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The Wind Waker Commentary! Spoilers galore! And the end! )

I will have to say, Twilight Princess is still my favorite Zelda game so far, but The Wind Waker would be in a very close 2nd place I think. A Link to the Past in 3rd place with Majora's Mask. Its been rather a long time since playing those last two though.

The Wind Waker is rather cute! The only downside for this game was the sheer amount of sailing we had to do. Yeah, the Ballad of Gales really cut it down halfway through the game, but it was still a lot. There's something nice about being able to just choose your destination and sail your boat there whichever way you want, but it got old really fast. The length of time really killed it for me I think. It had a nice storyline though. Lots of side quests to do. But a pretty good game. I wonder how Phantom Hourglass handles this story. Is it an alternate take on The Wind Waker? Hmm.

I'll probably play the second time through to finish up the figurines but its going to be a while I think.
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Ha. Didn't think y'all were going to see this when I said, huh? :P

The Wind Waker commentary. Might be a bit spoilery?? )
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Hmm, been a little bit since I updated, huh? A second Twilight Princess run through, City of Heroes, and a few websites have been eating my time...when I'm not out with friends on the weekend. ^_^

So! Regarding City of Heroes Issue 12:

Video has been released today about the Villain Epic Archtypes. I hope to actually be able to watch the video this weekend. (Curse my internets.) Supposedly there is more information being released later today. (ETA: New link now. The original site deleted the video because they don't carry game trailers. Someone messed up there.)

Massively.com's Exclusive Over Villain Epic Archtypes

Oh! And the Rikti invasion starts tomorrow and goes through the 24th. (I'm still highly amused that story-wise we know these invasions in advance.) They had to move this month's invasion a week earlier since the event code would conflict with the anniversary coding. Wonder what they're going to do besides the buying slots on servers thing? And you know, a badge. Though I don't need to buy any slots with the three I get from vet rewards and the two free ones.

As for Twilight Princess, yeah I know what y'all are thinking. Why am I playing through this game again? Especially since I just beat it a week or so ago. Well, it's just that awesome. ^_^ I really like the story and I'm finding things I missed on the first play through.

Running through it again so far has been fun and a little faster dungeon-wise since I remember parts of it. (Water dungeon was still highly annoying but better this time around.) I hope to get the Cave of Ordeals done before defeating the game this time around. But right now, I'm just before Snowpeak, and I've been hunting Poe's souls, pieces of hearts, and uh...fishing. It's kinda fun to go fishing in this game. ^_^

I do have Wind Waker pulled out and ready to play though when I finish Twilight Princess. :P
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Victoly! Finished Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Man, that was awesome.

Finale! Comments and summary major, major spoilery within! This post is long! )

Twilight Princess comes very, very highly recommended. I really enjoyed playing it. The story was really great and well executed. Probably why I plowed through it so fast. I'm a sucker for good stories. I think I finished the game at 50 hours or so. I don't remember exactly and I would have to load the game back up to check. But this is exactly what I was waiting for. Too bad I waited so long to play it.

Seriously, I don't know how this plays on the Wii but the GameCube version was great. Now if they would release a soundtrack for the game. *pokes Nintendo* The great guide I used for this game is here.
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Phew. Two days of playing in this post. I was too tired the last two nights to type it up. :>

Of course, what would a Zelda game be without some kinda of plot twist? Or seven to eight dungeons... Spoilery within!!! )
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Day 2 of playing. :> 12 Hours in I think.

More commentary/summary. Spoilery within. )

Also, this commentary is more summarizing than some of the other commentary I've done. Probably because I'm doing this after I play and not during. If that's not good for those reading it, I can switch to one more like the So: comments, and other previous commentaries. :>

Though, the more I play Twilight Princess, the more if feels like a far future sequel of Ocarina of Time.
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Woo! Here we go. The Commentary begins!

Zelda Commentary Within. Browse at your spoilery risk. )
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The poll winner: Zelda!

I just started Twilight Princess up and man is it so nice to playing Zelda again. When I was playing Ocarina of Time, I would find Epona and just run around Hyrule with her for a while. Always such great fun. And in Twilight Princess, Epona is with you from the start! Excellent. :>

Though when I started up Zelda, I thought for certain my Cube was bad. It wouldn't read Zelda or Smash Bros Melee or Crystal Chronicles. I knew it worked before because I was playing Smash Bros on it. But it's been a while since I played my Cube. Gently blowing air from a can of air over the inside of the Cube where you put the disc in seemed to do the trick. Whew. I didn't want to have to call up Nintendo or try to find another Cube.


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