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Yeesh, if there was anything I could second-guess myself on, or be late to, yeah, that was today. I did however end up with two more shirts today. I'm weak sometimes.


However, there was a delicious (late!) Japanese lunch and an oatmeal raisin cupcake involved today. More days should have cupcakes involved.

One application was turned in today. I will be applying online to Costco and Microcenter very soon. The next part is on Friday when I visit the explosion of commerce to look. Not tomorrow because I only have a little over a quarter of a tank of fuel and I'm saving it for Friday.

Also! Oh yay GameStop wasn't teasing me. Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I highly, highly doubt we will see KHII Final Mix but at least this was different enough that they brought it over.

And now: Booklists! Because I don't believe I posted Septembers (I'll check later) and here's October's. Which I think there are more there in October that I'm not listing, because I read a bunch in a rush and now I don't remember if I put them on the list.

September Books:

Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 02-03
Kingdom Hearts Vol. 03-04
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol. 01-02
Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 01-02 (yay, now I'm all caught up!)
Loveless Vol. 08 (Seimei, you manipulative bastard. And that was a horrible tease for the next volume, that we'll probably not see until late late next year.)

October Books:

Blank Slate Vol. 01
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Vol. 04-05 (Aww, what a rather neat story. I may have to purchase this myself.)
Elemental Gelade Vol. 02
DNAngel Vol. 02
Black Sun, Silver Moon Vol. 01
Blood+ Vol. 02
Soul Rescue Vol. 01-02
Mugen Spiral Vol. 01-02

Hmm, looks like Issue 13 of CoH has hit open beta. This should be interesting. *goes to read forums*
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Just saw this today while checking out info on Crisis Core: Pictures of Square-Enix's booth at Comic-con. (Got the info from Crisis-Core.net.) Turns out Squeenix is opening a store for the US: Square-Enix Online Shop. Even if it's mail-order only, to get some of the keychains and whatnot at cheaper prices will be awesome. One picture before the one I linked above, shows keychains for three series with reasonable prices. Yeah, the look to bring their silver jewelry as well, but hopefully it will knock out some of the bootlegs I've seen for keychains and whatnot. The booth at Comic-con is selling some of them there now. I'm envious.

Also, go check out those pictures! If you were ever interested in seeing the oh-so-expensive Cloud and Sephiroth Masterpiece Arts figures, they've got them on display at Comic-con.

IGN Square-Enix Booth Pictures
Figures.com Playarts Pictures

(Which, by the way, the Crisis Core website just updated today with soundtrack info!!)

Also, Square-Enix's Japan Online store has a blog for what's being developed about about the retail location they have. Point of interest? The pictures being posted about the new Play Arts figures. (Which some are already on display as Coming Soon items at the booth at Comic-con.) They're coming out with the original Final Fantasy VII designs, including Cloud with the Hardy Daytona. I'm...sad to say that I would probably buy that version of Cloud as well, depending on how much I like the sculpt. And its looking like I will.
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Zexion's weapon finally revealed! And why not! Luxord has cards and dice as his weapons. (Still, hahahahah. ^_^)

I'm this close to ordering Final Mix+. I already have KH's Final Mix. But I'm trying to wait and see if Square-Enix will bring this one over. I'm sure I'll fail and buy it anyways, then they'll annouce it but I rather not take one for the team juuuusst yet. (Almost though.) Watch me cave in March just before release.

And for all of you broadband happy people: KHII Final Mix+ Preview trailer. YouTube doesn't like dial-up it seems. (Because the ruddy thing died 50 seconds into it!!! Grrrr. *clears cache and tries again*)

And here's the cover for the game.

Oh! And of course the KHII Final Mix+ Flash-heavy official site finally opened up recently.


Feb. 11th, 2007 01:21 am
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I mentioned this before in person to people, but THIS! I must own this. Because I love the music for the games. Thank you, KHII Final Mix+ for helping to bring this out!

What, first press is sold out already? Darn it! Darn my slowness in ordering!

Now if we can get some definite info on whether the Final Mix+ game is coming out for certain here or not...
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I'm feeling better. Sinuses still bothering me a little, but much reduced in my suffering from them compared to earlier this week. Mentally, this was the first day this week outside of Monday that I was able to actually concentrate on things. Still pretty much just read forums at work, but since I was recovering, I didn't have to shift around bookcases.

But, I will be so damn happy when my ear pops. Seems they have accumulated fluid again and while this happens every so often when I'm sick, my left ear will not pop right now. Erg.

In not sickness related news, Jump Fiesta has given us new information about Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+. Try visiting [livejournal.com profile] maiki's LJ at this post, for some info. Also this community [livejournal.com profile] 0kingdom_hearts has two posts over the event.

