Oct. 20th, 2009 12:13 pm
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Dear body,

Please stop trying to get sick.


Not much going on. I started feeling lousy and warm yesterday. And my throat's bothering me a little bit. Today continues the trend. Meh.

I have found my small pumpkin for this year. :D It's a tiger pumpkin with cream colored skin and green stripes with orange sneaking in at the bottom. Really pretty. Right now it's undecorated.
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Oh goody.

Okay, sinuses, whatever spicy food I ate last night is not a go ahead signal to bring back my annoying cough. Seriously. I'm back using cough medicine again. Oh yay. Trying to control this before it redevelops my cold again. Then again, the sinuses draining really didn't ever stop. It just lessened enough so my cough went mostly away. *sigh*

And a new development in my computer equipment. My Palm won't charge. Before you laugh, a Palm is a computer so there. :P And one I use often. I plug the cord in and no charging is happening. It's been finicky on particular cord angles needed to charge ever since it fell with the cord plugged in, but if I can't charge it, I have to get it fixed. The battery only lasts so long. And it's half down already. I wonder if I can pop it open somewhere and take a look.

The Zire 72s I believe are still around and maybe cheaper than when I bought mine. I bought this particular one when the model was just introduced. But I really do not want to buy a new Palm. I rather get this one fixed. ETA: Hehe, well, yeah once again I'm behind technology. Zire now only has the Zire 22 model. Looks like the Zire 72 model has been phased out. Oh goody. Though I did see some at Frys last year. So that's pretty recent I think.

Add that to the computer freezes I'm getting randomly, with the power supply fans being louder than they should be sometimes and who knows if any of the other fans are trying to die... Yeah, the computer gods really do not like me much.

ETA2: Bingo! It's the charger. Which can be replaced easily. Thank goodness. I forgot that my mom got a Zire 72 after I did, but she's not using it. So if mine ever died I can probably get hers. :> But I tested the charger on it, and it didn't charge at first. But twisting the plug around a bit got it to charge again. And it works like that on my Palm. So, yeah, the charger.
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Ha. Ha. Ha.

Okay, first up: Issue 13 is Live on the City of Heroes servers. Yay for that one. Also, can't wait to mess with the new costumes.

Buuuut, it was crashing quite a few people and so they shutdown the servers for 45mins to push an emergency hotfix. So now everybody and their cousin is trying to connect to the patching server and the servers themselves and yeah, not that many are going to get through.

Annoying thing about it, and yeah I'm one of those trying to get the hotfix patch downloaded so I can go play, I spent five to six hours today downloading the 52MB patch I needed before logging on. I'm hearing it's an 8MB patch. So about a hour more. IF I can connect and actually get it tonight. So I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow to play. Bugger. I at least got 20 minutes of I13 played. And filed two bug reports while playing. Heh.

In a positive point, I finished watching E's Otherwise. My open ending, let me show it to you. It's rather neat. Though I'm not sure if I would buy the DVDs. Maybe if it's a fantastic sale or something. But I did like it. Now if Yen Press or someone can finish up the E's manga now that Broccoli's US side is shutting down. And I can see how the manga went versus the anime. Because the manga just ended.

Also, to annoy me muchly before my birthday, I'm sick with a cold. Go me. Thanks, body. The sinus part is really, really annoying.
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Oh goody, it is a stomach virus-thing. Dad managed to go back to work today, and he found out that a guy at his workplace just had that with his family. So yay. :<

Um, if I got anyone sick from this past weekend, I am so, so sorry. Seriously. This stuff sucks. But it does seem to be getting better today. Though now its accompanied with sore muscles. Of course, the ever present headache is still here. Though I did get a lot of sleep last night.

I was feeling better enough last night to just sit at my computer and play CoH for a little bit. Made my scrapper's Halloween costume. I'm running around as an Ouroboros Mender with batwings. ^_^ Too bad the belts and shoulder armor are signature items or I'd have those on my character too.

I'm attempting solid food (read: crackers) today and chicken broth. Jello is still my friend.
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I hate you stomach virus-whatever this is. I hate you so. Ugh, I've spent more time in bed today than out. I think. And this really, really annoying persistant headache won't go away.

