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It's 10/10/10 today!

Neat. :)

This will happen again next year on 11/11/11. :>
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I've been following corpse flower Lois on Twitter. No, I don't have a twitter account, but [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf pointed it out to me, and also linked the explanation for my follow up question "What is a corpse flower?"

I keep refreshing the page throughout the day. It is a very amusing corpse flower. :D Someone must be really enjoying running this Twitter.

(And no, I never thought I would be using the words 'amusing' and 'corpse' together in the same sentence. Now I have. Twice. :> )
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I have a new mattress!! Several errands were ran this morning/afternoon and while they were expensive they were much needed. :) So I have a new pair of glasses on order, cause my optometrist was having a sale. My lenses made the order a little higher than the sale price, but $98 dollars for a new pair of glasses and lenses are pretty good compared to the $300 I spend usually.

And the mattress definitely was a costly purchase. I definitely noticed it was a lighter materials than the old mattress. My dad and I struggled to get the old one out of the door and the new one was no problem whatsoever. Got a protective cover on it now while the blankets are getting re-washed. (I washed them yesterday to deal with the fleas.)

A Petsmart employee suggested borax for treating the fleas on the carpet and other places in the house. Not the cats though, we picked up some Advantix flea stuff while we were there. The fleas are driving me nuts cause my cats will scratch them off onto me while I'm trying to sleep and I'll wake up feeling one on my face. And the ones that bite my legs and bah. Re-washing the blankets for my bed now and we'll get some borax for the rug and I'll spray around the desk. Die fleas!!!
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I realized I haven't posted here in a bit. And July's been sparse in posts. Eh, I get that way. Post a lot in one month and barely any in another.

Not that there's been much to post lately. Been pretty much the same. I get on nets, catch up on news, then read forums for while. Rinse and repeat. I should be posting my reading list for July shortly. Heard there was DDoS attack against LJ, Twitter and Facebook on Friday. But that seems to be mostly taken care of.

Ever get that feeling you want to listen to something epic, but not anything you have in easy grasp/or in your music directory? Yeah, totally having that feeling right now. Bah.

Well its thundering here. Let's hope we see some actual rain instead of just promising to rain. The ground is pulling away from the foundation a bit.

And just for fun: Large Hadron Collider Repairs are (almost) complete. The comments are pretty good for this article.
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Well, my nets are back. Our phone was turned back on Thursday but I didn't get back on the internets until that evening cause I wanted to finish reading something first.

Though I didn't really read many books. Just cleaned up my harddrive, read a bunch of fanfiction, and watched movies.

Today is freaking hot. The bank temperature as I passed it was 101 degrees. This was at noon. Thankfully I got to sit in the shade while I waited for my car to get inspected.

I had wondered about the ice cream I was taking home. Whether it would melt before I got home but it survived!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Many fireworks shall be exploded to celebrate.
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Geocities is shutting down

Wow, internet history right there. I have Geocities pages somewhere still active. I think.

See also: Dreamhost giving two years away free to first 1000 Geocities customers

In an aside, I'm being very confused by the angles on my desk right now. Need to get the level out and see if this desk is as off as I think it is.

Sleep? Hah. Went to bed just after midnight. Woke up at 2-ish am because the TV was too loud, woke up at 4-ish am due to a not great dream, woke up at 7-ish am due to a bad frantic dream. So yeah. I dislike when not great dreams cascade into bad ones. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Also, I've made a decision. I'm upgrading this machine. I know I've said that before. It just hit me last night that I'm just tired of dealing with a 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 processor I've had since Thanksgiving of what eight years ago?. I'm tired of trying to play movies and getting only a few frames a second, games of low FPS, and so on. It's old. It needs updating. I may have to use the same case for a bit, but hey that's okay. I'd like to do the same to the internets but if only that can happen.

Also: U'Kon Gr'ai. Heee. Was described as a Rikti Gundam. I am amused.
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Yes, plot device and all, but seriously. It seems never to be a good idea to go investigate that space ship that was lost/abandoned/never heard from again. Seriously. It never ends well.
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Joy. I have a tooth that's gone from annoyingly sensitive to hot liquids to OW to everything. SUCK.

And the dentist office didn't pick up when I called. Ended up leaving a message. I hope they have an opening soon and call back.

