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I've posted a rec for this fic before, but I'm re-reading it right now and I think its very appropiately themed for this month.

So, here's part of previous post reccing it:

All the Roads We Have to Walk by Ginger Ninja
From FF.net: When events beyond control leave Sora stranded in a place so familiar and yet so different, what will he be forced to endure to find the road back to his friends?

For my re-read, I probably shouldn't have watched parts of the Silent Hill movie (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm stupid that way). I had the craving to read this fic again, I just completely forgot how completely scary (for me) the way the Heartless are portrayed in this fic. And how great my imagination works on scaring me. Because the Heartless in this story is not the same Heartless you're familiar with from the games. Oh no. Traverse Town is just the beginning...and I keep reading this at night too... erg.

Ginger really does a great job on portraying worlds that are similar, yet so different. Great character interaction, the conversations between the characters flow well. She also does a really damn good job on creating such scary situations as well. I'll just point to the Halloween Town chapters, which I'm going to read in the daylight this time! I swear!

It is a bit gory, a bit brutal with the path to the ending. It's also very long with sixty-two chapters with a sequel being written. So depending on how much time you want to spend reading it, it can take a while.

So a really good, and moderately scary (depending), fic. I'll see if there are any other Halloween themed fics I can reccommend for this month. :>
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So, I read this fic tonight. It's brilliant.

Fic rec for Deathly Hallows )
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Another fanfic rec!

So last night I totally finished reading a fic I've been reading for several years. I was crying by the end of it. It was just a relief to see the ending. And it was awesome to read the ending. So here it is.

A Long, Hard Road by Twig
Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud and more...
Five years after the end of the game, Hojo is in an all-out war against the Planet and the ShinRa armies, led by now-general Cloud Strife. What will happen, when ShinRa makes a desperate decision to resurrect the very person who nearly killed them all?

This has got to be one of the most awesome fics I've read. It's nicely written, and its totally involving where I get started reading this and I just can't put it down! Do beware that there is Cloud angst and regular angst and gore and great battles and lots of good characterizations (and awesome original characters) and just lots of good stuff. I totally recommend reading this. Twig declared this fic a soap opera with guns. And I can agree with that and add the word epic. Lots and lots of Cloud angst. I took a break at one point because I just had to. I got snagged back into the fic just recently. Happy ending too, which made me want to finish it because I wanted to see how that happened. Just an awesome fic. ^_^

And since I'm reccing one fic, might as well rec some other FF7 fics I've enjoyed. Sorry for any rambling. The text was written for a rec post a while back that hasn't been posted yet.

Some other neat fics of FF7 fandom to read )
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Okay, so I have to rec this fic that's been eating my free time since Sunday afternoon. (And no, its not yaoi. :P)

All the Roads We Have to Walk by Ginger Ninja
From FF.net: When events beyond control leave Sora stranded in a place so familiar and yet so different, what will he be forced to endure to find the road back to his friends?

I was pleasantly surprised to find this fic so engrossing. I'm reading, and I keep reading, and its just taking up all my free time so I can finish this fic. Because I have to know what's next! So this fic is set after the first Kingdom Hearts game. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are searching for Mickey and Riku. They make a stopover in a small world/town, but while they're there events conspire against them and somehow Sora ends up in Traverse Town. But its a Traverse Town that's deserted, and there's good reason.

There has been some very creepy, very disturbing chapters, and the Heartless are different from the game. Very creepily done if you think about it for too long. Ginger's way of describing familiar yet changed places and her character interactions are very well done. Yuna's so cute in this story and there are a lot of Final Fantasy characters that make their appearance that wasn't in the KH games. (And the Halloween Town chapters are freaking scary!!! I was reading those at night too! *cries*) Word of warning, its very long. Sixty-two chapters in total. I'm only fifty chapters in after two and a half nights/mornings so far.

There's apparently a sequel too.

ETA: Oh, forgot to add, but its a bit gory too. So yeah, if that's not your cup of tea...
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Ah ha! A fic rec! Been a while since we've seen one of these on this page, hmm?

(Really, because more friends were added and as such, I'm not sure how many of you want to see me recommend fanfics that I read from various fandoms including Harry Potter. So, if you don't want to see this just scroll right on by. And in all seriousness, if you don't want to see any fics recommended on this journal, let me know. I can set up a filter. (Or I can lj-cut them or something.) :> )

Cartographer's Craft by [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge.
Summary from [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge: In the summer after Harry's sixth year, Harry and Remus uncover a section of the Marauder's Map which has been hidden for the past twenty years, releasing a carbon copy of sixteen-year-old Sirius Black from its depths. As they prepare for the impending war, Sirius must find a place for himself in this new world, Harry must find a way to destroy Voldemort, and Remus must face his own past while trying to build a tenuous future with Tonks. PG through R rating, RL/NT, RW/HG, HP/SB. Post-HBP, contains extensive spoilers.

I've been re-reading this fic over the last couple of days on my Palm and I just finished it again. I love the feeling of finishing a really good fic. And this fic is very, very good! I highly recommend reading it. It does contain slash and not a common pairing but its very well done. If you're interested, give it a try. The page its linked to is the journal that it is posted to. Just scroll down a little until you find chapter one. There are 43 chapters with epilogue.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 05:16 pm
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You know, I think most employers would love me. I can't get myself to stay home when sick unless I feel that I cannot drive my car safely or that I'll just be worthless sitting there at work being sick. Even then I'll spend most of the day that I am at home trying to convince myself that the decision was a good one and no, I shouldn't go into work.

I may get there late, but I'm there. And I feel guilty when I'm not at work and I'm scheduled to be so.

Just re-read one of my favorite fics. Serendipity Season (located here) is just a great read, with fun banter. It's all about Isaac, a Guardian, finding his mage and how they got together. It might help reading the backstory for Mason & Simon, another wonderful fic universe that's still going of sorts, but its not all that needed. Reading the beginning of the Isaac arc would be best though.

So now, I'll just hang around at home and take it easy. Still fuzzy and tired though but my congestion isn't as bad.


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