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I'm back! And I just woke up like less than an hour ago. Yeesh. Didn't set my alarm clock right and I slept through most of the day. We took a midnight flight back. Erg. Not next year. I've had enough of those flights.

This is rather long, so its cut up into sections.

Day 1 )

Day 2 )

Day 3 )

Con Inventory )

So, lots of fun, lots and lots of money spent. This was a really good Yaoi-con for me. Hopefully it wasn't too bad for [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf. I'm still tagged but I'll be cutting it off soon. :>
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Ack, should be asleep and I know I'm forgetting to pack something, but here's the lovely post where I say:

Going to Yaoi-con!

Which is welcome really after the week I've had. Have fun!
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I have survived A-kon! And jury duty!

Jury duty ended for me today. On monday we were split up into jury panels with our panel meeting on Wednesday. And today the jury was selected from the panel. The guy next to me was chosen, but I was not. Possibly because I was uncomfortable deciding judgement on someone. (Particulary judgements that require jail time.) The defendent's lawyer spent a minute or so with me over it. It was a criminal trial too with the charge of aggravated assault.

Anyways, A-kon was mostly fun. The unpacking, end of convention packing, and driving at a late time was not fun. Fun was hanging out with my friends and cosplaying! Though it was too bad we couldn't get back to the convention early enough on Saturday to do anything. It rained twice while we were there. Saturday morning at around 1am helped me to get to sleep. Sunday morning at 9am scared me since it was a heavy rain, with high winds, loud thunder and a possible tornado off the horizon (not spotted by me). I think [livejournal.com profile] sly_1 and I were the only people I know of cosplaying Eruruu and Aruruu. [livejournal.com profile] mwerevu was cosplaying Hakuro, which we did see two others, but not as nicely done. We didn't cosplay Ouran after all since by Sunday we were bruised, tired, and sore. And there was much packing to do that day. Ah well. It's there for another convention.

I did pretty well selling some of my stuff at the convention. Definitely enough to make some money off of it...which I also spent a chunk at the convention. Too bad I didn't bring more of the manga magazines. I sold all of them by Saturday. I also now own the so far released part of Gaogaigar! And apparently bought a second copy of Gakuen Heaven v. 2. According to Rightstuf, I already got a copy from them. It's probably in one of their boxes somewhere in this room. Well, at least this purchase of it was a cheap one! And I bought some books, and the Tsubasa artbook I was wanting. I think I bought the last one in the entire convention Saturday morning, of which I got to take great glee in hearing other people ask for it. Yes, I'm sad. I know. And some very cute chibi Final Fantasy III trading figures.

As for costumes in the convention as a whole, I didn't see anything overwhelming like Bleach was last time. There were quite a few Bleach, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts Organization cosplayers again, but there seemed to be quite a variety of other anime series being cosplayed. It was interesting.

And I fell asleep in my chair today at the computer. I must get some reasonable amount of sleep soon.

(PS [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf! I got Saturday off!)
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Going to A-kon! (Hopefully be able to leave very shortly!) I'll report back on Monday, after my jury duty. (Yeah, I'm still going to do it since it'll keep me from being called again for a while. ^_^)

Off to Starbucks for caffiene!


Feb. 13th, 2007 12:37 am
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Holy...! Yaoi-con has Mamiya Oki as a guest for this year!!!

Yaaaay! I love her manga and artwork!

Totally looking forward to that!
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You know, the last time we went to Fanime con was the year that convinced me that DDR was fun. I was reading a blogger that was really into it (hi [livejournal.com profile] kosquarepelli!) and seeing the Red Octane booth next to us at that convention convinced me to get a nice dance pad and try it. Never have regretted it. Though tonight has shown me why people will gather around the person playing will do what the arrows dictate even though they're not on a dance pad. Because I was totally doing that tonight. I was in the middle of cleaning up and I really liked the song running in the background and danced along with it. Silly, yes I know. I was in a good mood and felt good even with how tired mentally I was. :P

The hip is still bothering me a little but didn't hurt at all while jumping around and following the arrows. Silly muscles.

Hereforth, there be randomness:

I managed to finally sell back my I/O Psychology book back today and got $54 for it. Better than I was expecting. Depending on how much money I have left from my loan for school books, I may push this money towards the buying of new bookcases. (Yay Ikea!)

On the way to walk-in advising this morning, I was listening to the sports radio station (790 am I think). None of the other stations caught my interest and the guys doing the talkshow was funny. And they held a dumb questions segment, where no question was too dumb to ask. What sent me into a laughing fit was how one caller asked "In professional sports, is slapping the butt of another guy against man laws?" I, of course, was amused just from this question alone. The answer: "Of course it's all right. Only if it's professional sports." But one the co-hosts started in on how said slapping should be done and how he liked it to be done. I was glad the road was mostly clear around me then because I was too distracted laughing.

Seen through [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf and [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda, Ain't It Cool has put up promotional art for Pirates of the Carribbean 3. May 25 is going to be an awesome Friday.

