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I've been following corpse flower Lois on Twitter. No, I don't have a twitter account, but [livejournal.com profile] sarcastic_elf pointed it out to me, and also linked the explanation for my follow up question "What is a corpse flower?"

I keep refreshing the page throughout the day. It is a very amusing corpse flower. :D Someone must be really enjoying running this Twitter.

(And no, I never thought I would be using the words 'amusing' and 'corpse' together in the same sentence. Now I have. Twice. :> )


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:56 am
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Happy fourth of July!

And it's not raining today much so we can actually have fireworks. (Though I'm betting my neighborhood would find a way anyway.)

My backyard and parts of my front yard is still mostly flooded but the water level is going down. Yay! However the cacophony of frogs at night is annoying. There are apparently a LOT of frogs out there now.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have rain!

Well actually we have the rain bands brought in by hurricane Alex. Hurricanes are fascinating weather events. Considering Ike was nearly two years ago, I'm glad this one went south of us. And she brought in a lot of tropical air so we're really rainy right now. My county's under a flood watch. Though I wonder if we'll clear up in time for the 4th. Though maybe it will stop the idiots from firing guns on my street to celebrate. Maybe.

Summer school continues apace. My first test was yesterday and while I studied more about the database structure than what was on the test, I did end up with a 82.5, so not bad at all.
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Dear Digital River,

My zip code has a lot of small towns and cities in it. If the order for the student version of Office 2010 I just placed indeed tries to be delivered to the 'nearby blink and you miss it' town, I'm going to be pissed.

UPS and everyone else can find my delivery town, why not you?

No love,

However, I do have some faith in my post office cause I've had the wrong city down before on one delivery and it still made it to my house.
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Summer solstice was yesteday! Happy summer!

Today I tried save a batch of peaches I picked up on Sunday. I know they go bad fast but dad suggested I blanch the peaches so we can keep them a bit longer. I think either they were too ripe or I left them in the hot water too long. Either way, they're mushy. I managed to pull the pits out and keep them mostly intact but wearing a gray shirt was not the best idea. That's in the wash now and hopefully the stains won't stay.

Now to look up the ingredients for a peach smoothie cause that's their destiny at this point. (Or ice cream topping but I can't eat that until the weekend.)

I feel that while I managed to get the peach skins off easily enough so it was a success in that, overall the project failed. Yeah my cooking skills in action. Or lack there of.
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Today my monitor decided it didn't want to work. About 5pm. Which definitely doesn't give me much time to go looking for a new one. So off I go to Fry's. And after much consideration, I finally picked one. It wasn't the brand I've had for years (cause they were sold out of any of them apparently), but I picked an LG LED monitor this time. And a wide screen monitor cause apparently regular squarish ones are out.

So, as usual, I catch up to a certain technology when one of my items die. Hopefully nothing else tries to die soon cause while it was a not bad price ($200), on top of a new mattress, new glasses, and a recent eye doctor visit I feel that I'm costing enough money as is.

However! Dad's been looking at my old monitor and he thinks he might be able to get it up and going again. Which would be awesome as I have a tower without a monitor and its darn annoying to have to flip the video cable between the two.
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Symantec analyzes cache of stolen accounts

Interesting read here. Seems like there is a trojan (Trojan.Loginck) running around yanking game credentials from users of games from Blizzard, NCSoft, and Wayi Entertainment. I've noticed the amount of guildies and friends getting "hacked" go up lately.

Though interestingly enough, the first commenter on the article mentioned that Norton couldn't find the trojan and he had to go to Avast to find it.
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I have a new mattress!! Several errands were ran this morning/afternoon and while they were expensive they were much needed. :) So I have a new pair of glasses on order, cause my optometrist was having a sale. My lenses made the order a little higher than the sale price, but $98 dollars for a new pair of glasses and lenses are pretty good compared to the $300 I spend usually.

And the mattress definitely was a costly purchase. I definitely noticed it was a lighter materials than the old mattress. My dad and I struggled to get the old one out of the door and the new one was no problem whatsoever. Got a protective cover on it now while the blankets are getting re-washed. (I washed them yesterday to deal with the fleas.)