Thank goodness for jello. It's the most substantial thing I've really eaten all day. Except for those two pieces of candy. Hopefully I won't regret those.

And now, chicken broth.

This stuff better be over with quickly. If not, doctor on wednesday.
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Erg. Just spent the last two days sick. Some kind of cold that got me fast and seems to be going just as fast. I've gotten so much sleep in the last two days...

Still feel tired and out of it, but I think I can make it to work tomorrow. I ended up taking a day off during our usual shipment day. It was a small one though so hopefully it wasn't too bad.

First time I've been on the computer since I got sick. Now I'm all caught up with my flist and luckily [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes has been slow lately.

Without clicking on spoilerly posts, I'm hearing Order of the Phoenix is a good movie. We'll see it on Friday. ^_^ Just remember when you see it, this director is also doing Half-Blood Prince. From what I'm hearing, maybe the seventh movie will be done by him too. (Or Cueron.) A new scriptwriter for the series outside of Kloves might help it. Can't wait to see the movie!

(Btw, still out of it, so if this post is a bit weird, you can understand why.)
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Hee, I have updated my City of Heroes gallery. With Issue 8 being released, Faultline was put underconstruction and renovated (among other things). Most of it is still a mess, but there's some neat new parts. I took a few screenshots and they're uploaded here.

In other City of Heroes news: the Winter event looks like it's going live. And like the Valentine's event of last year, they're doing another Hero/Villain team up.

Also, still sick, but slowly getting better. My sinuses don't seem to hate me so much today, but I also felt lousy most of the day. I 'worked' half a day I think. And I use worked loosely. I couldn't concentrate much so I was distracted a lot. I might be able to swing a full workday Friday.


Dec. 12th, 2006 11:30 am
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I had to call in sick to work today. I'm heavily congested and have a sore throat with a little bit of a cough. (Just wait until that turns into a heavier cough with congestion...) I'll be back tomorrow though. I left a table full of yaoi books that need to be put up. And our shipments are arriving tomorrow. Though a sick day is so what I wanted during July 4th but couldn't since no one else was capable of opening the store.

M'not sure who I can blame for this one. But my parents are both recovering from being sick (Mom's still a bit sick). Probably them, and my complete lack of getting good sleep lately.

Off to lounge and catch up on sleep (if my throat and cough will let me). At least school's done with now. Just need to get an appt with my counselor for classes next semester and sell my book.


Jul. 5th, 2006 02:40 pm
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The world is so blah when you are sick.

(Have completed week 1. Now on 2nd day of week 2. What is this? The flu or something? Yeesh.)

That is all.
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Finally finished Psych 1300 today. Took my final and the third exam today and I believe I did decently. Would of liked to study more but I was stupid last Sunday and got sidetracked by fic so I was running up to the wire to finish reading the chapters and test on them. Get to see what my score for the tests are tomorrow.

Bah, my nose got into the act last night. I really didn't enjoy trying to sleep at 2am, waking up at 2:40am with a coughing fit that continued off and on until 3:40am or so. Finally got some sleep after that. Whew. Got to see an episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig. Nice dub. Need to watch the first season still though.

ETA: OMG, Death Note/Hikaru no Go artbook just came in. So beautiful!


Jun. 28th, 2006 09:52 pm
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Help! Lungs and sinuses and throat are in war with each other!

Please send tea, kthxbai.

(Also, voice is so not happy with me.)

ETA: Apparently, the sinuses have now upped the ante. Little bastards. But, now I have honey for tea.
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Okay, summer colds suck. Especially when I have tons of unpacking/packing to do for Anime Expo and school finishing this week on Thursday. And I'm watching the store by myself for the weekend and part of the next week.


So, I heard on the news radio that J.K. Rowling is going to kill off two characters in book 7, and it might possibly even be Harry. She wants to end the series in a way that no non-author sequels can happen. So I figure Harry and possibly Snape will bite it. Unless she's saying that to mess with our minds. ^_^


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