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Dear Digital River,

My zip code has a lot of small towns and cities in it. If the order for the student version of Office 2010 I just placed indeed tries to be delivered to the 'nearby blink and you miss it' town, I'm going to be pissed.

UPS and everyone else can find my delivery town, why not you?

No love,

However, I do have some faith in my post office cause I've had the wrong city down before on one delivery and it still made it to my house.
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Today my monitor decided it didn't want to work. About 5pm. Which definitely doesn't give me much time to go looking for a new one. So off I go to Fry's. And after much consideration, I finally picked one. It wasn't the brand I've had for years (cause they were sold out of any of them apparently), but I picked an LG LED monitor this time. And a wide screen monitor cause apparently regular squarish ones are out.

So, as usual, I catch up to a certain technology when one of my items die. Hopefully nothing else tries to die soon cause while it was a not bad price ($200), on top of a new mattress, new glasses, and a recent eye doctor visit I feel that I'm costing enough money as is.

However! Dad's been looking at my old monitor and he thinks he might be able to get it up and going again. Which would be awesome as I have a tower without a monitor and its darn annoying to have to flip the video cable between the two.
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Symantec analyzes cache of stolen accounts

Interesting read here. Seems like there is a trojan (Trojan.Loginck) running around yanking game credentials from users of games from Blizzard, NCSoft, and Wayi Entertainment. I've noticed the amount of guildies and friends getting "hacked" go up lately.

Though interestingly enough, the first commenter on the article mentioned that Norton couldn't find the trojan and he had to go to Avast to find it.
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Stealth UPS delivery!

I've been waiting for a package most of the day and I find it's been sitting on the porch for the last fourty minutes. I don't think he knocked or hit the doorbell. Oh well.

New video card yeah! Time to make sure it works. And yank the modem I put into this machine to use the nets. :)

At least the second computer is now patched up.
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Today was busier than normal. I actually went out and bought some very needed new clothes. I even picked up a cute new blouse that I plan to wear this Friday. Add that to the four shirts I ordered from Threadless when they had their $10 anniversary sale this week, I'm good on clothes for a little bit.

(Except for bras, in which case, thanks for discontinuing my style Wal-mart!)

Also good on shopping for clothes for a little bit. Clothes shopping is not something I enjoy doing. Though at least I do try on the ones I should be trying on, like shirts and pants cause those can fit badly. Particularly the shirts. No on the shopping all day though. An hour or three is about the most I want to clothes shop.

And we just got an e-mail about our usage of the air card is high. It's at 3.5GBs right now with 10 days left to go on the month. I fully plan on getting as much as that 5.120GBs I can out of that card. AT&T's just going to have to deal with it. Dad's paying for 5GBs a month, we're going to use as much of that as we can without going over.
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Interesting article of how Amsterdam has been wiring their populace for fiber.

The project is ongoing as comments on the article has mentioned. Only 40,000 of the 450,000 projected have been wired but the article is a really nice write up of how they did it without being too heavily technical.
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On Monday, I had the brilliant idea of adding my years old mp3 directory to the library listing Media Player uses. I've been using media player lately to listen to music/video so I figure, why not?

Two days later and I'm still randomly working on updating the metadata for a lot of music. Because it drives me nuts to see missing and incorrect data. :) And uh I had a lot of mp3s in that directory. >_< But I'm not working on it full time. Just 30-40minutes here and there. And I'm clearing out some duplicates at the same time. :D
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Desperate cities beseech St. Google: bless us with thy fiber

Google announced that they were going to take some of their dark fiber and bring a community 1Gbps fiber connection. And this is the response. Multiple cities across the US are sending their proposals in to get Google to lay the fiber infrastructure for their city.

I have to say, the response is amazing but not surprising. Too many comments I have read where either they are: overpaying for a slow broadband, have no options, or have the choices of worse and more worse. And that's just a few. You have rural residents like me with one or two options of "broadband" and slowest, and you have city residents that are stuck on dial-up due to zoning. And then there are cities that try to lay fiber for their residents, and find themselves sued by the incumbent ISP. Some very rarely win. And then some states ban communities from even trying to build their own networks. (Btw, thanks a lot, Texas.)

