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Aug. 16th, 2010 04:56 pm
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I took my final today for the Access 2007 online class I was taking. I managed an 85! My mind blanked annoyingly on a few things so yeah. But considering I didn't managed to get all that much study time, and that it was the highest test score for the entire semester, I'm pleased with that.

Now to wait and see what I got for the entire semester. I was at a B before the last three chapters and the final.

And awesomely, some rain decided to make its appearance. The day went from 102 degrees to 86. Awesome :D
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Have you ever had the sensation that you're forgetting something, and then realize that it's a section of homework that was required to do? And you already turned in the chapter work just minutes before?

Cause I had that today. I'm working on the section now, but man am I kicking myself for not double checking like I tend to.


ETA: Double gah!! This is a database class and we're using this city called Berls. I've been reading it as Beris all semester! It's in my database as Beris. I just realized today it's Berls. WTH. Brain, what is wrong with you?
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have rain!

Well actually we have the rain bands brought in by hurricane Alex. Hurricanes are fascinating weather events. Considering Ike was nearly two years ago, I'm glad this one went south of us. And she brought in a lot of tropical air so we're really rainy right now. My county's under a flood watch. Though I wonder if we'll clear up in time for the 4th. Though maybe it will stop the idiots from firing guns on my street to celebrate. Maybe.

Summer school continues apace. My first test was yesterday and while I studied more about the database structure than what was on the test, I did end up with a 82.5, so not bad at all.
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OKies, looks like the preliminary grades have been posted for this semester. There's a chance for the professors to change them still but I looked anyways.

So my grades for this last semester? One B for the senior Project Manangement class, an A for my Intrusion Detection and Incident Response class, and an A- for the Current Issues in Technology Leadership class (which was also the one where I had the five essay test in that hurt my arm writing so much).

So Yay! Excellent grades for the last semester. Once I get my diploma I will be officially graduated. Now back to cleaning out my school paperwork and other sundry.
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Woo! Just found out my grade for my senior project management class: a solid B. Awesome.

So, one grade left to find out from the other finished class and one final to take. Yay!

Near Miss

Nov. 29th, 2007 07:33 pm
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Aw fuck.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you times infinity to the anonymous student(s) who left my flash drive there bundled up on top of the computer I was using in the lab versus taking it along with them.

I can't believe I left it there. I can't believe its still here after three and a half hours. That had a lot of data on it from my classes and what not. I didn't even realize it was gone until I made a second trip back to the lab and chose the computer I was sitting at previously. And there it was.


Lot of data on that drive, which while I backed up this morning in a fit of paranoidness, would have not been good to have stolen.

Well, good thing for today, which was not so good just ten minutes ago. And I'm sure I ruined two girls' night when I guessed how old they were at 20, when they were 16. Why are they asking anyway. When I told them my age they both said that I didn't look that old. Stay out of the sun peoples!

Test wasn't good. When I was studying, it was okay. But I blanked out on two of the questions and I know I'm going to lose points on one of them. Darn essay questions. It's finished, but I'm not happy about it. And I can't seem to find my professor from my other class so I can give the last part of the project over to him.

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Aw it figures.

Issue 11 for City of Heroes is live. It went live yesterday, the busiest day of the semester for me. But that's okay. After today's final, I'll be home and taking on the Envoy of Shadows again.

I'll just let the inevitable download for the extra patches to happen while I'm at the test. (Thank goodness the issue patch download finished earlier this week.)

Now to study for the test this afternoon.

P.S. Feel so much damn better now that I have sleep. I'm glad I took today off of work to do that and study.


Nov. 28th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Survived major presentation. Oh man I'm tired. Had lunch at 12:30pm. Just had dinner. Thank goodness professor had candy for us at the presentation.

Did okay on it. Was completely last minute on the powerpoint and pulling the documentation together. But its done. Have to run the CDs of the project by tomorrow or Friday, but that'll be done.

