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The English CLAMP no Kiseki vol. 9 came in and once again I now have extra chess pieces. So if anyone wants these, please comment, text, e-mail whatever.

Fuuma (X)
Kamui (X) (From Vol. 08)
Modoki Mokona
Miyuki-chan (Miyuki-chan In Wonderland)
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Tsubasa v. 18 spoilers )

I am totally getting this artbook. Hopefully Sasuga Books will have it at A-kon. If not, time to order it.
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Clamp chibi figures! Damn you CLAMP!!! (and Movic for making them) Supposed to be eight sets released between the first one linked and 2008. 40 figures in all. *grumble* And I'll probably buy them all too. Sucker that I am for CLAMP stuff I like.

Also, check out this awesome sale! Make sure to read all the restrictions, but this Geneon sale from Rightstuf.com is very awesome. It basically makes the ones listed for the sale about $4-5 each. Which is really damn good for Geneon DVDs since that particular company does not release cheap DVDs or boxsets.

And if you have any interest in purchasing the R.O.D. TV series DVDs, this bundle is for you. At $80 for all of the DVDs and the two soundtracks, this is a great deal. But don't wait too long. It's got a counter on it and that means that once they run out, that's it.

The figure I wanted last post? Is going to be brought over here by Diamond. So, I can totally order it. Woo!
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CLAMP to make first U.S. appearance at 2006 Anime Expo

That falls in "no way!!" category! They never make convention appearances. Not even in Japan, not that I know of. And its being sponsored by 1) Anime Expo, a huge anime convention; 2) Funimation, an anime company who has their current anime licensed (Tsubasa); and 3) two different manga companies, Tokyopop and Del Rey, both who have current series of CLAMP stuff running right now: Tokyopop with RG Veda and CLAMP no Kiseki, Del Rey with xxxHolic and Tsubasa.

And I can't go. I can't lose three to four days of summer school for this convention when I'm more than likely going to lose one day already for A-kon. And you know, summer school runs rather fast.


Not that I could have anything signed or anything like that because the convention staff are uppity and I would have to work the entire damn convention. *sigh*
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According to Anime News Network, CLAMP is shopping around for a new magazine to serialize X in. So, assuming they could find a magazine, this series might end!


And I found out that X had gotten so gruesome around volume 13 that CLAMP was toning down the violence a bit since the series was running in a shoujo magazine. Still what was going on was pretty intense.

All this lovely news gotten from [livejournal.com profile] kosquarepelli in this post.

(Also, I now have my paycheck. And a stack of books to buy. Hmm, must find way to fit new DVDs in there somehow. :>


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