But I will say that Google has definitely started something here and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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My arms are sore today. And that's because of all the work I did yesterday.

Yesterday was such a nice day that I decided to see if some yard work can be done. My dad wasn't at work for once, so we started cleaning up the front yard. Though getting the riding mower's battery recharged ended up draining the truck's battery, but thankfully my car was still here and we jumped the truck off, kept it running, and recharged both batteries.

I got to learn how to work the weed eater and I attacked the grass around the planters, the edge of the house, and the tiny sand hills dad couldn't mow. Thankfully I did remember to put sunscreen on about thirty minutes so my face is only a little bit redder than normal. We had a ton of clover that was trimmed yesterday.

The yard looks so much better. Its starting to look like someone lives here. I helped work on it for four hours yesterday and boy was I tired and hurting afterward. I did try to keep moving so my muscles wouldn't stiffen up. I think that helped cause I did feel much better later that night, and today is better than I was thinking.

Hopefully this upcoming weekend will be the same nice weather so we can finish up the backyard.

Oh! Besides my dad's car breaking down on Saturday (and we just found out today that boy is that repair bill going to be expensive!!), they bought an aircard that day before the car trouble. It's rather neat. We have a cell tower about a mile away and I can get great signal on the card. It's 3G. :D

The downside I see, besides the bill at $60 a month, is the 5GB a month data cap it has. So far I'm just borrowing it to visit things that a high speed connection is required. It's cooperating so far on mom's machine. Though I've had to fix the firewall to allow it twice. On my machine it loaded easily. I had it up and running in minutes. They're going to try it out for 30 days and make their decision before that. But its the only thing that has worked so far for broadband.
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Getting access to high speed internet is becoming a thing of frustration. Well not actually. It's the 26.4kb/s dial-up I'm currently on that is the thing of frustration. But the sheer lack of options is annoying.

Cable? DSL? Wired internet? Unavailable. And the area I live in may be huge and rural but the street I live on has quite a few people on it. It has a large neighborhood towards the back of the road.

Satellite? I'm sorry to say other than for TV, I have not heard anything good about it. Other than one defender of which after reading he got about 780kb/s down per day, yeah that's appealing. Better than dial-up in speeds but not great latency, service that is at least two times the expense. Sorry, I'm not interested. This would fall under absolute last resort. And even then? The price would make me hesitate.

Wireless ISPs are what I'm looking at the moment. I have a choice or two. Use a celluar wireless card, probably well known as an air card, or find a LoS WISP. I tried one before and the trees and lack of towers meant that they couldn't find a reliable signal.

Today I asked the same provider to come back out, as they've added more towers and equipment has probably gotten better. He did try to find a signal but the pole was kinda flexible and yet again trees were blocking the way. And the wind probably didn't help.

Great. Nature is defeating me.

But they're going to try another site survey again soon with a non-flexible pole. The guy was a recent hire and he didn't have all the equipment to try a higher attempt on him. But I'm hoping they could at least get me at a signal strength that is 1MB/s down or higher.

And I'm thinking a trip to Home Depot might be in the future. Need to get an extension ladder and a chainsaw. There's some tree branches over the house that needs to come down. (We haven't cleaned up the tree damage from Ike yet. Yeah, kinda slow here on that.)

Though I hope they go with what the guy was saying and put a tower up closer to here. Especially since he mentioned that there was no plans for the next ten years to develop the lines on my street. I bet that will change...but it could not. Cause I've been on dial-up for ten years.

But once again I got to surprise someone with the speed I have. And by surprise I mean make them grimace. >_< Yeah nice that people think dial-up in this area is 54kb/s. When it's not. At all.
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So the frequent re-dialing in I had to do with my dial-up connection should be solved. Since my mom also started having the 'remote computer not responding' error with her ISP, my dad called up Verizon and set up for a technician to come look at the phone lines.

We couldn't hear any static on the line but that's what my ISP technician thought might be the problem. I explained the situation to the technician. (Modem would attempt to log in, make all the correct screechy noises for handshaking but would have a long tone after the attempt.) He had an idea what the problem was and said he would call back in 10 minutes but he had to take the line down. He called back and said that he replaced the analog (!) relay card for a digital one. Asked us to dial back in, and poof had no problems doing so. Old equipment for the lose!

