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Geocities is shutting down

Wow, internet history right there. I have Geocities pages somewhere still active. I think.

See also: Dreamhost giving two years away free to first 1000 Geocities customers

In an aside, I'm being very confused by the angles on my desk right now. Need to get the level out and see if this desk is as off as I think it is.

Sleep? Hah. Went to bed just after midnight. Woke up at 2-ish am because the TV was too loud, woke up at 4-ish am due to a not great dream, woke up at 7-ish am due to a bad frantic dream. So yeah. I dislike when not great dreams cascade into bad ones. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Also, I've made a decision. I'm upgrading this machine. I know I've said that before. It just hit me last night that I'm just tired of dealing with a 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 processor I've had since Thanksgiving of what eight years ago?. I'm tired of trying to play movies and getting only a few frames a second, games of low FPS, and so on. It's old. It needs updating. I may have to use the same case for a bit, but hey that's okay. I'd like to do the same to the internets but if only that can happen.

Also: U'Kon Gr'ai. Heee. Was described as a Rikti Gundam. I am amused.
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Dear brain,

Really, I don't appreciate the fact that you can't seem to stop thinking when I'm attempting to go to sleep. I also really don't appreciate having disturbing dreams on the one night I managed to actually get to sleep in a decent amount of time. Which involved me waking up a couple of times due to said disturbing dreams. So really, STOP IT. I know you like thinking and all, and I know I'm not feeding you enough reading material or something, but yeah.

No love,

So, said disturbing dreams? Seemed rather normal from what I remember before it went disturbing. I think Futurama was involved in a weird way. Because of the heads in the jars? I was watching three eps last night, and this dream...

Dreams ahead! )

All that, and my cat woke me up wanting outside about an hour and a half after I went to sleep. So, no wonder I'm tired.
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Two things I missed on yesterday's post: first off, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is rather damn awesome, and second off, I went jogging yesterday for a little bit. That half mile felt like it was two miles by the time I got to the end of it. Need to get better a little more first before I get back into jogging. Guess I'll just walk in the meantime. I walked pretty much two miles yesterday anyways. But I thought I would give jogging a quick try.

And today I feel like crap. Figures. Cold's getting better, just feel like crap. Meh.

Woke up dream-addled and stumbling over to my alarm this morning to find out while yes, I did turn the alarm back thirty minutes, I did not actually set it. Which I guess works out that the weird dream woke me up at 10-ish a.m.

But yeah, those dreams. Annoyingly weird. First one I remember is in a house. We're preparing to leave but first we have to fix food. And there's this big stew pot of spaghetti I'm having to watch. And we have to go! But the spaghetti has to be finished. So I'm stirring this pot of noodles and watching it.

And the next dream is I'm in marching band again. We're practicing and it's the big day of performing. So after practice, we're sitting, talking and waiting around before we're announced. But wait! I don't have a uniform! Where's our uniform at? So I run off to get a uniform. But nothing's fitting right. So they bring out this other uniform and it's a bit big but it fits. Then I have problems fastening the snaps, and hey it's the wrong colors. But that's okay, we're all wearing different colors now! So they won't notice. But hey oh crap! We're late! The band's starting to march out already. So I take off running, hoping I don't bash my clarinet in the process.

That's when I wake up.
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Ooookay. I should not be watching Left 4 Dead commercials before bed. Or maybe watching [livejournal.com profile] mwerevu play the demo for a bit finally filtered through my brain. Who knows. But I had a dream full of having to shoot down quick moving zombies.

I was part of a team that was systematically clearing out zombies in an open area as we went but we were getting overwhelmed. So we were backtracking. I was shooting cold-laced arrows at them before I finally got tired and someone threw me a gun. (Yeah I think magic was involved there.)

We ended up what we thought was a safe spot in a small village. Part of the team went to do recon and I was trying to find more ammo because I had half a clip and needed more. A teammember tossed me a clip to see if it fit that gun. Luckily it fit. (What do I know about guns? :P) I saw one of our leaders talking to a stranger that was weird. Like the person didn't care if there were zombies around. They didn't seem to attack them. The rest of the team ignored them, but not without some muttered words on the subject.

Ready to go, another couple of us split off to walk around and see if any villages could give us supplies. But they were acting a bit odd. Like some of them were normal but there were a few we quickly skirted around because of their behavior. We didn't want to cause trouble. It was the last house we approached that we ended up pulling our guns on. Because zombies burst out of it. We took care of them quickly and then heard on the radios to fall back to our safe spot. That we had a horde of zombies approaching. The village turned out to be a trap. We hurried to get back but it was a fight the whole way.

Annnnnd that's about when my dad's alarm woke me up. When a bunch of zombies was about to surround our small team. Yeesh.


Jan. 13th, 2007 04:11 pm
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Odd-ish dream this morning. One part of it was trying to find something for someone I just met. The second part was almost a gothic building where I was looking for safety from a lightning storm and things kept happening. Floors shifted a bit, things would pop up and scare me and the group I was with. And I slid down to the first floor to find a banquet setting with glasses of water nearby. So weird.

An earlier dream this week was me just driving, driving, and driving. All along a route through a state in the west coast.

My sleep schedule is a little messed up right now, so I'm getting to see more dreams. :> Remembering them is the harder part.
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I had an interesting dream this morning.

dream dream dream )


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