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Well, can't make it into work. My main route into work is still shut down around an underpass and other areas. Been told to just stay home. The store got a lot of water. Books are ruined. And so on as usual for that part of the village. Annoying but it happens. We didn't expect so much rain, and didn't think of it, so everything was still on the floor.

Darn, I had almost finished that stack of boxes from the convention too.

Drive safely those who are still out there in all this water. Be careful driving home.

Power woes

May. 17th, 2007 02:54 pm
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I was so, so close to having a half day today. So close.

Just before 1pm, the power went out. I went to check if the next door restaurant still had power and found out the entire street was down. Then it came back up as I was walking back into the store. So, okay, that's abnormal but it happens. A little bit later the power blipped, then went out totally a few minutes after that. Checked again with restaurant and found out the entire street was out again. So while explaining the situation to my coworker, who had just come back from an errand, I saw a plume of black smoke off in the near distance.

Being the curious sort, we decided to go to Walgreens while trying to check out if we could see where the smoke was coming from. Turns out the entire village is out of power. And the smoke was further than we wanted to walk. So I call [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf to see if she could find out anything. And heard it from a worker in the salon next door that there was a major substation for the area on fire. The words 'fire ball' and 'explosion' were used. And its not just the village but a much larger area out of power.

So we hung around a bit more, had the door propped open for the cool air, and put up a sign for us being closed. As we were considering leaving for the day a little after 2pm, the power came back up.


And we seem to be the only street up with power in the village (though that has probably changed in the last ten minutes since there was a power truck in the street). We found this out by calling around for open places that had food. And I walked down the street to the corner to see if we were the only part of the street with power.
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So today at the anime store...

There was a guy who looked at our rental DVD hentai shelf for two to three HOURS!! Very nice guy (only kinda creepy), only asked me two questions. But he went through our entire shelf very slowly. I think he was reading the back and deciding on what hentai he wanted to rent.

Our boss is not allowed to leave for Vietnam again. Seriously. We've had all sorts of minor catastrophes this last two weeks.
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Today was long. Very, very long.

-A black Jetta nearly hit me today while trying to force his way around me and into the lane I was moving into. I got my petty revenge seeing two SUVs try to hurry him along so they could go faster.
-It rained. A lot.
-So much so, that the store nearly flooded not once but twice. It drained off the first time, and we thought we were okay. Then at nearly 5pm a heavy thunderstorm pushed through with high winds, heavy rain, and tiny hail. And flooded the street again.
-We apparently need a 'no wake zone' sign for when the street floods. I think a truck sped up while we were outside staring at them driving through.
-I got soaked trying to move my car before the street flooded it the first time.
-Some guy was very pissy about our lack of certain artbooks.

It was just a long day. Coupled with our weekly book shipment, which was just a bit stressful with all the customers around, and worry about whether we were going to flood or not... Yeah. Got two figures I've been waiting for (though I'll have to purchase one of them next week) and a book. And squishy Super Mario mushrooms.

I'm going to sneak in some City of Heroes playing then catch some sleep.


Mar. 3rd, 2007 03:36 pm
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Dear customer,

Saying "Well, at least I returned it," for your two month late rentals doesn't count if we've already replaced all but one of them.

No love,

Year End

Dec. 31st, 2006 07:18 pm
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Happy New Year!

(I'm posting this now, since I have a feeling I will forget later. ^_^ Even though there's fireworks going off in my area already.)

I'll file 2006 under "okay". Not bad, but not all good. I was really wondering about my classes at one point, but I did manage to pull off some decent and even some good grades. (Apparently I write papers well at the last minute.) Got lots of books. Slowed down on game purchases some. Have awesome friends. And got to visit my favorite stores often. ^_^ I can't remember some of the bad parts of this year.

Work's doing well and I was shocked by my boss's remark that he doesn't like how the customers are treating us. I thought that was normal for our customers and for retail around this time of year. Huh. I do know we hate several customers. (Now there's a new one on the dislike/hate list that I call Mr. Idiot. Remember the post I had about knowing so much about anime? Well, said customer came by yesterday and returned three discs and tried to exchange two others. Which that would have worked if they were shrinkwrapped. So we got to tell him no on those. But highly annoying after all that. I hate it when customers don't let me know that they no longer want the item they ordered AFTER I have ordered it for them. Especially on items that do not sell well at the store.) So yeah. It's improving a bit. We'll see how it goes in the new year.