Sadly because of Verizon's phone menus and the fact we use two phone lines for the dial-up connections, meant that only one line was fixed and the second line had to be called in for a work order as well. (Two different machines, and have you tried sharing a 26.4Kb/s dial-up connection through Vista? I've posted about this before. :P) So the main phone line was fixed on Tuesday and my phone line was fixed this morning. Both now have digital relay cards. Yay!

Now Verizon, seriously, how about some landline fast nets, eh? :)

Also, the cutest invasion ever is happening again. I'm seeing more lady bugs about the house. One is slowly crawling across my window. :D
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So the defective hard drive replacement arrived yesterday. And yay! Unlike it's cousin, it was detected and loaded up quickly. Awesome. Had to format it, of course, and get Windows to recognize the new drive. (Okay, its been years since I had a new hard drive. I had to call to find out how to get it recognized. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] lantyssa!)

But now I have an extra 640GBs of hard drive space to use. Yay!
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I have the Dell I got from the anime store. (I consider it overtime compensation. :>) So yeah, I had two computers at one point, with one not being used all that much. Now with the brand new computer, I have three computers running around here. Though now one is needing to be dismantled because I can't keep three computers around here. There's not much space. The Dell lives under the desk as it is.

(For those trying to keep track - there's new desktop, old desktop, and the Dell.)

Yesterday, I decided to try to fit the larger of the hard drives from the old desktop to the Dell.

Boy, Dells are compact. Good thing I have small hands. :D And while I was in its innards, I took note of the memory the Dell was using. Because it was supposed to be only a basic work machine, my boss ordered it with only 512mb memory (two 256MB sticks). Can't do much with that. :> And coincidentally enough, the memory in the old desktop was the same exact type. So now the Dell has an extra 200GB hard drive bringing it up to 280GB and a full 1GB memory (two 512MB sticks). It also tells me that if I was to update the memory further, that its not the cheap memory. I was looking at memory prices for the old desktop before. And they were around $60 for a GB stick.

Made me feel useful for a bit. :D Though I did ask for help on the memory so I didn't fry them by accident.

I'll probably save the other two hard drives from the old desktop for now. They're fairly small drives and good for backups if a drive fails somewhere along the way. I'm going to try to find a recycling center for the motherboard and case. The video card goes back to [livejournal.com profile] lantyssa cause I've been borrowing it after my last video card died a horrible death. Sound card is being saved for now.

After all that I'll be back to two computers with some spare parts. :>

It lives!

Sep. 7th, 2009 04:17 pm
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My new computer is up and running. And its gorgeous.

It was hard to get running though. Friday night, [livejournal.com profile] lantyssa was putting the computer together for me (I helped a little bit). A lot of the technology has changed since I got the other computer so she helped me out a lot. :D Everything got put together, and we tried to start her up. And it whined about not having power to the video card. It was late by the time we were close to start up, and we kinda forgot about it.

But the hard drive wouldn't detect, and when it did, it was very slow about it. After two blue screen errors in Windows' setup, we left it for the night.

On Saturday morning, Dad was very kind in giving me some money to find a new hard drive. We hit Microcenter to look for a new hard drive under $60, and luckily there was a sale that I could use. So new hard drive in the tower, we started it up again. It was instantly detected the new hard drive and started Windows setup just fine.

Now its all loaded up and I'm just transferring the data from the old machine to the new one. Which will take a while, and it might not all fit since the new hard drive is smaller than the failed hard drive. But I'll send in an RMA for the failed one, and NewEgg should send me another one.

I'm on a borrowed video card right now, but it looks like I can order it in a week or so, so after that's in, and the failed hard drive replaced, my computer upgrade should be complete. Awesome.
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My computer case arrived today! New working computer is imminent!

Now I'm trying to figure out what I need to start up a new machine. What programs I want to carry over. Also have to remember to grab the DVD-rom from this computer to move to the new one. Otherwise the Windows install is going to be tricky without something to read the DVD.

The data transfer between machines will take hours but it is going to be worth it.

