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Mar. 5th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Erg. When I woke up today, I felt like I fought the bed and the bed won. Didn't help that my parents woke me up earlier than I was planning due to them talking loudly in the next room. Meh.

Fuzzy day today I think.
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Meh. Still can't go jogging. Went to the chiropractor on Friday, been again today, and have another appointment for tomorrow. Will have to come back monthly I think. Great and all, and I hope this stuff that has been bothering me will get fixed. But I would also like to go jogging. I'm getting better at it, but the longer I don't jog the worse its going to be when I start back up.

Also got my yearly eye checkup on Friday. New perscription since my old one is not as good anymore. Had to get new lenses for my glasses (thank goodness I can still use the frames) and of course new contacts.

It's just an annoying bout of medical expenses. But needed really.
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*rubs ears*

Feels like one of my ears are filled up. Oog. Hate when this happens. I think there's a weather front messing with me. Or something.
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It completely figures. The auction that had the box of toys all ready to ship didn't sell. The auction with the toy that's mostly unprepared to ship, of course, sold. Now I just need to get a box that will fit the toy and allow a few inches around it for stuffing.

Well, at least one of them sold. I had figured with three watchers the other one would have sold. But nope. The one with four watchers sold.
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Oh yes, that was smart of me.

It's "Let's forget to arrange last month's student loan payment" time.


Thankfully, Dad's arranging one payment now, and then the rest of it before the end of the month. Because that's a lot all at once.

*goes to scribble loan due dates on the calendar so it hopefully doesn't happen again*
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Just a quick post before bed, but if you haven't seen it on your friends list (which most of y'all probably have...repeatedly), LiveJournal enacted adult content options and flagging for all journals. If you don't have a birthdate with year entered into your journal settings, you can't see posts flagged as adult (explicit or not depending on the journal is flagged).

So, info on this is here and here at [ profile] lj_biz. FAQ link is here. All users' settings were set for moderate search filtering (which filters explicit adult and offensive content) so if you want to change these settings, scroll down to the bottom of your settings page and change it to what you want. Searching also means looking at LJs from your bookmarks. If you don't want your settings to be any different from what it was before this system was put in, put in "Do Not Collapse" for Viewing adult content, and "Do Not Filter My Results" in Safe Search Filtering.


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