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I had an interesting dream this morning.

The clearest parts were I was walking in a group and they were complaining of running around so late at night. I just started jogging to get away from them. Then we were in our uniforms, something like navy uniforms, at lesson about echo location and trying to find something important. I think it was being taught by Will Turner but it wasn't a succesful lesson because they couldn't find what they were after. So class was dismissed and I ran around the nearby rooms with my jacket undone. (I remember that part really well.) There was a man in a room complaining but I just walked by.

Caught the elevator, went up a floor, then ended up following a group of people who were pushing their way through the students. There were so many people on that floor who were wandering around or heading to classes. All wearing similiar uniforms to what I was, though I did see a few who were wearing the blue uniform the army was wearing in Fullmetal Alchemist. The group I was following started making a scene, declaring themselves captain and getting people to salute them as they walked by. I knew they weren't though. I threw a salute at an officer as I passed and saw the group wander into a room, but I kept walking down the now clearing hallways.

After that, the walkway was clear and I tried going into a room but ended up in the hallway again. Don't remember much after that but I think I remembered the real captain showing up, Jack Sparrow, after chasing after the kidnappers that took me.

Why I dreamed this, I dunno. But the third Star Wars movie was playing pretty loud in the other room. And my brother, who's visiting, was talking about Pirates of the Carribean 2 last night. I liked it though, was a sorta modern day take on PotC. ^_^
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