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I have 74 episodes of D.Gray-Man. I didn't think I would go through all of those so fast.


Yeah. I'm watching episode 68 right now. Hmm, I think I started watching these on Sunday too.

Though the latest set of episodes from 52 onwards has had an omake segment. Which they covered the spelling of all the characters (Shinsen started using the right spellings an episode or two after that), had Kanda's bad week (two times), fanservice, and things like that. And there was two episode omakes that were incredibly sad when spoiler ).

They're in the story arc around manga vol. 05+ when they hit episode 52. And they're drawing it out a bit. But that's okay. I'm still debating watching ahead of the U.S. manga release, but I think I'm going to with the way the anime is.

ETA: Heh. Episode 72 is exactly where vol. 09 ends. Exactly, with Kanda appearing. "And then, though a little late, Kanda will show up with that look of his." Hehehe.

Oh! I've been snapping pics of some of the episodes, which I'll put up on the gallery soon. Some of the ending pictures are pretty neat. Looks like they belong on a calendar.

ETA 2: Man, I have the worse luck with cliffhangers. THE WORST. Though I would have the worse luck in any part of this series at this point. It's just a full out battle, so any stopping point will be a horrible cliffhanger. So, episode 74. Awesome. Its a bit of an extended sequence of the Edo part spoiler ), but it has some awesome fighting sequences with Tyki Mikk and Kanda. Episode 73 is pretty good too. The look Tyki had on his face after Kanda told him "As if I would care about that beansprout" is hilarious.

Ah! Oh yeah, episode 74's omake was about Allen suggesting that Kanda cut his hair. And Lenalee saying that its not fair that Kanda is the only one with long hair. (That was in the manga somewhere, right?)

Heee. So, I just need to get episode 75 and on.

Ta da! The D.Gray-Man pictures I was talking about.
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So, I've been watching a lot of the D.Gray-Man anime for the last couple of days. I've watched up to episode 51 and boy do I have some comments.

Comments about the anime. Cut for anime spoilers and definite book spoilers up to vol. 6 )

All in all, a fun series. I definitely will own the boxsets whenever FUNimation releases them. Singles for this long of a series is just annoying. And expensive.
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Dammit! Evil cliffhanger. Oooog.

Aw man. First, why do I even try to read D.Gray-Man manga even near my bedtime, and second, WHEN IS THE NEXT VOLUME OUT?!?!?!?!

I'm going to sleep.

*grumbles about evil cliffhangers and awesome characters that are involved in them*
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August?!?!? Ahhhhhhhh! Well, I guess, if I can't wait, I could go visit that site. Maybe.

"Then of course Kanda will show up, looking cross..." And on the next page, Kanda appears...looking a bit cross. Ahahaha. I get that line so much more now, [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf. Seriously. *snicker*

D.Gray-Man is seriously good.
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Dear Viz,

Regarding D.Gray-Man character Lenalee: If you cannot decide how to spell Linali/Lenalee's name between volumes, make up your bloody mind. It is rather telling when in volume three page 154 has the spelling Lenalee, then on page 155, which by the way is a facing page to 154, the spelling is back to Linali.

No love,

Yeesh. I hope that was fixed in subsequent print runs. I can adjust from Linali in volume one to Lenalee in volume two, as I suspect managaka input or they realize they have it wrong, but it shouldn't revert from one spelling to another in four panels in the third book. Though that seems to be the only time in the book it did so.

Uh, also, when did Allen get his jacket back? He didn't have it in one chapter and the next, he had it again. But they're still fighting Road. Though I was highly amused when he declared that he was a clock and the girls' reaction to that. And I'm really liking Lenalee (or Linali. Actually I like that spelling better).


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