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Happy New Year everyone!

Hmm, resolutions... Most of them get broken. But lemme make some I'm sure I'll get done:

-Read a non-World of Warcraft novel (gasp!)

-Play more of my game backlog (If my PS2 cooperates.)

-Clear out more of my books (by sales, recycling, giving away, something!)

Here's something I'd like to do:

-Get a new phone (smart or regular)

However the above will probably happen when my current one breaks. >_>


-Find one thing once a month that I want to go do. (Aka the "don't stay home every weekend" plan)
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Happy New Year everyone! I hope the eve was safe for everyone.

I haven't figured out my resolutions for this year yet. I'm sure I will soon.
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Today is a grey and misty day for the last day of 2009. Go figure huh?

I'm still recovering from the stomach fun I wrote about earlier on Sunday. Today seems better than yesterday. Yesterday was not fun. But yay for being able to eat food again. I'm still very careful on what to eat though. Don't need to upset my recovery. And boo for this cough still continuing.

And today, as I post about this every year, is the day I get to enjoy saying "See you next year!" and mean it to be the next day. :) No, it doesn't get old to me. :P

Happy New Years eve, every one! Maybe 2010 will be better? Or subjectively better? Or less suck than 2009? :) Though 2009 overall wasn't too bad of a year. No hurricanes hitting us at least so its leaps and bounds better than 2008 in that regard.
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Happy early New Year, peoples!

Hmm, didn't quite get a couple of books read before the end of the year that I wanted but ah well. Tomorrow's another day. I was so close on finishing Saiyuki Reload this year too.

Oooh, calendar change over day!

ETA: Woo, nice fireworks displays around here. Someone definitely spent some money on one of them. And yo, jackass who's firing the full clip on their gun, you better have watched the Mythbusters ep about that!
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2008 is sweeping the globe! Whatever shall we do?


Not a great year, lots of meh and suck. But there were definitely high points. So overall, 2007 averaged out to be okay. Lets hope for a good new year!

I plan on playing City of Heroes during the turning of the year. Because I'm nerdy that way. :P

ETA: Well, I would have been, if my computer wasn't giving me a few problems running it. Grr. Time to clean some programs out I think.

Happy New Year everyone!
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So, a fresh new year has started! I, of course, started it by staying up late reading (I think it was around 4am when I went to sleep) and trying to sleep in until noon. (My alarm was set for earlier but I moved it back after the first wake up.)

Starz is running a Bond marathon right now, hence the title quote. They started midnight January 1st but it's still running. Makes me want to see how they redid Casino Royale. What can I say? My dad likes watching the Bond movies and I grew up watching them. ^_^ Besides, I like the new Casino Royale song. ^_^

So, the new calendars are up and I just noticed that the Harry Potter daily calendar [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf got me covers all four movies. Guess the publisher didn't want to cover Goblet of Fire again on their daily and wall monthly calendars. They did on their mini-calendar.

Darn that reminds me, need to get a calendar for work.

As for resolutions and whatnot, I do plan to read more. Plan to organize my room some more. Have fun at Yaoi-con again this year. Maybe even get to upgrade my machine. Play a few more of my games.

Now to go eat blueberry muffins. *mmmm* And play City of Heroes I think. New month! Time to get my munny's worth.


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