A Petsmart employee suggested borax for treating the fleas on the carpet and other places in the house. Not the cats though, we picked up some Advantix flea stuff while we were there. The fleas are driving me nuts cause my cats will scratch them off onto me while I'm trying to sleep and I'll wake up feeling one on my face. And the ones that bite my legs and bah. Re-washing the blankets for my bed now and we'll get some borax for the rug and I'll spray around the desk. Die fleas!!!
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So I decided randomly to start playing Final Fantasy XII yesterday. Time to start working on my PS2 backlog I think. So that's the first game I chose. And I'm having fun with it so far.

Balthier just showed up and he falls under the awesome category. I do so like the voices for the game. They all have accents too. Interesting. Ivalice being the base of this game makes me happy as that's where Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story's background is at. Being from the Vagrant Story art design and several of their crew, I'm not surprised I'm happy about it at all.

Btw, my first hunt? A rogue tomato? No, I'm not kidding. A tomato that went rogue and is destroying the couriers. O_o

Expect some more comments about it. Cause that's what I do.

Book list

May. 5th, 2010 04:55 pm
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April was a month of re-reads. I've been buying the Warcraft legend series, along with a recent trade to get four volumes of Black Sun, Silver Moon, kept me in plenty of material I wanted to re-read. Though I did get one new book read:

shortest book list ever! )

I thought I had another one but I had to update the list for April just now, cause I forgot to do so when I read the book.


Apr. 7th, 2010 02:54 pm
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Here's my books that I read for March.

Wall of text crits for 1000! )
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Stealth UPS delivery!

I've been waiting for a package most of the day and I find it's been sitting on the porch for the last fourty minutes. I don't think he knocked or hit the doorbell. Oh well.

New video card yeah! Time to make sure it works. And yank the modem I put into this machine to use the nets. :)

At least the second computer is now patched up.
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Today was busier than normal. I actually went out and bought some very needed new clothes. I even picked up a cute new blouse that I plan to wear this Friday. Add that to the four shirts I ordered from Threadless when they had their $10 anniversary sale this week, I'm good on clothes for a little bit.

(Except for bras, in which case, thanks for discontinuing my style Wal-mart!)

Also good on shopping for clothes for a little bit. Clothes shopping is not something I enjoy doing. Though at least I do try on the ones I should be trying on, like shirts and pants cause those can fit badly. Particularly the shirts. No on the shopping all day though. An hour or three is about the most I want to clothes shop.

And we just got an e-mail about our usage of the air card is high. It's at 3.5GBs right now with 10 days left to go on the month. I fully plan on getting as much as that 5.120GBs I can out of that card. AT&T's just going to have to deal with it. Dad's paying for 5GBs a month, we're going to use as much of that as we can without going over.
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Interesting article of how Amsterdam has been wiring their populace for fiber.

The project is ongoing as comments on the article has mentioned. Only 40,000 of the 450,000 projected have been wired but the article is a really nice write up of how they did it without being too heavily technical.
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Omg Saurfang would not go down! We tried four or five times. We ended up calling it after the last try cause gear was broken and we had people who had to leave. So close yet so far. Next time Deathbringer! Next time!


Mar. 18th, 2010 12:34 pm
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Annnnd I just realized I didn't post my on-going reading list for this year yet. Go me. So two months under the cuts. :)

book book book )
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It's St. Patrick's Day! Make sure you drink responsibly.

I'll just be over here having some green tea. :)

And if you noticed, I made this nice post about spring and it tries to get colder. Heh. However from the weather forecast this weekend, we shouldn't stray too far below the 60s so it's the usual late winter/spring weather for us still.


Mar. 16th, 2010 11:41 am
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Spring is here! It's here yaaaaaay!

Okay I was getting a little tired of winter. I like winter, but this year I'm tired of it and now want spring. I've seen flowers blooming already! There was a lone bunch of indian paintbrushes on top of a ditch but now they're spreading.

This Saturday is the vernal equinox. So proof that spring is indeed here.

(For the south anyways, I don't know about the north. You'll probably be in winter for a bit longer.)

Also don't forget (like you can) that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. :)
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On Monday, I had the brilliant idea of adding my years old mp3 directory to the library listing Media Player uses. I've been using media player lately to listen to music/video so I figure, why not?

Two days later and I'm still randomly working on updating the metadata for a lot of music. Because it drives me nuts to see missing and incorrect data. :) And uh I had a lot of mp3s in that directory. >_< But I'm not working on it full time. Just 30-40minutes here and there. And I'm clearing out some duplicates at the same time. :D


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