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Long time no write! :)

Yeah, I'm bad about updating this lately. Happy Chinese New Year!

My area has a chance of snow tonight/tomorrow morning. Second or third winter in a row which is odd. Let's see if it happens. I don't plan to go out cause well it's Texas and no one knows how to drive on ice/snow in this area. I did my errands today already. And I have some Subway for later. :)

Stay warm everyone, and hopefully the damage in Australia from Yasi wasn't too much.

Heck ya!

Aug. 16th, 2010 04:56 pm
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I took my final today for the Access 2007 online class I was taking. I managed an 85! My mind blanked annoyingly on a few things so yeah. But considering I didn't managed to get all that much study time, and that it was the highest test score for the entire semester, I'm pleased with that.

Now to wait and see what I got for the entire semester. I was at a B before the last three chapters and the final.

And awesomely, some rain decided to make its appearance. The day went from 102 degrees to 86. Awesome :D


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:56 am
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Happy fourth of July!

And it's not raining today much so we can actually have fireworks. (Though I'm betting my neighborhood would find a way anyway.)

My backyard and parts of my front yard is still mostly flooded but the water level is going down. Yay! However the cacophony of frogs at night is annoying. There are apparently a LOT of frogs out there now.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have rain!

Well actually we have the rain bands brought in by hurricane Alex. Hurricanes are fascinating weather events. Considering Ike was nearly two years ago, I'm glad this one went south of us. And she brought in a lot of tropical air so we're really rainy right now. My county's under a flood watch. Though I wonder if we'll clear up in time for the 4th. Though maybe it will stop the idiots from firing guns on my street to celebrate. Maybe.

Summer school continues apace. My first test was yesterday and while I studied more about the database structure than what was on the test, I did end up with a 82.5, so not bad at all.


Dec. 4th, 2009 09:13 am
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It's snowing here! Big fat flakes with some rain still mixed in. :D

Two years in a row! That's a record. Makes me wonder a bit what kind of winter we're going to have with snow this early.
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December! The month of holidays and cold. Lots of cold. Do you know our highs here are supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow? 40s! I should finally get a winter coat this year.

I wonder what kind of sweet I should give away with my christmas cards this year. Two people on my list can't eat wheat. Hmm, maybe rice crispie treats again...

And book list while I'm posting.

Book-y list! But still short. )
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Well, my nets are back. Our phone was turned back on Thursday but I didn't get back on the internets until that evening cause I wanted to finish reading something first.

Though I didn't really read many books. Just cleaned up my harddrive, read a bunch of fanfiction, and watched movies.

Today is freaking hot. The bank temperature as I passed it was 101 degrees. This was at noon. Thankfully I got to sit in the shade while I waited for my car to get inspected.

I had wondered about the ice cream I was taking home. Whether it would melt before I got home but it survived!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Many fireworks shall be exploded to celebrate.
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Wow! Rain! Holy crap it rained at my house. I don't think we've seen in quite a while. Our burn ban just got re-instated and its been way too damn hot here.

I read that Farrah Fawcett died. And just found out about Micheal Jackson. From the Weather Channel of all channels. Not a good day really.
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And so it rained. And rained. And rained.

That's our area for you. We may get droughts but wait for the stalled front or random tropical storm/hurricane and we're good on rain for a little bit.

Kinda ruined my plans to go out today, but hey I got some reading done.

Think I'll head out tomorrow. Get some usual Saturday stuff done on Sunday.
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I betting the wild flowers that had sprung up already around here are thinking they've been had. I mean we have Indian Paintbrushes, Blue Bonnets, buttercups, and those tiny white/purple flowers already blooming. Azalea bushes have been blooming. We were in SPRING! (For southeast Texas anyways.)

Apparently not. It was 48 degrees when I drove in for my chiropractor appointment this morning. 48 degrees! Our high today is predicted to be 50 degrees.

Meh. However, we do need this rain as we're under a burn ban. We finally got more than just sprinkling last night.

Also, I've mentioned this before on this journal about other LiveJournals' being hijacked. [livejournal.com profile] news has finally posted about this. Please read it. Especially if you ever used Hotmail for LiveJournal.
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What? It's cold again? Man.

I was looking forward to wearing sandals again today. And it was all warm-ish yesterday too. But nicely windy. Just right really.

Apparently I need to get a pair of shoes I like wearing just as much as my sandals.
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I'm annoyingly not acclimating to this cold weather. But hey, I just have to wait a couple of days and bang, we're back in the 70s.

