Apr. 17th, 2011 05:33 pm
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My car is clean!

Well mostly clean. There's a few places I'm having issues getting a vacuum cleaner to. And while some of the carpet is clean, it's still stained by coca-cola. >_<

And it's nice and shiny. Considering it's nice, dry, and windy, the car went to the car wash after my attempts to clean the carpet from the great sprite explosion.

It'll stay nice and shiny until my trees try to pollinate it again.
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Whew. Ok, I think I've added everything I've cleared out of my bookcases recently to my sale pages. There's a lot of stuff sitting in front of my TV right now, so I hope these find new homes soon.
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I've cleared a whole shelf of books off. And the re-arrange and clearing is still in progress. As such, there will be more books being added to the sale pages and to the free books page. Hopefully I can clear them out in a timely matter. I'd like the area in front of my TV back where I keep all my for sale books. Too many books are hanging on instead of being sold.
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I have a new mattress!! Several errands were ran this morning/afternoon and while they were expensive they were much needed. :) So I have a new pair of glasses on order, cause my optometrist was having a sale. My lenses made the order a little higher than the sale price, but $98 dollars for a new pair of glasses and lenses are pretty good compared to the $300 I spend usually.

And the mattress definitely was a costly purchase. I definitely noticed it was a lighter materials than the old mattress. My dad and I struggled to get the old one out of the door and the new one was no problem whatsoever. Got a protective cover on it now while the blankets are getting re-washed. (I washed them yesterday to deal with the fleas.)

A Petsmart employee suggested borax for treating the fleas on the carpet and other places in the house. Not the cats though, we picked up some Advantix flea stuff while we were there. The fleas are driving me nuts cause my cats will scratch them off onto me while I'm trying to sleep and I'll wake up feeling one on my face. And the ones that bite my legs and bah. Re-washing the blankets for my bed now and we'll get some borax for the rug and I'll spray around the desk. Die fleas!!!
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My arms are sore today. And that's because of all the work I did yesterday.

Yesterday was such a nice day that I decided to see if some yard work can be done. My dad wasn't at work for once, so we started cleaning up the front yard. Though getting the riding mower's battery recharged ended up draining the truck's battery, but thankfully my car was still here and we jumped the truck off, kept it running, and recharged both batteries.

I got to learn how to work the weed eater and I attacked the grass around the planters, the edge of the house, and the tiny sand hills dad couldn't mow. Thankfully I did remember to put sunscreen on about thirty minutes so my face is only a little bit redder than normal. We had a ton of clover that was trimmed yesterday.

The yard looks so much better. Its starting to look like someone lives here. I helped work on it for four hours yesterday and boy was I tired and hurting afterward. I did try to keep moving so my muscles wouldn't stiffen up. I think that helped cause I did feel much better later that night, and today is better than I was thinking.

Hopefully this upcoming weekend will be the same nice weather so we can finish up the backyard.

Oh! Besides my dad's car breaking down on Saturday (and we just found out today that boy is that repair bill going to be expensive!!), they bought an aircard that day before the car trouble. It's rather neat. We have a cell tower about a mile away and I can get great signal on the card. It's 3G. :D

The downside I see, besides the bill at $60 a month, is the 5GB a month data cap it has. So far I'm just borrowing it to visit things that a high speed connection is required. It's cooperating so far on mom's machine. Though I've had to fix the firewall to allow it twice. On my machine it loaded easily. I had it up and running in minutes. They're going to try it out for 30 days and make their decision before that. But its the only thing that has worked so far for broadband.
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Today is random 'clean up that mess of a shipping area' day. Which really means that I'm at least organizing the area where I keep all my boxes at. And found two more things to sell. :)
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The urge to do something other than read forums posts mean that I've started trimming out Japanese manga from my bookcase across from the computer. This is very dusty work.

If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, send pie!
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It's Discovery Sunday!

Four episodes of Mythbusters with at least four episodes of Destroyed in Seconds.

Awesome! Which was great to have in the background while I was cleaning up/rearranging some areas of my room. It's amazing how I move from "lets go unpack some of the doujinshi I had packed up for Ike" to "get rid of the printer cart to make room and dust off the shelves."