For fun, please visit BlackLillian's DeviantArt page to see the ongoing Thirteen Days of Christmas. She also has some funny and neat art. And another 12 Days of Christmas is going on at [livejournal.com profile] yuukihikari. The first day is sooo cuute!

In the "oh my poor credit card" news, RightStuf has completed (I hope) their 12+ Days of Christmas Sale. I say hope since I already have quite a few I'm eyeing there. Soo many good deals. (Hey, Samurai Champloo is awesome enough to buy at $80, right?)

Also, I picked up Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Cube today. ^_^
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I got woken up this morning by a loud crash at 8-ish a.m. One of my cats tried to climb my desk, therefore knocking over a pile of CDs and a small figure. No damages, luckily, but I let the one cat that really wanted out out and went back to bed. Was woken up at 9 a.m. because of something, checked to see if that cat wanted back in, let in the other cat that was outside already, cleaned up the CDs on the floor, and went back to bed. I know I got up to hit snooze on the 10 a.m. alarm and to answer the phone when my dad called.

Well, at 11:15 I dragged myself out of bed and found something to nibble on to keep me awake. And I stared at the Weather Channel for 5 mins trying to wake up and figure out what time it was. I was totally out of it. It took me that long to figure out, "Hey, the store opens at noon, right? So why is it 11:20 a.m.? Is that really 11:20am or is that the Eastern time one?"

Yeah... I had to scramble to get to the store to open it and even then that was 15 mins late. *sigh* Got an unexpected artbook though today: Higuri You's Jewel. So pretty! And of course the newest volume of From Eroica With Love. ^_^

Also [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf! I get the 23rd off. And I have something to try selling on eBay! (Show me how? Please?)

Random linkage:

I want this figure.

Square-Enix gets more money from me. So four new RPGs announced, including a Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts II. Dammit. Going to have to buy that one too.

Ichioka's Sleep Gallery Pretty interesting really. Photos of how people tend to sleep.
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So, I mentioned below that I restarted Kingdom Hearts 2 on the hardest mode, right?

Comments on the beginning through Beast's Castle. (Possible spoilers?) )
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Have successfully installed a new mood theme! (If you didn't notice already. ^_^) Tedious work, but worth it. As much as I liked my neko mood theme, I saw this theme was available and had to use it.

The Shadow Heartless mood theme is from [livejournal.com profile] rubyd and you can get it at this post.

ETA: Also, changed around my icons again. ^_^


Aug. 31st, 2006 01:28 pm
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Things that will never fail to amuse me:

Hearing the Little Mermaid songs in Japanese. Really. It's amusing to listen to them on the KH2 soundtrack. I can sing along a bit on the chorus parts too.

(Also, is it bad that I restarted the game in the hardest mode? ^_^)

KH Videos

Aug. 29th, 2006 10:46 pm
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Thought I would share some more video links that I've found in the last two days. These are some very awesome captures of the FMVs for the opening and ending.

Also, while FileFront has been having some troubles lately, these did work for me today, so hopefully anybody interested will not have problems.

Kingdom Hearts II Opening (English) - large file, very nice. (High res version of the Japanese opening was linked in the post below.)

Kingdom Hearts II Ending (English) - another large file. Just has the fully CG part and not the rest of the ending.

Kingdom Hearts II Secret Ending - this is I guess the promo for Kingdom Hearts III, you know if it gets made. You got this movie when you finished Jiminy's Journal. I believe this is the Japanese version.
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So, I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 today.

After a long break and long time playing this game, I finished it.

Obviously, this is a giant spoiler for those who haven't played the ending yet. )

So that's that. Kingdom Hearts II was an awesome game. And will definitely get some replay value down the road. Probably after I finish Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. (Sadly, I'm still working on that one.)

For people interested in videos of the game cutscenes and opening and endings, I found the folowing sites very useful:

1up.com - Has the video captures of the Organization boss battles, and Sephiroth's fight, and a few others.
KH-Vids.net - Where I got all of the cutscenes of any of the Kingdom Hearts games, most especially KH2. The videos can be large in size but that's for the length really. They're a small window and I would like to find higher quality ones, but that's a personal preference.
KH Ultimania - Here you can lots of information, pictures, and videos! I got my high res video of the Japanese opening here, some trailers, and Chain of Memories videos and even some Final Mix ones. Also, the nice Another Side, Another Story [Deep Dive] video that I have is here.
IGN.com - Here's the place, along with 1up.com, that I use for trailers. They also have some gameplay videos as well.