I wonder why I'm having problems with that then.

Meh. Sadly, it's only a problem when I go jogging.

Also! Tea lattes. Delicious. Starbuck's have their three and Borders' Seattle Best cafe has their three. So far, the green tea ones from both of them are delicious.
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Cold front is COLD!

We're getting tiny ice falling here at the moment. But the ground's warm still so it's just melting. Which is probably a good thing since well, we're not the snow types here. So obviously we can't drive in snow/ice nor even rain. Time to dig around here and see if there's hot chocolate packets somewhere.

Funny thing is that I was jogging last night when this front came in. I was worried about the dark skies and so I picked up the pace. Then strong gusts of wind that was COLD started blowing. Since I was without my jacket as it was humid and warm when I started, I ended up hurrying to my car and not finishing the rest of the track. I was close to finishing though so I didn't mind too much. And I didn't want to make my recovering cold worse. Guess I don't get to go today. Too cold.

Stay warm! We'll probably be back in the seventies in like four days.
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Hmm, rainy today, huh? Will be the same tomorrow. And then cold this weekend. Yaaaaaay! Scarf weather!

Also, I do believe Twilight fandom is starting to exceed the craziness of the Harry Potter fandom a little. I just saw [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's post about it here: Crowd forces event to be canceled. Here's the news link: here. Look! Groupthink in action. Or mob mentality. Whatever works for you.
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Oh look! A tropical storm is heading our way. It should be raking across us tomorrow I think. Maybe going inland then. Though they're predicting across Houston and Galveston.

Well, as long as it stays a tropical storm, we'll be good. Just got to weigh down the garbage cans so they don't blow away. Dad's thinking of moving the new lawnmower to the truckbed because where it usually is can flood a bit. He's got to go in early tomorrow too because he's apart of the support teams. (They're the last ones to leave when hurricanes landfall before the emergency crew.)

Be careful of the flooding, everyone. We know how tropical storms like to dump a ton of rain in Houston.
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Ha! All my talk of packing up my winter(ish) clothes has worked!

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Well, can't make it into work. My main route into work is still shut down around an underpass and other areas. Been told to just stay home. The store got a lot of water. Books are ruined. And so on as usual for that part of the village. Annoying but it happens. We didn't expect so much rain, and didn't think of it, so everything was still on the floor.

Darn, I had almost finished that stack of boxes from the convention too.

Drive safely those who are still out there in all this water. Be careful driving home.
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Guess what, we're number 53 on the Weather Channel's 100 Biggest Weather Moments.

#53: The First Domed Stadium - Houston, TX

It's been a pretty neat show. They're picking 100 moments in history that weather has affected or big inventions for weather forcasting and important people. It was weird seeing footage for seventy's bowl game and seeing the UH Cougars football team. The show has been spread out over several days. Tonight's numbers #55 to #34.
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Does that temperature seem wrong to you? Because it is! That's the temperature right now. In Houston. Texas. You know... the South. Also near the coast.

We get to blame Canada for this one.

I had to break out my coat and scarf again. Good thing they weren't put up yet but residing in the trunk of my car.

ETA: From the weather bulletin: "A WARM FRONT WILL SURGE BACK NORTH MONDAY WITH A DRAMATIC WARMUP TO FOLLOW." So we'll be back to normal on Tuesday. Go fig.
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Today was long. Very, very long.

-A black Jetta nearly hit me today while trying to force his way around me and into the lane I was moving into. I got my petty revenge seeing two SUVs try to hurry him along so they could go faster.
-It rained. A lot.
-So much so, that the store nearly flooded not once but twice. It drained off the first time, and we thought we were okay. Then at nearly 5pm a heavy thunderstorm pushed through with high winds, heavy rain, and tiny hail. And flooded the street again.
-We apparently need a 'no wake zone' sign for when the street floods. I think a truck sped up while we were outside staring at them driving through.
-I got soaked trying to move my car before the street flooded it the first time.
-Some guy was very pissy about our lack of certain artbooks.

It was just a long day. Coupled with our weekly book shipment, which was just a bit stressful with all the customers around, and worry about whether we were going to flood or not... Yeah. Got two figures I've been waiting for (though I'll have to purchase one of them next week) and a book. And squishy Super Mario mushrooms.

I'm going to sneak in some City of Heroes playing then catch some sleep.


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