So stay home, drink whatever, and enjoy the upcoming new year. Or go out and drink with a designated driver.

(Woo! It's calendar changing time!)
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Ahahah. Today I had one of those library of knowledge moments at work.

A customer came in and asked about ordering about five to six different series. I not only was able to tell him the license status of the series (as I knew at that time), but if it was released who had released it, how many DVDs it had and if it was possibly out of print. All without looking anything up. I also got to tell him the status of one series that 4Kids had that we won't see the DVDs of, which took me a minute because when he asked for Tokyo Mew Mew I was thinking of Taruto. (Magical animal girls vs little cat girls....same difference. ^_^) I did have to look for some of the series he was looking for on our shelves to make sure they hadn't sold during the rush of sales this week. But wow...

Why can't my brain work this way for school?!


I'm beginning to think that anime has ruined me for 'normal' work. ^_^ Though I was pleasantly surprised that he did buy a lot after asking about so much. Good day again at the store today.

Though I'm wondering why when its raining and cold outside that every bit of dry skin on me is screaming for lotion. *itch itch*
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No, stupid customers. I cannot price match EBAY!

It is an auction site! You don't ask retailers to price match an auction site!



Nov. 23rd, 2006 11:16 am
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Happy Eating Day!

And also, those stores that are opening at 5a.m. on Friday, do they even think of the employees that have to get up even earlier to be there on time? Yeesh. Poor people.

Thankfully, our store shall open at its regular time. And if my boss isn't there on Friday, then I'm going to have to make the decision on what sale we're running.


Nov. 16th, 2006 01:39 pm
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I need to pay a lot closer attention when I'm trying to order series that has similar names or the exact same name as a comic book series.

*shakes fist at Loveless comic series*

I wonder if I can sell the two wrongly ordered Loveless v. 1 trade's at a comic book store for the same price I got it for.


Oct. 18th, 2006 02:48 am
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Today I realized that humanity is disgusting.

Flood, flood, flood, oh noes stuff! )

Meanwhile, at my home, I got a moat right now. Unfortunately it is covering my driveway, but with careful driving, I can escape. Hopefully it will drain tomorrow or so. The curve in the road that had running water over it has one lane dry now. So very soon I will have lawn again.


Sep. 30th, 2006 08:13 pm
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I can't wait until Monday at 10pm. Current project will be turned in then. Then I can play without feeling guilty about project.

Also, didn't get hardly anything done at work today except for helping customers. No inventory. *sigh* Been not feeling up to doing it since Thursday. So exhausted and my arms/hands been bothering me muchly while working on it. So monday or tuesday, I should be good again. Hopefully.
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So, Today? You suck. Really. No paycheck still, inventory going on, and not good news being announced. Bah.

And to add insult to injury, I powered up my machine and found that its in league with my PS2. I got a disk read error after the Bios recognized all of the drives. Two restarts later managed to get Windows loaded. So... I'm copying data across to the new drive. One of the partitions might get a Windows install very, very soon.

Doing better in my exercises though. Jogged just a little section longer and I'm slowly getting better in doing sit ups.

Now to read my I/O Psychology chapter and play City of Heroes (now on another drive) later.

Btw, happy Talk like a Pirate Day...for the hour left in our timezone.


Jun. 7th, 2006 11:46 pm
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Woah...so tired.

So a quick post to say that I'll be at A-kon tomorrow. So yay.

(OMG, so hurty and tired. Unpacked and put up 25ish boxes of books from Anime Boston on Monday, helped unpacked and sorted 20 boxes of books then packed up 12 boxes on Tuesday, then today was finish packing books from yesterday (12 boxes), unpacked five boxes from regular wednesday shipment, packed them into a box, checked in eight box shipment from another vendor, packed the books in that one into another box, then packed three boxes of yaoi books and two artbook boxes.... Only to help unpack this all tomorrow and Friday.)

Finished my take home test though. Didn't even really look at anything to look up stuff, because by the time I was going to look at my notes to double check something, I couldn't find the damn thing anyway.

Oh so hurty. Took the test without the helpy gloves since they were in the wash. So that, compounded with the above, equals very achy hands and arms. (Along with leg muscles and what not.)

Oh well. I hope the personal stuff I'm bringing up sells well.

Okay, not so quick post. Bah.


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