Now I can get a bit of sleep before the final tomorrow. Which thankfully I have that day off work to study for the test.

Erg. Going to get some sleep shortly. Finally.
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Whew. Well, that paper's done. Not the greatest paper really. It kinda sucked. But something was better than nothing. Took up some mp3s and headphones and used the tech computer lab to work on the rest of the paper. Really couldn't concentrate yesterday. But its turned in now.

So, work tomorrow, project meeting tomorrow, get paid tomorrow. Thanksgiving on Thursday. Renfest on Friday (wooooo!). Probably project meeting on Saturday. Project, project, project. Presentation on Wednesday. (Better make at least a C in this class.) Final for one class on Thursday.

Then December. Final on December 11th. Graduation on the 14th.

Whew. Almost there.
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Dear self,

Put the ficjournal down.


P.S. Oh, and write on your paper. You know, the one that's due on Tuesday.

Procrastination, thy name is Jennifer.


I'm going to have to close the browsers soon, if only to not be tempted by the internets. Mmmh, internets.


Sep. 20th, 2007 08:25 pm
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Yay, gave the big presentation for this one class that the paper of doom was from. Paper was finished today around 1:40pm. Inkjet of course ran out of ink in the middle of printing my paper for everybody in the class at 3pm. So the mad rush to school to get there on time, and I ran off during the next presentation after mine to finish printing it all out. Even had a few people come up to me at end of class while I was hanging around and said it was a good topic.

So, phew. Finished with that. Test in that class next week, project management plan due Wednesday, but I'm not really working on that one, test upcoming in another class... But nothing is imperative for the next two days, so I'm going to play. Definitely City of Heroes since I've been not playing it this month cause of that paper.


ETA: I've played City of Heroes for two years this month! Woo!
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Didn't feel comfortable adding this stuff in the other entry I just made, so here's a new one.

Conversation that just happened between my parents in the other room:

Mom: [My Uncle] hasn't seen them since before Jennifer was born. She's what now?
Me: [incrediously] 29!
Dad: She's 29.
Me: I'm 29 dammit!
Mom: [goes on with conversation]



In other news, my paper...goes nowhere. I have the paper that's due Tuesday over MD5 just about finished. It only needs another paragraph or some elaboration on a point, but I can't seem to get going on the massive paper of doom. Erg. Wasted today reading a blog. *sigh* Procrastinating for the lose! Though I think I have all my sources now. I even found two new articles today that was just released. And two nice guides for APA style since my guide from my I/O Psych class is MIA.

I have a few hours left of today to get moving on a few pages. And all of tomorrow to write. Lets see what happens. (I better be finished tomorrow evening. I'll be very miffed with myself otherwise.)

I did just get my delivery of the last two Lamento figures, Rai and Bardo. I was trying out a new company KidNemo that I saw recommended on the list on AnimeonDVD.com's Figure thread on the forums. The US postal delivery person just chunked the box in the back of my dad's pickup. I have no clue when it actually arrived. I didn't even know it shipped since I didn't get that e-mail. But, they were decently packed, no stuffing though, and I did get them at a discount. I'm pleased with them so far. I'll give them another try. They have the 4th CLAMP in 3D Land set available to order.

I, uh, have no place however to put said new figures. I need to find a place now. I really need to get a move on selling some books/figures/whatever. Hmm, maybe the swap meet at Yaoi-con will be successful in selling stuff.
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My paper topic has been approved! Now to finalize my sources and write!
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Woo! Propane tank was filled up this morning. Dad still not happy but we have hot water again, so I'm good.

I got a nice e-mail from the ID/credit card company saying that my refund has now applied. Now I can buy my textbooks tonight for those classes that need it now, and take advantage of good online sales for the Intrusion Detection class.

And I have remembered the Scrabble game! It's in my trunk right now. ^_^
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For the last two days, our propane tank's been empty. Yesterday's shower? Not so bad, a bit on the cold side. I took it just at sundown so I'm assuming I got to use the day's accumulated warm water from the well. Today's shower? Fucking COLD!!! Brrrr. I hope the tank got filled today and it's just the water heater that needs to be re-lit. Because I'm running out of clothes and the dryer's a propane one.

