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Yes, I'm sure you're going to be sick and tired of that word in two weeks. But I like watching them and they're starting today!

Also, chocolate festival starts today at Central Market. Wooo!

It's a good weekend. :D
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Wow, so the Olympics are over with. Next summer Olympics are in London, England in 2012. The upcoming winter Olympics are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2010.

Lots of interesting sports was watched this past two weeks. And athletes rooted for. A pretty memorable Olympics.
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Wow. In the Equestrian events, Individual Jumping just had their finals. (Well, aired on TV anyways.) There was a jump off for the all the medals, two for gold and seven for bronze. The bronze one was really exciting because jump offs are only like five fences and you go as fast and cleanly as your horse can.

In the bronze jump off, the two Americans actually jumped over a piece of decoration instead of riding around it to get the next jump faster. That was a "huh, haven't seen that before" moment. Wow. Though one of them didn't quite clear the last fence, the other one did so they won the bronze. The gold jump off was exciting and Canadian Eric Lamaze won.

Rhymthic Gymnastics are going on now, which is interesting to watch.

And yay! The Chinese team I was rooting for won bronze. I was watching their match last night and fell asleep during the second set.
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Hehe, I got home just in time to watch the U.S. make gold in the men's 100x4 Individual Medley. Whoa. Pretty damn close at some points, where Hansen was swimming the breaststroke, the US got a little behind but Phelps completely made up that time and added some more for Lezak to finish with half a body length. Michael Phelps got his 8 gold medals.

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Woah! What the hell? Okies, so there is the women's cycling maybe? (Ah, women's individual time trial.) It's weird. They're let go one at a time, cycle 14 miles, and once started are IMMEDIATELY followed by a car with their name on it. And a guy on a motorcycle. WTH??

And I heard today that the U.S. women's beach volleyball team and the Cuba team came out wearing the same colors (blue and white). Hehe. The U.S. team agreed to change so that there wouldn't be same colors on each side. Huh, I have to go find out what happened to the Chinese team I was rooting for in one match. (Edit: Oh, there they are. Yay, still in contention. )

Still lots of fun watching all of this. ^_^

Also, synchronized diving. Huh.
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It has happened, people!

I have gotten a hair cut.

After 5+ years, I have gotten a hair cut. I know. I'm as shocked as y'all are. But it had to happen.

The stylist said that I need to get at least quarterly trims to keep my hair from getting into such a mess again. I'm going to try this. She did say that she got most of the split ends.

Oh! Did anyone watch the Olympics last night? The Men's Swimming 100x4 relay? Completely awesome finish. The U.S. beat the French by .08 of a second. Very exciting.

And since I have DirecTV I get quite a few of the NBC channels that run the Olympics, and USA does run it at night too. Lots of neat sports to see.


Feb. 13th, 2006 02:10 am
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Curling is just the weirdest sport I've seen...so far.

But yeah. It definitely lends itself to comments. Like, why am I watching this? And just grinning and shaking my head.

Um, yeah.


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