Now, I can see all those ending icons and fics and what not that I couldn't before.
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Just jumping in with the "Aw, not Pluto!" as well.

Poor not!planet...

And if I haven't been listening to the news on the radio, my friendslist certainly would have kept me up on this news. I saw no less than four posts about it. :> Ah LJ! Bringing news faster than some news sources.

Also, I have started trying the tournament of hate Hades Paradox Tournament in Kingdom Hearts II. The "evil 50-round hand your butt back to you several times" tournament. Argh. Have not managed to get past Round 20. I just need to make it past there so I can start up again at Round 21. Thankfully, they allow you to start up at ten round segments. You just have to get there first.
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Tonight! Tonight I have kicked Sephiroth's butt....

*does shuffle*

After 15 tries... Annoyingly enough, it was just a prelude to the Showdown of Fate (part 2) between Cloud and Sephiroth. And it should have just had a speech bubble come up and said "To be continued in Advent Children..." I mean really. That wasn't an ending to that fight.


Oh well, with that and the new Fenrir Keyblade, I now managed to finish two more of the journal requirements. Just need to get Hades to give me the last damn two tournaments and to find six pieces of Orichalcum for the synthesis stuff.

So close to getting all of this done so I can finish the game with the secret ending. ^_^


May. 12th, 2006 01:41 am
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In the spirit of randomness, I bring you a gratuitous icon post! And to share these funny comics I found while browsing the [livejournal.com profile] kh_icons community.

Icons and comics lie within this post. I believe that they are funny even without knowing anything about the Organization. ^_^ (Well, at least the last three are with all of the chibis.)

And on a scary note, besides the news of a Silent Hill game for the PSP, the G4 commercials for their midnight show are freaking scary or very creepy for the most part. The butterfly one wins for sheer scaryness. (The fucking bag!!! Holy crap, that was a scary image.... *whimper*)

ETA: And here's the link for watching two of the new commercials. They'll probably have the butterfly one up soon considering. ETA2: Oh, they have the butterfly one on there now. *shudder*
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You know, it just figures that I spend at least two hours last night using Drive to try to get Final Form in The World That Never Was, and this morning I get it in less than ten minutes. Damn you, random Form!!!


On the plus side, I know who to defeat to get Oblivion. ^___^

So, how y'all doing on the non-Kingdom Hearts world? ^_^
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Yup, usual again. :P Beware of any possible spoilers.

1) Okay, why did my coworker consider Xaldin a tough battle? He compared it to Ursula of KH1. Didn't seem as hard, really. You can use the Learn reaction to build up the Jumps and then use them repeatedly. And I managed an anti-form in the battle somehow. Wonder how many in the game I can get total.

2) Awww! Group hug!

3) You know, I like the name Hollow Bastion better.

4) Also, there's something incredibly heart-warming and cheerful about playing the 100 Acre Woods parts. Maybe because I grew up with it. According to the dates that the game has, it was only around ten years before I was born. Wow.

5) Not again, spoiler! )

6) Small spoiler ) Nice seeing Oblivion again. Give me the damn keyblade, game!!! Quit withholding my favorite of the keyblades.

Looks like I'm pretty damn close to the end of the game. I know there's a secret ending and since I'm in standard mode, I have to fill up the entire journal. Which could take another ten-twenty hours possibly. I'm roughly at thirty-something hours right now. And I saw Sephiroth again...shouldn't have done so at the level I was. So totally got killed in the first attack. Need to try again in another ten to twelve levels. Still have some more game to go through though. ^_^
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Mwhahaha. Loving this game. It's just so much fun.

1) And, Sora as a lion cub is just so cute!

2) Tifa! In essence pounding on the walls and looking for Cloud. And where the hell was Leon hiding when Tifa was kicking the wall?

3) Master Control Program! Tron Tron Tron!

4) Lightcycles are annoying to use when you have no way of reviving health. I'm not at a point where you can play the bikes without a story part yet, but I have a saved game just at that story part.

5) 8-bit chibis of Sora, Donald, and Goofy! Also, did they really get the Tron actor to come back to do the voicework? Sounds a lot like they did.

6) And yay for better acting from Leon's voice actor! I was getting worried there for a moment. ^_^

7) FFX-2 fairies are silly.

8) Holy crap! Just ran into Sephiroth! And...he didn't fight me? He just talked about Cloud? Wtf? I didn't die? (Besides the thousand Heartless I'm about to fight?)

