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On Monday, I had the brilliant idea of adding my years old mp3 directory to the library listing Media Player uses. I've been using media player lately to listen to music/video so I figure, why not?

Two days later and I'm still randomly working on updating the metadata for a lot of music. Because it drives me nuts to see missing and incorrect data. :) And uh I had a lot of mp3s in that directory. >_< But I'm not working on it full time. Just 30-40minutes here and there. And I'm clearing out some duplicates at the same time. :D
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I found this file again when listening to my main MP3 directory. It's a silly file, found when you pop the Sega Saturn CD of Magic Knight Rayearth into a CD player.

MKR - Sega Game Warning


I'll probably post a few more while I have fast internets to use. ^_^
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So, yesterday my coworker played on the register computer Bubblegum Crisis' Konya wa Hurricane, which is apparently the first opening sequence for the series. I liked it enough to download the mp3 of it. Now I'm rather enjoying it. So my question is, any other songs by Oomori Kinuko (who was written down as the singer on the file) or the series that I might like? And no, I haven't seen BGC.

Also, I think that the Houston citizens fleeing from Hurricane Rita will forever be used by the Weather Channel and associated hurricane programming as what not to do when evacuating. Or examples of what happens when a major metropolitan area tries to flee at once.
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Okies, since my lovely CD Japan package arrived today, I'm going to post some music.

Le Chevalier D'Eon Opening - BORN by Miwako Okuda

Le Chevalier D'Eon Ending - OVER NIGHT by Aya

Chieco Kawabe - Sakura Kiss (Ouran High School Host Club Opening)

GitS Stand Alone Complex Opening - inner universe by ORIGA

GitS Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig Opening - rise by ORIGA

These are YouSendIt links and they'll expire in seven days (or a bunch of downloads but I doubt I'll hit that).

Here's what I got today:

Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete box
Chieco Kawabe - Sakura Kiss single
Miwako Okuda - Born single
Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie Conqueror of Shambala OST
Le Chevalier D'Eon OST
Loveless Character Drama Vol. 04 - Koya & Yamato -Jobless-

The Kingdom Hearts boxset is huge. There are two CDs for the first game, FOUR CDs for the second game (which only had two originally), two CDs for Re: Chain of Memories and a bonus disc for both Final Mix additional music. I think the only thing missing from this set is the English version of the opening songs.

(HEY SQUEENIX! Bring the damn game over already before I import it!!)

If there is anything else from those soundtracks that anybody wants posted, just let me know.
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Okies, my more music-searching savvy friends!

I'm looking for MP3s of the drama tracks to the Fafner soundtracks. These soundtracks were released to the US by Geneon but they did not have the 2nd disc where the drama tracks were on. The CD names are Fafner in the Azure OST 01 'No Where' and Fafner in the Azure OST 02 'Now Here'.

I'm trying to determine if I want the dramas enough to purchase the Japanese editions. But I want to listen to them first before I make the decision. (Though the follow up to this decision will happen when my credit card is over halfway paid off...which will be a little while.)

So if anybody can find them for me, I would really, really appreciate it. And I will be posting more music when either my newest CD purchase arrives or when I get my CDJapan order in late March/early April.


Feb. 11th, 2007 01:21 am
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I mentioned this before in person to people, but THIS! I must own this. Because I love the music for the games. Thank you, KHII Final Mix+ for helping to bring this out!

What, first press is sold out already? Darn it! Darn my slowness in ordering!

Now if we can get some definite info on whether the Final Mix+ game is coming out for certain here or not...
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Nice front pushed through! Yay! Now temperatures will be nice again for a little bit.

So, anybody have any song requests? I have lots of CDs. Anime, games, Japanese dramas, some domestic artists... Just ask and I'll upload a song if I have it.

ETA: Not that I have a CD list anywhere, but here's a few files to start.

Opera Maria & Draco (from Final Fantasy VI) from the More Friends Music From Final Fantasy CD.

Honoh no Tobira - FictionJunction Yuuka. Gundam Seed song, but I believe Yuki Kajiura was a part of FictionJunction

Loveless Opening Tsuki no Curse and Ending Michiyuki.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Main Theme.

Will add more as I upload.
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Curse you, CD Japan! You had to say that it was from the composer of Vagrant Story!


*goes to put Final Fantasy XII OST on saved list*

Not that I wouldn't have gotten it anyway. I've gotten most of the Final Fantasy soundtracks since FFVII.


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