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I get on these reading sprees every so often. However it is not fiction novels I'm reading. It tends to be more manga, or this time, published webcomics. Something that is easy to get into, and can be a fast read. My last reading spree was half the series of D.Gray-man. Considering I've been disinterested in reading anything that wasn't on a computer screen lately, finding myself reaching for a book is a relief.

This current spree is the Penny Arcade books. I picked up volume six just recently, and it sat on my pile of unread books, just calling me to read it. I needed something silly to read, and as such, picked it up and started reading it. I did find out after finishing it that I wanted to keep reading on. So, after finding out I'm missing volume five, I read volume four and then decided to start from the beginning and read volume one.

Yes, I know I'm reading webcomics that are available online. But there is also commentary by Tycho and the sheer fact that I don't have to wait a few minutes to download each strip is a huge plus. It's nice to be able to read several pages in a row instead of waiting for them to load.


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