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Meh. Still can't go jogging. Went to the chiropractor on Friday, been again today, and have another appointment for tomorrow. Will have to come back monthly I think. Great and all, and I hope this stuff that has been bothering me will get fixed. But I would also like to go jogging. I'm getting better at it, but the longer I don't jog the worse its going to be when I start back up.

Also got my yearly eye checkup on Friday. New perscription since my old one is not as good anymore. Had to get new lenses for my glasses (thank goodness I can still use the frames) and of course new contacts.

It's just an annoying bout of medical expenses. But needed really.
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Cold front is COLD!

We're getting tiny ice falling here at the moment. But the ground's warm still so it's just melting. Which is probably a good thing since well, we're not the snow types here. So obviously we can't drive in snow/ice nor even rain. Time to dig around here and see if there's hot chocolate packets somewhere.

Funny thing is that I was jogging last night when this front came in. I was worried about the dark skies and so I picked up the pace. Then strong gusts of wind that was COLD started blowing. Since I was without my jacket as it was humid and warm when I started, I ended up hurrying to my car and not finishing the rest of the track. I was close to finishing though so I didn't mind too much. And I didn't want to make my recovering cold worse. Guess I don't get to go today. Too cold.

Stay warm! We'll probably be back in the seventies in like four days.
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Two things I missed on yesterday's post: first off, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is rather damn awesome, and second off, I went jogging yesterday for a little bit. That half mile felt like it was two miles by the time I got to the end of it. Need to get better a little more first before I get back into jogging. Guess I'll just walk in the meantime. I walked pretty much two miles yesterday anyways. But I thought I would give jogging a quick try.

And today I feel like crap. Figures. Cold's getting better, just feel like crap. Meh.

Woke up dream-addled and stumbling over to my alarm this morning to find out while yes, I did turn the alarm back thirty minutes, I did not actually set it. Which I guess works out that the weird dream woke me up at 10-ish a.m.

But yeah, those dreams. Annoyingly weird. First one I remember is in a house. We're preparing to leave but first we have to fix food. And there's this big stew pot of spaghetti I'm having to watch. And we have to go! But the spaghetti has to be finished. So I'm stirring this pot of noodles and watching it.

And the next dream is I'm in marching band again. We're practicing and it's the big day of performing. So after practice, we're sitting, talking and waiting around before we're announced. But wait! I don't have a uniform! Where's our uniform at? So I run off to get a uniform. But nothing's fitting right. So they bring out this other uniform and it's a bit big but it fits. Then I have problems fastening the snaps, and hey it's the wrong colors. But that's okay, we're all wearing different colors now! So they won't notice. But hey oh crap! We're late! The band's starting to march out already. So I take off running, hoping I don't bash my clarinet in the process.

That's when I wake up.
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Huh, Iditarod changed times. I missed this. I mean I thought it was weird that it was playing on Friday night last week, but since I don't pay that much attention to Friday programming, this could have been normal.

But now Iditarod plays on Friday's at 8p.m. ETA: Uh, Eastern Time. So 7pm Central. I'll just have to catch it on the later replay that night. Probably at midnight.

In jogging news, I'm doing rather well. I'm going over a mile now, almost a mile and a half. Though I need to get to the track more consecutively as it is havoc on my endurance otherwise. I mean, losing two days to Friday and Saturday isn't bad. That let's me heal. But losing more days due to rain or sunburns suck. I'm hoping to be jogging a full two miles by December.


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