9) Okay, picture a huge swarm of Heartless, surrounding Leon and Cloud who are back-to-back. Dialogue?
Leon: "Are you sure you can handle this many?"
Cloud: "Only if one more doesn't show up."
Me: *dies*
Leon: "Then that'll be one I'll take care of."
Cloud: "What? You're fighting too?"
Me: *dies again*


10) Holy.. An almost Cloud vs Sephiroth fight! They just talked though.

11) Half-way point obviously. Big cutscenes, big fights, all sorts of things going on. And I'm 25 hours in on a 50 hour game. That is also a big pointer.

12) Demyx is so dorky. How many bosses do you fight where they tell themselves, "I told them to send someone else." I like him. He's fun.

Well, now being 3 a.m. and way past the time I should be in bed, I'm going to stop before the huge fight with the horde of Heartless & Nobodies. I hate to stop the momentum of the drama for this part but I need sleep.
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More comments!

1) Aladdin's zone isn't bad. I don't remember Jasmine's voice being like that but I haven't seen Aladdin in a long time. Genie sounds pretty good though.

2) Yays! Finished the treasure chests in Twilight Town!

3) What is it with kids and crystals in this game? Every time they pick up a crystal they have to put it up to the sunlight. Oh and game? That's an evil tease. Really.

4) Oh the childish glee on Sora's face in Halloween Town, and Santa's response to Sora being on the nice list is just fantastic. It totally wins.

5) Found Cloud...and compared to Sora's attitude, Cloud is totally blaming Sephiroth in such a whiny way. (yeah, yeah, I know. But I liked the messed up character just as well. :P) I'm not too sure if I like his voice actor. I don't remember him speaking much in the first one. And Aerith finally gets some emotion! ...just a little. (Leon's voice actor came across as a bit too stiff in the beginning of the game. Let's just hope that he becomes more comfortable in the role soon.)

6) Also concerning Cloud, the Advent Children outfit looks rather hard to keep together in KH. I dunno why I got that impression.

7) WTH was that?!?!? Final Fantasy X-2 fairies Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. Um...not so good? Normality for this game ran out the window.... what the hell?!?
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Well, another entry of Kingdom Hearts comments. ^_^ My journal and all. Besides, I like commenting and now I have a platform to do it in. And returning to the Kingdom Hearts universe again causes a lot of comments. :>

Usual lj cuts for spoilery-like items, but if the list gets too long, I'll put the entire post under an lj cut, or break it up a bit.

1) The "Hey, that looks familiar" and one world available to go to should not equal Hollow Bastion. There should be an option below the landing option for Hollow Bastion of "Oh crap not again." (Along with a certain villain that just popped back up.)

2) What the hell is that monstrosity of a castle? I don't remember Hollow Bastion being like that. But yay for the music. I always loved Hollow Bastion's music. Now there's a new version of it.

3) Not too much to add. I have gone through Beast's Castle, Land of the Dragon (Mulan), a short visit to 100 Acre Wood, and I am now working on Olympus Coliseum.

4) Auron!!!! Still the awesome voice actor I remember for him. Forgot how awesome Auron was. ^_^

5) I'm doing pretty well I think. With the exception of Twilight Town, I've managed to get every treasure chest that the journal has. I can't go back to Twilight Town at the moment since it has disappeared. But if I get a chance to go back, I'll definitely try to get them all. But I've done missions at Disney Castle, Timeless River (which is modeled off of Steamboat Willy), and gone back to see the Underworld coliseum. Right now, I'm in Atlantica. With a rhythm song challenge to deal with. *sigh*

6) Pirates of the Carribbean is just so weird!! The area's called Port Royal and its just so weird seeing the PotC characters next to Sora and the others.
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Dunno if I should just keep adding to the other post but unless someone really complains, I don't see why I can't have another post of comments about KH2. ^_^

I'll try to keep it from getting too spoileriffic. I'll put behind cuts the ones I worry about being spoilery.

1) There seems to be lots of cut scenes in the game. Usual Square really, but I think it has more to do with the story line going on right now. We'll see.

2) I am really enjoying the voice actors for Roxas and Seifer.

3) Dude, if the game doesn't provide the backstory with Roxas and Axel, something is going to die.

Maybe spoiler? )

Definite spoiler )

6) I really do like how the menu switches with each zone. Neat. ^_^

More spoilers )

8) And have I mentioned the new fashion for the game? Straps and zippers! But mainly zippers.

9) Dude, still #3. But I like Axel. ^_^

Oh definite spoiler. )

11) Oh sure, game! Tug at the heartstrings, why don'tcha! *grrr* Stopping at the train station tonight. Tired and I just don't want to move on past Twilight Town right now because I'm sure its going to be a while before the next save point.

Expect me to add more as I play. ^_^


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