Annnnd a power blip. Thankfully, there's the LJ draft restore feature. ^_^
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So we're cleaning up inside the house still. The cats did leave a bit of a mess that I don't begrudge them for. And I keep finding things that I need to clean up near the wall that the rain was driven under. Still have to unpack books I packed up to save them. On the other hand, my room is definitely going to be cleaner in certain areas.

But finally! Today was the first time in five or six days that I had completely uninterrupted sleep. The only thing that woke me up was the alarm I set. That's it. Awesome.

Two days ago we saw a line of four Blackhawk helicopters fly by. That was interesting.

Hope everyone gets power back soon! My sister got her's back today.

ETA: Well we got some cleaning done today but I can't seem to focus enough to continue with my room arranging. Ah well. At least I got some poster measurements I've been meaning to do. And I need to figure out a good way to flatten out a poster that has crinkles in it from a trip (which are two I want framed). Now to get frames for them soon.
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So, my Malibu is a little bit cleaner. I realized that I've been stuck inside the house two days straight (counting today) and wanted a little sun. And I went to clean my car up a little bit. So now the caramelized sugar is off all the plastic parts I could find. And I tried a little bit to clean the upholstery on the ceiling and back window. Not too successful but I think the car looks cleaner now.

I still smell like cleaner. Bleah.

Also, new Revoltech series: Fraulein Revoltech 001 Rei (of course). Looks neat.
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So, after a fruitful shopping trip to Ikea yesterday with [ profile] sarcastic_elf, I am now starting to clean off a bookcase to put a new one in its place. And just the first shelf alone tells me this is going to be a doozy. This is the bookcase I've had for years, and as such, it was the first place I stuffed things to get them out of the way. There's another one next to it that has to move today too and that one's even worse. (Though I have made some effort to clean it in previous years.)

I have hopes to move two bookcases, take out my dresser and replace it with a shelving stand and have a place to hopefully put most of my books. (Need to sell some.) It's going to be a busy day and why did I get a late start on it...


*runs off to clean while trying not to sneeze at the layers of dust*

ETA: Well, it's midnight and I have to stop working. The two bookcases are clean and out of the way...mostly. The table is full of books and small figures. The chairs are full of miscellany that I need to sort through (and buy organizers since some of this stuff is jewelry and costume items). I'm using one moved bookcase to hold the books from the other bookcase and so on. Oh god do I need to sell/get rid of some books. I'm highly tempted to recycle all of the Asuka and Chara magazines I have on hand since June is too far away to wait to sell them.

And I just found my first known duplicate purchase - of Terry Brook's Shanara series. I have purchased newer versions of books I now know that I already own. And I thought I sold my two books of the Wheel of Time series but I'm looking at them right now. So those are going to be sold off. And the hardcovers of a Mercedes Lackey series that if I want to re-read (which I did like that one...mostly) I can buy the paperbacks for cheap. (If I don't have them already buried somewhere...) And I DID buy V for Vendetta! I thought I did!!

I have a feeling that I'm going to be sorting books and finishing Tuesday. There's a dresser still to be moved and taken to storage, two bookcases to be put together and arranged while hoping that they all fit. Then moving all the books and figures and what not around. Erg. So much dust... But Traby is put together and it's looking good so far. I think I am going to have to get that second section of it to put the game consoles in... I think.
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After all those times where I say I need to clean my bag, I'm actually working on it.

You can tell it's been with me during a cold recently. Tissues, cough drops, and a bottle of Robitussin is still in there. What was surprising...was the tea leaves all over the bottom of the bag. What I had forgot about was the ziplock that had the three tea bags was appropiated for something else during A-kon. And I folded the tea bags in a napkin and stuffed it in my bag. And promptly forgot about it. Two are still intact but one has definitely spilled its guts.

But I did find the free bookmarks I got during the convention that I feared I had left behind. So yay!

Back to the bag cleaning.
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So my orange-ish cat is now nicely brushed. Too bad my black shirt is now covered in beige cat hairs.


So...other thing is, if I make another fic rec post (I've done them twice before, it's just been a while), does any one not want to see it? Just curious. It's going to have mostly yaoi/slash recs (though there might be a few normal ones) and cover games, some anime and Harry Potter. ^_^ I got one I'm working on right now, but I'll probably post it after summer school is over with.

Also, is it sad that I'm really looking forward to cleaning out the boxes behind my chair? And putting them into containers? Because I'm so looking forward to that.


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