I think I have a name for the new machine. :D
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For those with paid accounts, LiveJournal is offering a few free days for the DDoS attacks that happened on August 6th. You have to redeem them by September 10th.

And I thought to pass this along. An Etsy shop with baked goods. :D And its gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan, and parve pastries. Her statement at the top is: "I can bake for vegans, for GF/CF/EF/NF eaters, from Hershey to Pierre Herme."

Basically they're having a baby and this shop is for side cash. More info can be found here. But I thought I would pass this along since I know two people who can't have gluten. :D And don't worry about the "1 in stock" listing. She adds another as they sell cause of Etsy's listing fees. And feel free to talk to them! They've been very responsive in comments.

I'm tempted to order some brownies...when I get some money. :D

Also, I have updated my graphics drivers....finally. Yeah, I can be slow about it. Lets hope that this resolves the computer freezing up issue. Because it's not fun, and I don't think its heat related anymore. Well mostly. See, I took the case off Sunday evening after two freezes in case it was the heat. One of my power supply fans have died but the other one is still trucking. I had another computer freeze last night with the case off. And the video card fan is still running well. So, graphic driver update.

(And yes, I could be using freeze the wrong way. Also known as locked up. Basically, a restart is all I can do.)
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Geocities is shutting down

Wow, internet history right there. I have Geocities pages somewhere still active. I think.

See also: Dreamhost giving two years away free to first 1000 Geocities customers

In an aside, I'm being very confused by the angles on my desk right now. Need to get the level out and see if this desk is as off as I think it is.

Sleep? Hah. Went to bed just after midnight. Woke up at 2-ish am because the TV was too loud, woke up at 4-ish am due to a not great dream, woke up at 7-ish am due to a bad frantic dream. So yeah. I dislike when not great dreams cascade into bad ones. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Also, I've made a decision. I'm upgrading this machine. I know I've said that before. It just hit me last night that I'm just tired of dealing with a 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 processor I've had since Thanksgiving of what eight years ago?. I'm tired of trying to play movies and getting only a few frames a second, games of low FPS, and so on. It's old. It needs updating. I may have to use the same case for a bit, but hey that's okay. I'd like to do the same to the internets but if only that can happen.

Also: U'Kon Gr'ai. Heee. Was described as a Rikti Gundam. I am amused.
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Also see: defacto computer tech around the house.

Relatives want to add computer to network to use internets?

I'm magic!

ETA: Networking of a major kind: FCC Begins Working on National Broadband Plan I should be hopeful, but with the wording in this article - 2012? Maybe, if they haven't discussed to hell and back?

Maybe they should make everyone work on dialup (either 56Kbs or 26.4Kbs like I have) for like a week or three. Then they'll get moving on that faster.

I envy Australia right now.
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I'm magic! Had a random powerblip and while the machines came back up, the monitors did not. (Both my LCD and mom's brand new LCD.) I ended up pulling the power cords from the back of the monitor and reconnecting them. Boom! Power! So yeah, that's fixed. Whew. I don't need things dying on me just yet. Especially parts that are annoying to replace. Though I like how LCDs have their power cables. You can disconnect them from the back of the monitor and at the surge protector. Yay.

Speaking of which, I really should get a new surge protector. Mine is ancient. And probably not so protector-y anymore.

And of course, I tripped and fell last night the brick-ish walkway outside a friend's appartment. Go me. *shakes head* Think my right arm/leg took most of the brunt of the fall. Right arm definitely. It was aching like I over stressed it. Still a bit bothersome today. Good thing I'm already going to the chiropractor right now.

Dad was wondering if they should take me in for balance problems. If this occurs with any frequency, I'm going to.
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Keyboards are disgusting!

It took me two hours to clean this one out. Opened up the back, though that was tough considering it had like 12 screws and was hard to pop open. That wasn't the dirty part though. After putting it back together, I took a screwdriver and started popping off the keys. And boy was that disgusting to see what was underneath.

Tips and items needed for cleaning a keyboard )

Whew. It feels better now to type on it. Though I'm still missing hitting letters and the spacebar sometimes, I think I can start blaming my typing speed on that one. Or the keyboard still. Who knows. :>


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