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A new Crisis Core trailer has been posted on YouTube.

FF7 Crisis Core Promo Trailer

I'm certainly going to have to get a PSP when that gets released. And the port of Final Fantasy Tactics, because that game is getting a new translation and a bit of a remake. It looks completely awesome.
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Just saw this today while checking out info on Crisis Core: Pictures of Square-Enix's booth at Comic-con. (Got the info from Crisis-Core.net.) Turns out Squeenix is opening a store for the US: Square-Enix Online Shop. Even if it's mail-order only, to get some of the keychains and whatnot at cheaper prices will be awesome. One picture before the one I linked above, shows keychains for three series with reasonable prices. Yeah, the look to bring their silver jewelry as well, but hopefully it will knock out some of the bootlegs I've seen for keychains and whatnot. The booth at Comic-con is selling some of them there now. I'm envious.

Also, go check out those pictures! If you were ever interested in seeing the oh-so-expensive Cloud and Sephiroth Masterpiece Arts figures, they've got them on display at Comic-con.

IGN Square-Enix Booth Pictures
Figures.com Playarts Pictures

(Which, by the way, the Crisis Core website just updated today with soundtrack info!!)

Also, Square-Enix's Japan Online store has a blog for what's being developed about about the retail location they have. Point of interest? The pictures being posted about the new Play Arts figures. (Which some are already on display as Coming Soon items at the booth at Comic-con.) They're coming out with the original Final Fantasy VII designs, including Cloud with the Hardy Daytona. I'm...sad to say that I would probably buy that version of Cloud as well, depending on how much I like the sculpt. And its looking like I will.
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New story video of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is up at GameVideos. In Japanese of course, but this is pretty much a given for it to be brought over. I might have to hijack a PSP so I can play this game. And see how much of the history they messed up with.
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Crisis Core has a trailer out now.

Of course, this is the same trailer that if you were a member of Square Enix's little online club, you could see it there too. (And you can join even if you can't read the language. I did that because I saw that there was a trailer for Crisis Core. :P)

Mostly cinematics of course, and some game play shown. I even think we see Kadaj's predecessor. But it is going to be awesome to play as Zack.


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