ETA: Yay! They have a 3 p.m. appointment open today. Awesome.
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So, to expand on that last text post, I went to Borders to meet up with a friend today. And we decided after we got there to go get lunch. So we left and was walking back to the car. The area, I noticed when we went back, has high curbs. A car stopped to let us pass so we were crossing the shopping center street. I tripped over the curb and fell into the street.

It's just one of those really idiotic feeling afterwards moments. Oh joy. I can't walk properly. That's what. I mean, I knew the moment something was wrong but at that point I was already in motion and couldn't do anything about it and boom, ended up on the ground. I scraped up my left arm near the elbow, and definitely both knees. My hands were tingly on the palms afterwards since they helped stop me.

Thankfully his place was nearby so we went there so I could take care of the wounds. Ended up putting a no stick bandage pad and ace bandage to cover the arm. And whoa did the alcohol hurt!

I just feel really stupid about it. Hadn't had a fall like that in a while. I'm more likely to smack into a wall or display because I wasn't paying attention.
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Huh. I think that was some really bland chili I just ate. Weird. Not bad, but it definitely needed some more spices.

Anyways, just saw this: Tabula Rasa Shutting Down. Isn't that the game with the shrimp-whale ships?

Interesting Wiki link of the day? Centralia, Pennsylvania. You'll also want to click on this related one: Mine fire.
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Today for some reason has been a very down/depressing day.

I'm not sure why. It's just today. It feels like I'm just two steps away from bursting into tears.

Could be weather related, stress (got a letter from AT&T today that definitely didn't help), possible pre-menstral symptom (though I've not associated it with down days before), sleep, whatever. Seasonal related?


Haven't heard back about the job yet. I have applied at Costco though. Who knows. I'm thinking of temp-ing after the holidays. I'm hoping a seasonal job will happen first.

ETA: *pokes Yahoo mail* Quit reporting that there's a new message. Cause when I sort by unread messages only, you say there's nothing new to read.

ETA 2: Well, feeling better after having a delicious hazelnut hot chocolate from Starbucks and jogging. Yay endorphins.
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Well, really, I managed to get a sunburn on my face and a little on my arms. Because I didn't remember to grab either sunscreen or a hat and proceeded to sit in the sun for a while. We went to Traders Village to watch the Powwow and visit the craft show. I picked up a neat opal egg. It's blue-ish white and has a red/orange shadow. Really neat. There were other interesting things to get but only had a set amount for that day. Ah well. I saved it all for the eggy though. :>

But man, I haven't had a sunburn like this in a while. It's not bad with some aloe gel.

Just finished watching Storm Chasers on Discovery. It was pretty exciting at one point because the crew wasn't chasing the tornado, the tornado was chasing them. (Dammit, [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf you got me watching another Discovery series! :> )

In City of Heroes news: Took my new Psychic/Mental blaster out yesterday and today for a run. She's doing pretty good, though I need to do some research on what to take for the main and secondaries. Though the mobs I'm fighting against at the moment doesn't have psychic resists. And boy will the robots hurt on that one. But an awesome dream I had sorta turned into her background. So yay on that. The kvetching on I13 on the forums is fun to read, though I'm avoiding anything with PVP in the title. Which there are A LOT of threads on that one since Castle (the powers dev) is redoing the system.

Also, note to self, if I'm going to be irritated and twitchy for the day, just leave the house. It's easier that way. And less irritating.
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Go vote, people!

And supposedly I'm hearing some places are giving out free things for voting...like Starbucks? Some state has Chic-fil-a giving away freebies. I can't seem to find a link yet. Though it makes me wonder about our tiny in-Krogers Starbucks.

However, thankfully, my precinct is small. Or its not small but has not many people living in it. :> Because I went at 11am and didn't have to wait in line at all. Though the people there were telling me that at 7am they had a line. And they expect one again around 4pm.
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The Pumpkin Karver

Found this title while flipping channels. Of course my response was "Surely that's not a wholesome movie about pumpkin carving." DirecTV gave me the answer: horror movie. Of course.

I'm doing better, health-wise. The stomach virus thing is pretty much over with. Thank goodness. Not fun stuff and my appetite is still messed up.