Have any interest in The Last Unicorn movie? Because of the legal dispute with Granada Media, Mr. Peter Beagle is not getting paid for any profits from the movie. There is going to be a 25th Anniversary edition of the movie released to DVD on February 6th, with supposedly muuuch better quality of video than the first DVD release. (Which, btw, I heard looks like a VHS rip. I own it but haven't watched the DVD yet.) So, if you have any interest in The Last Unicorn movie, please purchase it from Colan Press at this site. The are paying Mr. Beagle over half of each DVD sold. And you can have the choice of a regular edition and an autographed edition. :> (I have plans to buy it from this site. Because of the above and the better video quality.) [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda goes over the dispute more in this post.

Now, off to sleep.
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Mwahah! Tickets for Yaoi-con have been successfully bought! $214 right now. :>

And yeah, I'm up to date on the news. Looks like its time for me to buy a suitcase!

Now to find a good price for hotel or something.
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After fifteen minutes of using tape to get the cat hair off of my chair, up to skip=40 on my friendslist, and 30 e-mails sitting in my inbox, I'm proud to say that I'm here at home again.

This is going to be more of a rambling report of Otakon, and not all that exciting either. I mean, other than what was observed behind a table all weekened, I only got to see the artist alley and some good cosplay groups on Saturday.

Wednesday & Thursday )

Friday through Sunday )

Cosplaying )

End Comments )

Misc Con stuff and purchases )

Otakon is grueling to work and I am damn glad its over with. Also, live action Cromartie movie came out. So watching it this Friday. ^_^


Aug. 2nd, 2006 04:10 pm
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Gone to Otakon... (grrr)

Hopefully, I won't hurt something there.


Jun. 7th, 2006 11:46 pm
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Woah...so tired.

So a quick post to say that I'll be at A-kon tomorrow. So yay.

(OMG, so hurty and tired. Unpacked and put up 25ish boxes of books from Anime Boston on Monday, helped unpacked and sorted 20 boxes of books then packed up 12 boxes on Tuesday, then today was finish packing books from yesterday (12 boxes), unpacked five boxes from regular wednesday shipment, packed them into a box, checked in eight box shipment from another vendor, packed the books in that one into another box, then packed three boxes of yaoi books and two artbook boxes.... Only to help unpack this all tomorrow and Friday.)

Finished my take home test though. Didn't even really look at anything to look up stuff, because by the time I was going to look at my notes to double check something, I couldn't find the damn thing anyway.

Oh so hurty. Took the test without the helpy gloves since they were in the wash. So that, compounded with the above, equals very achy hands and arms. (Along with leg muscles and what not.)

Oh well. I hope the personal stuff I'm bringing up sells well.

Okay, not so quick post. Bah.
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First off I have to say this. Boston has got to have the highest concentration of idiotic drivers in one area. Holy crap these people could not drive. Rules of the road was something that was purely a suggestion.

Second off, this convention was pretty fun! The books were pretty easy to keep track when they're facing spine up. I didn't get to sell as much yaoi as I had hoped this convention.

The people weren't too annoying. The usual asking for books we are getting at the store tomorrow and stuff that wasn't just out yet. A few who I got to buy the book instead of just standing there and reading it. Me trying to convince people that even if they couldn't read the Japanese yaoi books, it was still stuff that more than likely would not be released over here.

Got lots more stuff than I expected including some Final Fantasy trading figures and two T-shirts. I also got the Vassalord manga that I wanted to get. It's from the same person who is working on Peacemaker. ^_^ A few more manga and some cute trinkets. Got you a prezzie, [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf!

And I hung around the convention with [livejournal.com profile] mwerevu. ^_^ We almost got to look at the cosplay...and got to see an awesome fountain. Must go back to this convention and not work it since it was so fun. Saw some neat cosplayers....including some guy who was awesome and I can't bloody remember what series he was cosplaying from!! Bugged me all weekend. Still don't remember. But now I have the internets to start searching. Lots of Advent Children and quite a few Kingdom Hearts cosplayers of course, and a few that I didn't suspect would have a cosplay. Like Twelve Kingdoms.

And I have decided that I should somehow manage to procure a digital camera before the end of the year. Like before October.

Other than the annoyances of a certain roommate, it was pretty fun. Our plane was delayed a bit on the way back so we got extra time to look at the candy store in the Philadelphia airport where our layover was. Which had delicious fudge. And white chocolate M&Ms. Yays!
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Taking off for Anime Boston tomorrow. Will remember jacket since its cold on the plane....and colder there than here. (Cursed Texas weather.)

Hopefully, this will be fun. (You know, other than the convention unpacking then packing...)
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Huh, I just realized today is the halfway point of the month. Well, the 14th is. Today's now the 15th, so we're past the halfway point.

The 14th wasn't bad. I got chocolate (yays!) and I brought cookies for my coworkers. And I packed fourteen boxes of books for Katsucon.


Now I'm getting some sleep because I am tired, and I'm a bit sore from Monday...from cleaning!
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It's good to be home.

Lots of interesting things happened this weekend. Just lots. The convention seemed okay but was slower than last year.

The swag! )

Other events of the weekend )

I know more happened that I wanted to write about, but I'm tired from school today. So, brain no worky. Though it looks like I can keep all three classes. I think the work will balance out... Just watch me be totally stressed out by the end of the semester from all the projects due.


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