So today, I had the one class I had been dreading. It's the required project management class that everybody has to take near graduation. And it is as I feared. This class is going to make me a nervous wreck by the end of the semester. Well, maybe not this class alone. But all three together just might. The last of my new classes is tomorrow, along with the one class that is two days a week. I really, really hope that new one is a bit light. I'm going to need it.

(Although, this particular class' prerequisite was consent of the instructor. That doesn't bode well for a light class.)

Though I'm envious a bit at the classes I have already taken. Our professor tonight told us how they're beefing up the earlier database classes. The department changed a junior level, required by all to even start senior level classes, Access class to SQL programming. A senior level class that was teaching SQL was turned into a continuation of the earlier SQL class then halfway through the semester it shifts into Oracle. The Tech college even managed to get a database administrator to teach this class. *envious* I was supposed to take the old Oracle class before they started changing everything. I just couldn't take it in time as I was taking the two classes before that one. *Sigh*

Now that I have confused everybody.... Guess I'll find out tomorrow about how this other class will contribute to the semester that is going to eat me alive.

Figures this is how my last semester is going to be. And dammit, my minor is still listed in the records. I got permission to drop that already. Now I have to go get that fixed before I will apply for graduation.
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I have to say this is the first time I've e-mailed professors before class. Or just about ever really. Sad that this happens on my last semester of school.


Aug. 9th, 2007 11:12 pm
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Waha! I have found out my grade for my speech class!

An A-. Excellent. Especially since the final was on Wednesday and given on WebCT, but we had to take it in the testing center on campus. The especially part was that the test was written for the normal WebCT testing and not for the Respondus Lockdown Browser. So skipping any questions meant that you couldn't go back to them. The professor and helpers tried to get it fixed while people were still taking the test. Some finished and was allowed to try again, and there was lots of noise while they tried to figure it out. I just skipped one, so I went ahead and finished it up and left.

And, I went to an appointment with my counselor about what class I can try to take this semester. It's my last one and I couldn't figure out. It was a fruitful meeting and I just now have to register the last class and pick a semester of parking.

I got until September 14th to apply for graduation but I was told that I can do it online too. Isn't that neat? Once I get my last class registered, I'm going to apply for graduation. Yaaaay.
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Woo! Finished giving my last speech today. Now there's just a final to go and that's next wednesday.

I think I improved on this speech. Wasn't as nervous this time around, and I changed a bit of the speech on the fly. My teacher wrote that I had improved a bit too.

So, I'm happy that this part of the class is done. A bit tired right now, but I'm going to go play City of Heroes to help relax from this day.

So this July, completely awesome. New Harry Potter book, new Harry Potter movie, new issue release of City of Heroes... Let's see how August turns out.
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Gave my second speech today and I survived! This morning was a bunch of annoyances rolled into one. I was going to print the 30 chapter summaries at home but then I ran out of paper. I got a later start than I wanted so I couldn't swing by work to print them out. Then I realized halfway through the drive up that I accidentally left my flash drive at home. I was very annoyed at that one. Luckily, I had an earlier draft printed out so I used that instead at the copy shop. I think I did okay on my speech. It was accompanied by powerpoint slides. My grade for the last speech was a 90. So yay!

Erg. So tired because while I ate breakfast, lunch wasn't a possibility until 4pm. And I stayed up late again. No diet coke around here either. Since it's raining I don't quite want to walk to Starbucks while in a white shirt. Oh well. Caffeine will happen sometime soon.
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None of my copies of the resume document are current. At all. I think my portfolio page three years ago had a more current version that I do.


I know I was working on an update three years ago...but I can't seem to find it. It's better starting from scratch at this point. It's due tuesday for class. I'll just use the webpage resume I did for a guide or something.


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