Went to Renfest with friends yesterday. Thankfully the stomach wasn't complaining much by that point. So it turned out to be a lot of fun! I ended up buying leather. A braided leather bracelet of which I'm wearing again today because I like it so, three small leather pouches, and snacks. Must remember to get an apple dumpling next time I go. Oh and I got to pet a really pretty horse. I took some pictures on my mom's digital camera. I'll try to post them later. Unfortunately the autumn fairy outfit wasn't ready since my mom was also sick. It'll be ready for the next trip I'm sure. Still need to dress up my wings. I've got the wire form all ready. ETA: Oh! Forgot to add that I also got a cute little wooden dagger. I stuck it in the top of my bodice and ran around like that. :>

I've also started braiding cord. Well more like knotting cord together. I picked up braiding cord from WalMart thinking I could do something with it for my fairy outfit. I've braided two bracelets so far. I'm figuring out lengths and how much cord I might need for a choker. I have a silver color metal leaf for a necklace at one point. Michaels had some neat starter kits and I might end up buying one of those for a choker.
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Yay! Fall is here! And it feels like it a bit too, especially in the evenings. Which is really good as I've been jogging again and its soooo nice to have it cool in the evenings. Today I almost made a mile! I'm guessing because the track markers are a bit off. Also, still fending off swarms of mosquitoes.

I'm trying to install the Orange Box on my machine, but Steam needs to be installed and updated first. Sadly, I'm having problems with that. It keeps resetting about just over half-way through the update. After waiting an hour and a half today for it to download, I gave up. Will try again overnight and see if that works.

And note to self: if you're looking for a title that you have both the Japanese and English versions of, please make sure you have the right entry in the database before you go digging it up. I thought it was the one in the bottom book container. Turns out the title was on the bookcase which haven't been catalogued yet. Gah.

This post of random was brought to you by me. Enjoy.
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Today's mosquito forecast: OMG

I went jogging today for the first time in a week and I think I did rather well. Not a full mile again but 3/4 of one. I'll get back to where I was before the storm. It's just, OMG swarms of mosquitos. Today was just a very mosquito biting day. I've had a total of seven bites so far. Thank you Cortizone 10.

And, since I forgot to post this, August's book list:

Fafner: Dead Aggressor Novel
Elemental Gelade Vol. 01
DNAngel Vol. 01
Zombie Loan Vol. 03
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 01

Meh. September's is not much better right now, but there's a week left. ^_^

Also, sad but it has to be done. I'm going to have to cancel the hotel reservation I made back in January for Yaoi-con. Unless I luck into about $700, there's no way I can go. Ah well. Sad yes, but it will be there next year. It's just the first year that I've had to skip since Yaoi-con started. Pretty amazing really.
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So we're cleaning up inside the house still. The cats did leave a bit of a mess that I don't begrudge them for. And I keep finding things that I need to clean up near the wall that the rain was driven under. Still have to unpack books I packed up to save them. On the other hand, my room is definitely going to be cleaner in certain areas.

But finally! Today was the first time in five or six days that I had completely uninterrupted sleep. The only thing that woke me up was the alarm I set. That's it. Awesome.

Two days ago we saw a line of four Blackhawk helicopters fly by. That was interesting.

Hope everyone gets power back soon! My sister got her's back today.

ETA: Well we got some cleaning done today but I can't seem to focus enough to continue with my room arranging. Ah well. At least I got some poster measurements I've been meaning to do. And I need to figure out a good way to flatten out a poster that has crinkles in it from a trip (which are two I want framed). Now to get frames for them soon.
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It has happened, people!

I have gotten a hair cut.

After 5+ years, I have gotten a hair cut. I know. I'm as shocked as y'all are. But it had to happen.

The stylist said that I need to get at least quarterly trims to keep my hair from getting into such a mess again. I'm going to try this. She did say that she got most of the split ends.

Oh! Did anyone watch the Olympics last night? The Men's Swimming 100x4 relay? Completely awesome finish. The U.S. beat the French by .08 of a second. Very exciting.

And since I have DirecTV I get quite a few of the NBC channels that run the Olympics, and USA does run it at night too. Lots of neat sports to see.
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Aww, I lost one of my car's tiny hubcaps somewhere on the road.


Though, I have a suspicious it might be that rough patch of road I drive over every weekend. I'll have to go over and take a look and see if its sitting around there.
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One day, I will find and display all the CDs I have. And it will be magic.

This would also apply to my books. ^_^

This post was prompted because I had to search three locations until I found the CD I wanted to listen to.

Also! Also! I'm getting the feeling that the green screen is fixed! So far so good. (Now I jinxed it, but I'm enjoying playing whatever I want. Only to be limited by my processor speed. :> )


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