enough, one I purchased just recently.

As such, here's a quick overview/review of Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus.

Dirge of Cerberus reviewy like thing )

Overall, not a bad game so far, and I'm glad I got it for $20. Can't wait to finish it.
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Crisis Core has a trailer out now.

Of course, this is the same trailer that if you were a member of Square Enix's little online club, you could see it there too. (And you can join even if you can't read the language. I did that because I saw that there was a trailer for Crisis Core. :P)

Mostly cinematics of course, and some game play shown. I even think we see Kadaj's predecessor. But it is going to be awesome to play as Zack.
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Another fanfic rec!

So last night I totally finished reading a fic I've been reading for several years. I was crying by the end of it. It was just a relief to see the ending. And it was awesome to read the ending. So here it is.

A Long, Hard Road by Twig
Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud and more...
Five years after the end of the game, Hojo is in an all-out war against the Planet and the ShinRa armies, led by now-general Cloud Strife. What will happen, when ShinRa makes a desperate decision to resurrect the very person who nearly killed them all?

This has got to be one of the most awesome fics I've read. It's nicely written, and its totally involving where I get started reading this and I just can't put it down! Do beware that there is Cloud angst and regular angst and gore and great battles and lots of good characterizations (and awesome original characters) and just lots of good stuff. I totally recommend reading this. Twig declared this fic a soap opera with guns. And I can agree with that and add the word epic. Lots and lots of Cloud angst. I took a break at one point because I just had to. I got snagged back into the fic just recently. Happy ending too, which made me want to finish it because I wanted to see how that happened. Just an awesome fic. ^_^

And since I'm reccing one fic, might as well rec some other FF7 fics I've enjoyed. Sorry for any rambling. The text was written for a rec post a while back that hasn't been posted yet.

Some other neat fics of FF7 fandom to read )
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First off I have to say this. Boston has got to have the highest concentration of idiotic drivers in one area. Holy crap these people could not drive. Rules of the road was something that was purely a suggestion.

Second off, this convention was pretty fun! The books were pretty easy to keep track when they're facing spine up. I didn't get to sell as much yaoi as I had hoped this convention.

The people weren't too annoying. The usual asking for books we are getting at the store tomorrow and stuff that wasn't just out yet. A few who I got to buy the book instead of just standing there and reading it. Me trying to convince people that even if they couldn't read the Japanese yaoi books, it was still stuff that more than likely would not be released over here.

Got lots more stuff than I expected including some Final Fantasy trading figures and two T-shirts. I also got the Vassalord manga that I wanted to get. It's from the same person who is working on Peacemaker. ^_^ A few more manga and some cute trinkets. Got you a prezzie, [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf!

And I hung around the convention with [livejournal.com profile] mwerevu. ^_^ We almost got to look at the cosplay...and got to see an awesome fountain. Must go back to this convention and not work it since it was so fun. Saw some neat cosplayers....including some guy who was awesome and I can't bloody remember what series he was cosplaying from!! Bugged me all weekend. Still don't remember. But now I have the internets to start searching. Lots of Advent Children and quite a few Kingdom Hearts cosplayers of course, and a few that I didn't suspect would have a cosplay. Like Twelve Kingdoms.

And I have decided that I should somehow manage to procure a digital camera before the end of the year. Like before October.

Other than the annoyances of a certain roommate, it was pretty fun. Our plane was delayed a bit on the way back so we got extra time to look at the candy store in the Philadelphia airport where our layover was. Which had delicious fudge. And white chocolate M&Ms. Yays!
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New post, total E3 goodness. E3 finished yesterday with a bang of games and fun. Here's my post of E3 fun, with all of the games I'm interested in and what not.

Final Fantasy and the Playstation )

The Assassin's Creed )

Otacon! Where are the keys? )

RPGs for All: Disgaea2, Dawn of Mana, .hack//GU )

Ending Ramble and more links )

All in all, lots of fun as usual. I'm looking forward to all these new games! (Quick! Must finish all of the other ones first!)

News sites used for this post: IGN.com and 1up.com.


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