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Augh, sinuses! Quit continuing to mutiny!

And, like every phone here has died of battery today. WTF?!?!

So, Anime Expo news is very encouraging. Bandai announced .hack//Roots which the anime prequel to .hack//GU (from my understanding). Tokyopop has announced that they have some ADV manga titles, like Tactics and are bring out the first part of Peacemaker and Aqua (which is the prequel to Aria). They also announced Gakuen Heaven (though I suspect this is the King manga one and not the newly released Nakajima one), Viz announced that the Hikaru no Go anime is going to be released bi-monthly instead of the current quarterly schedule. First volume of Bleach is being released in November. Geneon announced the first volume of Hellsing Ultimate for release on December 5th.

Source: AnimeonDVD.com

ETA: Ack, forgot the source.
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New post, total E3 goodness. E3 finished yesterday with a bang of games and fun. Here's my post of E3 fun, with all of the games I'm interested in and what not.

Final Fantasy and the Playstation )

The Assassin's Creed )

Otacon! Where are the keys? )

RPGs for All: Disgaea2, Dawn of Mana, .hack//GU )

Ending Ramble and more links )

All in all, lots of fun as usual. I'm looking forward to all these new games! (Quick! Must finish all of the other ones first!)

News sites used for this post: IGN.com and 1up.com.


Feb. 27th, 2006 11:19 pm
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Not that there is much fun on this monday. :>

I'm going to hijack the idea [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf has been doing this year and report on what I've been reading for February. I'll split this into normal novels and manga/manga-like novels.

Jim Butcher's Harry Dresdan series:
  • Storm Front

  • Fool Moon
Howl's Moving Castle would be on this list, but I keep pushing it back to read more Dresdan books. ^_^

These books I'm reasonably sure that I've read them in February, but I'll have to check purchase dates at the store to double check on some of them.

  • Earthian Vol. 02

  • From Eroica with Love Vol. 06

  • Cantarella Vols. 01-02

  • Hikaru no Go Vol. 06

  • Fullmetal Alchemist novels Vol. 01-02

  • .hack//AI Buster novels Vol. 01-02

  • Gorgeous Carat Vol. 01

  • Loveless Vol. 01

  • Sequence
All of these books I've really enjoyed, especially the Dresdan series that I'm just flying through right now. I spent chunks of today reading Fool Moon, like from 1ish-4am this morning and 3-5pm today, I think. And I went and picked up book three right after school ended tonight at 10pm. So I will start on it today or tomorrow. I also think there are more books I've read but I can't place whether I read them in January or February. Figures, huh?

Now to go gargle with Listerine since my throat is trying something. Silly thing.
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So! The new Harry Potter trailers are out, both a new international one and an actual domestic one released by Warner Brothers. Links are available at The Leaky Cauldron or your favorite Harry Potter news site. ^_^

My reaction: Yaaaaaaaay! I only got to watch the new domestic one once (it took forever to download on my home connection) so I hope to watch it on the big screen shortly. ^_^

And in other news, .hack//GU Part 01 was given a release date of November 14, 2005. Also, Xenosaga Episode III screens have been posted here. They look very nice! I just need to start Xenosaga II over the holidays or summer since the cut scenes are so long, I can't play it on school nights. Although the subtitle for Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra makes me laugh as it is very familiar. ^_^


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