Book sale!

Mar. 23rd, 2009 01:45 pm
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Oh boy did I just add to my backlog.

Okies, is running a 99 cent manga sale. So if there are volumes you're looking for or just want to try a new series for cheap? Check them out. Pretty much all older Tokyopop books. Though there were a few newer ones, like the Dark Crystal and the newer Tactics volumes.

Sale ends on the 26th. Oh word of warning, if their stock is low, the items will disappear from your cart if they run out. So shop soon if you're interested.
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I'm feeling better. Sinuses still bothering me a little, but much reduced in my suffering from them compared to earlier this week. Mentally, this was the first day this week outside of Monday that I was able to actually concentrate on things. Still pretty much just read forums at work, but since I was recovering, I didn't have to shift around bookcases.

But, I will be so damn happy when my ear pops. Seems they have accumulated fluid again and while this happens every so often when I'm sick, my left ear will not pop right now. Erg.

In not sickness related news, Jump Fiesta has given us new information about Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+. Try visiting [ profile] maiki's LJ at this post, for some info. Also this community [ profile] 0kingdom_hearts has two posts over the event.

For fun, please visit BlackLillian's DeviantArt page to see the ongoing Thirteen Days of Christmas. She also has some funny and neat art. And another 12 Days of Christmas is going on at [ profile] yuukihikari. The first day is sooo cuute!

In the "oh my poor credit card" news, RightStuf has completed (I hope) their 12+ Days of Christmas Sale. I say hope since I already have quite a few I'm eyeing there. Soo many good deals. (Hey, Samurai Champloo is awesome enough to buy at $80, right?)

Also, I picked up Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Cube today. ^_^

It Begins!

Dec. 5th, 2006 06:22 pm
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Rightstuf has started their 12+ Days of Christmas sale. This is the sale to watch for really, really good discounts and bundles until Christmas. First two items are put up already and we have the rest of the month to go. So definitely keep an eye on it.

(I wonder how bad they will get me this year.)
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Clamp chibi figures! Damn you CLAMP!!! (and Movic for making them) Supposed to be eight sets released between the first one linked and 2008. 40 figures in all. *grumble* And I'll probably buy them all too. Sucker that I am for CLAMP stuff I like.

Also, check out this awesome sale! Make sure to read all the restrictions, but this Geneon sale from is very awesome. It basically makes the ones listed for the sale about $4-5 each. Which is really damn good for Geneon DVDs since that particular company does not release cheap DVDs or boxsets.

And if you have any interest in purchasing the R.O.D. TV series DVDs, this bundle is for you. At $80 for all of the DVDs and the two soundtracks, this is a great deal. But don't wait too long. It's got a counter on it and that means that once they run out, that's it.

The figure I wanted last post? Is going to be brought over here by Diamond. So, I can totally order it. Woo!


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